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Last Activity:
May 24, 2020 at 10:46 PM
Jul 16, 2013
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Jun 2, 1998 (Age: 21)
Busboy. I bus tables at a grocery store’s cafe. Pa

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Woof!, Male, 21, from Iowa

New upgrade is...ugh. Mar 26, 2018

spyrois2cool was last seen:
Viewing unknown page, May 24, 2020 at 10:46 PM
    1. Xeno the Doomguy
      Xeno the Doomguy
      This upgrade is rough man also... long time no see lol.
    2. TheGiftedFlareon
      Yo! It's been a long time! If you ever want to contact me on my discord, Foolsona#5342
    3. Solar Faber
      Solar Faber
      Heyaaa there! How ya been? Its Sunshinemasterking from ages ago lol
    4. keepitsimple
    5. LadyTriox
      Hi! Its been awhile since we've talked!!! I hope life's been treating you well. I kinda have a stomach ache and I don't feel like sleeping right now. I rather not get into the details!...Okay I may of had too much sugar today xP;; I may wait a few days before I eat sweets again pretty much lol Unless it's like fruit. Fruit can't make people hyper or queezie so easily, I think...
    6. Infernobat.
      Hey! What's up?
      1. spyrois2cool
        I’m sorry but...who exactly are you again?
        Apr 3, 2018
    7. LadyTriox
      Do you like wifi battling? :3
      1. spyrois2cool
        Mar 29, 2018
    8. Porygon-Z7727
      Yeah! I almost replied on my own page like I did when I first joined because I had completely forgotten how this place worked XD And interesting, How are you liking this new update? lol
      1. spyrois2cool
        First off, keep tapping “comment” like I do. I’ll get the notification. Second of all...the UPGRADE to the forums is quite an abysmal!!! I said that already. I want the VMs to be back to the way they were, or have something I wanna call, “Visitor Message Thread”, or VM Thread for short.
        Mar 29, 2018
    9. Porygon-Z7727
      Hey! Whoa this place got really updated....I kinda forgot this place existed until i saw the post on the serebii page of this update and I was like omg! So yeah! what's up, how have you been? :D (PS: Do you remember me? lol XD)
      1. spyrois2cool
        I do remember you. And the new VM system is an abysmal! No “view conversation” pages anymore or anything like that. The PMs got improved.

        You might even say the forums got a...permanent mega-evolution!!!!! HAHAHAHSHSHAVA
        Mar 27, 2018
        Porygon-Z7727 likes this.
    10. TrottingMinccino
      Heya! This system is going to get some getting used to, huh?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. spyrois2cool
        Indeed. This new interface is an ABYSMAL to a user who relies so HEAVILY on VMs and the “view conversation” page.
        Mar 27, 2018
      3. TrottingMinccino
        Maybe it's worth contacting a Mod about it, let them know how inconveniencing the new system is and suggest the changes we could do with! But please be calm about it...
        Mar 27, 2018
      4. spyrois2cool
        I am calm. I’m just saying my thoughts. How am I to use italics on here?!

        Also, could you maybe contact a mod about it?
        Mar 27, 2018
    11. spyrois2cool
      New upgrade is...ugh.
    12. TrottingMinccino
      Oh! that whould be MysticCinccino#5819
      1. spyrois2cool likes this.
      2. spyrois2cool
        (Testing new forum interface.)
        Mar 26, 2018
    13. TrottingMinccino
      Sure! My handle right now is MysticCinccino. You can send an invite at any time.
    14. TrottingMinccino
      (Yeah, I do have a Discord. Communicating over there would be pretty useful. And yeah, i'm totally up for playing you in Smash and MarioKart now and again! I'm actually out of practice with the former, haven't been playing lately as my time has been elsewhere!)
    15. TrottingMinccino
      [IMG] Brody: *He slumps disappointingly.* Aww, bogus! I would've loved to use it...Oh well. This Houndoom sounds like a real bad dude, though. You think you'll be able to stop him?


      [IMG] Flip: Sure, i'll keep that in mind...Anyway, the park shouldn't be far now.

      (Oh! Playmates for Blitz, right? Sure, I could arrange that. I know you like dogs so i'll probably bring a Lilipup or Growlithe or something. Or maybe a Phanphy or Pancham.

      Also, let me know when you want to switch to Dusty and company's Expedition.)
    16. TrottingMinccino
      [IMG] Brody: Maisy Cindervale, the Fashionista!? I happen to like her... But dude, my mind, you just totally blew it! Strange armor that gives you moves you can't usually use? That sounds wicked! If I got my paws on one of those pieces, I could take surfing to a whole new level...


      [IMG]: Heh. Kids can never wait...Good luck. *He walks away.*


      [IMG] Flip: I dunno, man. There are some pokemon who WOULD dare. She's up to something, I just know it!
    17. TrottingMinccino
      [IMG] Brody: Suit yourself. You got the big 4X, huh? Yeesh, that's rough, buddy. That must've--*A record needle scratches as he realizes something wrong with Fang's sentence.* Whoa whoa whoa! Did you just say a Houndoom made you eat an Ice Beam? Dude...how does that even?!


