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  • No problem man, I thought you were some other person I was about to trade with, but when I saw you were...well, when I saw you were you haha, I was about to leave. It's all good.
    i have lugia and ho-oh german events and shiny alakazam, eukalia phione, and girtaina from platinum edition send me a private message plz
    hey i'm from germany and my english isn't so good.
    i nedd some pokemons from you and they're:

    -MYSTRY (06930) Mew, Lax, lv 10 (UT)
    -ALAMOS (05318) Darkrai, Modest, lv. 50 (UT)
    -Gamestop Deoxys, Lonely, lv 50 (UT)
    -Gamestop Deoxys, Quirky, lv 50 (UT)
    10 aniv -Typlosion, Sassy, lv 70 (UT)
    -10th Movie Eigakan Darkrai, Quirky, lv 50 (UT)
    -11th Movie Regigigas,Adamant-June 21, 2008 (UT)
    -Negai Boshi (Wishing Star-Blue OT) Jirachi, lv 5 (UT)
    Concert Chatot, Timid, Lv 25 (Pokerus Cured, other than that, pretty much UT)
    -McDonalds Pikachu Lv 20 (UT)-Have: Bashful, Mild.
    -B-DAY Charmander (UT)
    -10th Deoxys (OT: 10th-07147) (UT)
    -Mitsurin Celebi, Lax, lv.10 (UT)

    i give you some german events,
    10 aniv /10 jahre (GERMAN EVENT)
    latios, latias, and charizard
    german birth island deoxys
    old sea card mew
    shiny giratina
    german alamos darkrai
    eukalaia mew
    ranger shiny manaphy
    shiny mystry mew und shiny darkrai

    i hope you will tarde with me thanks first of all
    spyroflame, sorry about that. I can get them UT now that I figured out how the Purify Chamber works.

    Also, I got the PM thing fixed. Well, I'll be working on XD to get you the Distant Land Birds!
    Hey Spyro-for your McDonalds Pikachu, Battonage Manaphy egg,Distant Land Suicune and PokePark Celebi I can offer; Tom Heracross, O8 Bday Charmander, Nzone Pikachu and WCS Milotic.
    @ Eoneo- Yep..Just send me a PM whenever you're on.

    @PokeWisdomGiver- Um..*Checks*..oh yeah..They all have the same movesets, just the Trainer's ID are changed depending on the country. They are- Grass Knot, Thunderbolt, Flash, and Double Team...the UT moveset.
    Hey, how r u? I came across your wanted Event Pokemon List, and I saw u wanted the Pokemon Box Skitty (with Pay Day), I have a couple of them UT and I'd b willing 2 trade u a couple (they're all legit). Im looking 4 a TCGW Pikachu (UT) myself, so may b we could help each other out? l8trz
    XP...I figure I'd put it here as well, but..

    Im looking for a TCGWC Lucario. I know the info, but Im not gonna say anything, to stop the hacks...

    So..See my Trade List for which Pokemon I have to trade!
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