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  • Ricky: But I thought Poochy was too much trouble--*He's suddenly grabbed by Marsha, she covers his mouth.* ?!
    [IMG] Marsha: Shh! Don't bring that up.
    [IMG] Ricky: *Muffled* (Huh?? What do you mean?)
    Marsha: Just for what? Huh? Oh hey, it's Fang!
    [IMG] Ricky: Blitz too. *He tries to have his eyes follow Blitz, but the Electrike is moving so rapidly it makes him dizzy...*And as lively as usual, it seems...Morning, you guys!
    Ricky: In the meantime...Say Marsha, just what IS that anyway? *He points to the item she's been holding the whole time.*
    [IMG] Marsha: Oh, this? *She reveals it. Upon closer inspection, it's a small plush in the likeness of a Victini. He looks fairly used.* Just a bedtime plush of mine. I kinda forgot I bought him down with me.
    [IMG] Ricky: Wait a sec...Not way! That's...I knew you had a thing for plushies, but not that one.
    [IMG] Marsha: Yep, he's one of my favorites.^^ You're familiar with this one, Ricky?
    [IMG] Ricky: Familiar? He's only my idol! I actually have one too.
    Ricky: I'm glad the Eevees settled down now. I'm hungry.
    [IMG] Marsha: Me too, I almost forgot I came down for some breakfast! Afterwards i'll start tracking down those Eevee.
    [IMG] Ricky: But I thought that Drago fellow had that covered?
    [IMG] Marsha: I know, I still wanna help out though. Y'know, just in case.
    [IMG] Ricky: Eh? Just in case of what?
    Marsha: Drago seems nice, and pretty handsome too...
    [IMG] Ricky: Hehehe! Do you like him?
    [IMG] Marsha: *Blushes* Huh? Well I like anybody who I can get along with. Almost anybody...Don't get the wrong idea! Anyway, I wonder where those new folks went?
    Marsha: Yesterday?? So they're running late?
    [IMG] Ricky: Golly, I hope they get here soon then...
    [IMG] Marsha: Hey, that's my line!
    I love cassafrass! I lost contact with her because I became inactive here, and then she did, but I finally got to find her on insta. Cass is pretty cool
    Ricky: Whoa, you're right about that. They're a pretty rowdy pack!
    [IMG] Marsha: *Her eyes brighten* Ooh, I can tell you're a pretty nice guy. The Eevees are happy to get a hug from you!
    Marsha: *She takes her own paw and shakes his.* Those Eevees seem to like you. Y'know I was just taking about looking after them myself!
    [IMG] Ricky: *He looks at Draco curiously. Strangely, he feels at ease in his presence.* You must be another one of Cory's many friends, right?
    Ricky: *He waves.* Oh, hey there.
    [IMG] Marsha: Draco. That's his name? *She likes the idea of another Dragon type around, so she decides to approach him, looking her typical friendly-looking self." Hiya here, i'm Marsha!
    Marsha: *She takes notice and turns to the Dragonite.* Oh! Good morning, um...wait, who are you again?
    [IMG] Ricky: *He manages to get the Eevees off of him and crawl out of the pileup.* Whew! Anywho, we're not cut out to babysit them all...yet. *He notices that Marsha isn't listening.* Uh, Marsha? Are you listening? Whoa, a Dragonite!
    Marsha: Then don't bother her. Me and Ricky could look after 'em if you'd like?
    [IMG] Ricky: *Jolts with surprise* What! Oh no, don't you rope me into this. They're cute and all, I don't wanna spend all day getting buried in Eevee! *At that moment, several offended Eevees jump on him! You can only see an ear and a tail from him from the pile...* (Yaaaah...! You bunch are not helping...)
    [IMG] Marsha: *Amused* Looks like you're off to a great start!.
    Ricky: The Suicune? I haven't seen them lately, so I guess we're out of luck there...
    [IMG] Marsha: You say that like it's a bad thing...
    [IMG] Ricky: It IS a bad thing! The Eevees will just drive the guys crazy if they stay here.
    [IMG] Marsha: Golly, you're right! Maybe we should help babysit today? At least until Sylvie shows up.
    [IMG] Ricky: Marsha, think about what your saying...One Eevee is already a pawful, what makes you think we can handle a horde of 'em?!
    Ricky: Hey, Yeno. I don't suppose you know how to deal with them? They're awfully rowdy!
    [IMG] Marsha: Not to mention without scaring them silly. *She turns to the Eevee behind her and starts to pet them.* Aww! It's ok...
    Marsha: Yikes! You see that? Look what you rascals did, you made Soul mad!
    [IMG] Ricky: There's gotta be a way to get them to behave? I hope...
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