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Hi my name is Cory and I am a BIG Spyro fan. So I am a male anthro mew. I Roleplay and Roleplay and RP. RP RP RP RP and RP. It's like my life now. Lol! I enjoy crossover RPs, but if you want a Pokémon one, that's totally fine with me. ^^

My favorite Pokemon! In order!

1st: Bulbasaur
2nd: Mightyena
3rd: Electrike
4th: Mew
5th: Vulpix
6th: Salamence
7th: Absol
8th: Ninetales
9th: Arcanine
10th: Lycanroc
11th: Flygon

Favorite Pokémon of each type:

Dragon: Salamence
Dark: Mightyena
Electric: Electrike
Fire: Vulpix
Psychic: Mew
Rock: Lycanroc (midday form)
Grass: Bulbasaur
Fairy: Sylveon
Fighting: Lucario
Water: Suicune

Favorite regions:

1st: Hoenn
2nd: Kanto
3rd: Sinnoh
4th: Johto
5th: Galar
6th: Unova
7th Kalos
8th: Alola

I will add more to this bio later.

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You can ALSO contact me at the following sites/places

My fanfiction.net account: https://www.fanfiction.net/~spyrois2cool

Tumblr: http://spyrois2cool.tumblr.com/ <-- sorry...i no longer have access to tumblr...I kinda hate the site and interface...

Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/spyrois2cool/

dA: *sniff* been banned for a while now...Serebii took over since I had no other place to go...but if you're still interested... www.spyrois2cool.deviantart.com

Spyro and Pokémon mainly. But I also like other games...Minecraft and Skyrim to name a few
Jun 2, 1998 (Age: 25)
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo Network ID
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code
4081-5729 7450
I don't know any more...


Discord ID


My Switch FC! Add me!!! ^^^

My Discord is spyrois2cool#9207 If anyone is interested!

I got a song!! to the tune of "ive been working on the railroad":
Oh I've been reloading my webpage
all the live long day
Oh I've been reloading my webpage
just to wait for your reply

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I am a Pokémon master of the Hoenn region!
There's no place like Hoenn, cuz I call it my home!

Rp maybe?

My fantasy dream team!

;262; ;359; ;373; ;142; ;149;
Other 1 may vary and change.

Extras: ;151; ;037; ;309;

Awesome ‘Mons:
Dark: ;262; ;359;