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  • Ricky: A...helmet? *The sparkle in his eyes fades, only confusion remains.* It's shiny! But doesn't look like any powerful relic...
    [IMG] Marsha: Cory will be interested in that? But what is it?
    Marsha: You went to the desert alone? Ah, I bet you just blend right in, so much that others would think you're a mirage.
    [IMG] Ricky: So what did you find out there? *He looks excited, his eyes brighten each time he speaks out.* A forbidden secret? An ancient ruin full of traps and treasure?! A relic of unimaginable power!?!
    Ricky: That sounds like something I could get used to being a part of.
    [IMG] Marsha: Me too! I always wanted to be part of that kind of group. It reminds me of the famous Expedition Society.
    But do you give a Choice Banded Stone Edge?

    Anyway, your best bet would probably be asking the family trade thread for Rockruff/Lycanroc.
    Will do.

    ASB is PASBL, I described it earlier in our VMs.

    Ripperoni, Midnight is pretty good though due to No Guard with Stone Edge.
    Oh yeah, here's something funny. Back when I was super active *coughs cringe years of 2013 coughs* I got a user note (kinda like strike one, strike two if you remember) for having too long of a signature. I read the rules and it said it would disappear if I had good behavior for a bunch of months afterwards, but here we are: 4 years later, still has the user note
    That's awesome! What site do you guys use? Don't worry, it's not so I can start stalking her or something, I'm just curious.
    Marsha: Meeting everyone at once will probably take forever. But that's alright, i'm always good with good company!
    [IMG] Ricky: Are ALL of you part of this "Guild" Yeno mentioned?
    (I'll let you know If I think of something.)

    Ricky: *Greets* Heya! I'm Ricky.
    [IMG] Marsha: *She also greets* Hiya there! My name's Marsha.
    [IMG] Ricky: Hey, you're a Flygon, aren't you? I never seen a pokemon like you up close before.
    (Now it's you who has gotten me laughing!)

    Marsha: *Waves* Good morning! *Turns to Ricky* Isn't it neat how all these pokemon just come out of the woodwork?
    [IMG] Ricky: *Nods* It IS pretty busy here. Kinda makes me want to expand my own social circle...So who's this?
    Ricky: *Realizes* Wait a sec, don't tell me these are the same jerks we encountered some time ago!?
    [IMG] Marsha: I'm confused, who are these pokemon you're talking about?
    [IMG] Ricky: When I first met Cory, some pokemon attacked us, A Houndoom and Luxaray. There was something about them that just screamed Bad Guy...
    [IMG] Marsha: Golly, they sound like creeps!
    [IMG] Ricky: Yeah, they were scary alright...But Cory sent 'em packing no problem, he's awesome like that!
    Ricky: That's a bit overly harsh, isn't it? Surely Dark can't be THAT-- *Marsha silences him again before he can say anything else.* ?!?
    [IMG] Marsha: Oh, I din't know you were a Dad, Yeno! So that's the good Pooch, huh?
    [IMG] Ricky: *He manages to free himself from Marsha's hold.* Would you knock that off!
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