      [IMG]: Ah, off to spend time with the little one, I bet? *Chuckles* There are plenty of parks around the city, but the best known one is Azure Heights. *He suddenly turns away, his nose is pointing North now.* ...Which is that way. *His arms are pointing what seems to be northwest of them.* Take any street thataway. You'll also see some signs from time to time, just follow those and you'll be there soon.


      [IMG] Flip: Other than you being Grass and her being Poison? A shady girl like her would just love to put her venom in places that you wouldn't like...You'd better be careful if she shows up again!
    18. TrottingMinccino
      [IMG] Brody: *Much like the last one, the sneeze makes him jump.* Yikes! Eh, no biggie. In the meantime maybe I can do somethin' for ya while you rest? Maybe get you some soup or something.


      [IMG] *He's perplexed about Blitz calling Cory "Daddy", but doesn't press it.* Hey, i'm not doing anything! I simply noticed you looking a bit pent up.


      [IMG] Flip: Maybe Beatrice could be it...*Devious glint* That is if you can survive the first date!

      (Yes, that would probably raise some questions. Though on the other hand, adoption is a thing! Fun fact, Ricky's dad is NOT a Cinccino like you'd expect, though his mom is. Haven't decided on the rest of my characters, though. I tend to have a habit of having certain characters have parents who are differing pokemon species!)
    19. TrottingMinccino
      (Yeah, it would make things much easier, not to mention save text space!)

      [IMG] Brody: I haven't seen anyone else come by yet, so I guess i'm it! How'd a big guy like you come down with a cold, though?


      *As Cory muddles about, a [IMG] passerby notices him and decides to stop.*
      [IMG]: Hey, you there, having trouble finding your way?


      [IMG] Flip: *Laughs* Nah, what am I thinking? An elite dude like you is too smart to fall for something like that...
    20. TrottingMinccino
      [IMG] Brody: Whoa... *He's a bit intimidated, but puts on a friendly face anyways.* Hey there! The name's Brody,How're you feeling, dude?


      [IMG] Flip: Eh? Hey, are you blushing? Don't tell me you got moved by that act of hers?
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  • About

    Jun 2, 1998 (Age: 21)
    Busboy. I bus tables at a grocery store’s cafe. Pa
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    4081-5729 7450
    Hi my name is Cory and I am a BIG Spyro fan. So I am a male anthro mew. I Roleplay and Roleplay and RP. RP RP RP RP and RP. It's like my life now. Lol! I enjoy crossover RPs, but if you want a Pokémon one, that's totally fine with me. ^^

    My favorite pokemon! In order!

    1st: Bulbasaur
    2nd: Mightyena
    3rd: Electrike
    4th: Mew
    5th: Vulpix
    6th: Salamance
    7th: Absol
    8th: Ninetales
    9th: Arcanine
    10th: Lycanroc
    11th: Flygon

    Favorite Pokémon of each type:

    Dragon: Salamence
    Dark: Mightyena
    Electric: Electrike
    Fire: Vulpix
    Psychic: Mew
    Rock: Lycanroc (midday form)
    Grass: Bulbasaur
    Fairy: Sylveon
    Fighting: Lucario

    Favorite regions:

    1st: Hoenn
    2nd: Kanto
    3rd: Sinnoh
    4th: Johto
    5th: Unova
    6th Kalos
    7th: Alola

    I will add more to this bio later.

    I'm ready for the more awesomer Kalos!!! I love it! Though...I STILL thing it's uncreative.

    Join my new forum!!!


    You can ALSO contact me at the following sites/places

    My fanfiction.net account: https://www.fanfiction.net/~spyrois2cool

    Tumblr: http://spyrois2cool.tumblr.com/ <-- sorry...i no longer have access to tumblr...I kinda hate the site and interface...

    Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/spyrois2cool/

    dA: *sniff* been banned for a while now...Serebii took over since I had no other place to go...but if you're still interested... www.spyrois2cool.deviantart.com

    So Furry: Will get the link when I can...

    Google+: Spyrois2cool - I'm no longer active here

    Spyro and Pokémon mainly. But I also like other games...Minecraft and Skyrim to name a few


    Discord ID:


    My Switch FC! Add me!!! ^^^

    My Discord is spyrois2cool#9207 If anyone is interested!

    I got a song!! to the tune of "ive been working on the railroad":
    Oh I've been reloading my webpage
    all the live long day
    Oh I've been reloading my webpage
    just to wait for your reply

    join my new forum! It may be a work in progress but check it out anyway!


    I am a Pokémon master of the Hoenn region!
    There's no place like Hoenn, cuz I call it my home!

    Rp maybe?

    My fantasy dream team!

    ;262; ;359; ;373; ;142; ;149;
    Other 1 may vary and change.

    Extras: ;151; ;037; ;309;

    Awesome ‘Mons:
    Dark: ;262; ;359;