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  • Ricky: Ouch! I don't think they agree with you... *He's suddenly pounced by another.* Hey!
    [IMG] Marsha: What naughty Eevees! *She quickly grabs the one that scratched Soul and scolds them.* Gotcha. You apologize to Soul, alright!?
    Ricky: Heehee! They sure are a pawful, aren't they? *He tries to pull one off of Soul, but they're stuck on like velcro.* Huh??
    [IMG] Marsha: Oh, i'll help too. *She walks over to help get the Eevee off.*
    [IMG] Ricky: If only this Sylvie were here now, she'd know how to get them in order!
    Marsha: A bit TOO excited, it looks like.
    [IMG] Ricky: Hey, Soul. Lemme help lighten your load! *He scurries over and tries to shoo the Eevee off of Soul, waving about at them and tugging them off.* Ok, let's leave the Absol alone now. Go on, shoo! Go wreak havoc someplace else.
    [IMG] Marsha: They are everywhere! What's the special occasion again?
    No, Minecraft is going to have cross platform multiplayer compatibility soon. So basically everyone who has Minecraft for the Xbox One, PC, Switch, and Pocket Edition will be able to play together. So Xbox players can play with someone who's playing PC who might also be playing with someone on the Switch.

    Well 7th part 2 (Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) are coming out in November. Also they announced that core Pokémon games are in development for the Switch, so one could deduce from that that 8th gen is going to be on the Switch.
    Marsha: *Their antics surprise her, so she is that more eager to see what's going on.* Oh! Where'd they come from? Let's check it out. *She eventually reaches the kitchen, where it is indeed bustling.* Golly! Look at all these cuties!
    [IMG] Ricky: *He reaches the kitchen a few moments later, where he greets Marsha.* Morning, Marsha. Have you noticed today is even busier than ever?
    [IMG] Marsha: Hey, Ricky. But yeah, were there always this many Eevee around here? I remember Ilia, but I thought she was the only one.
    [IMG] Ricky: I'm not sure, it's kinda tough to keep track of everybody. *Another Eevee hops by and runs circles around him, making him spin around to the floor before darting off.* Whooa! Sheesh...They're excited about something, I know that much.
    Well...i hope not. From now on, though, i may have to take meds everyday.

    Till I get more calm about that stupid guys word.

    Also, i'm glad i can look at animated korrina images more than ever right now o.o i may not be able to watch amvs of her so easily...for awhile.... :< due to this one word popping up when i read the info for them.
    like heck sylveon...*sigh*

    today is my last day in my house

    i'm having a heart attack

    (I think i'll go with it.)

    *Meanwhile, in a different district elsewhere in Highlight City...some unknown pokemon seem to be having a conversation.*

    ???: Whoa whoa whoa, let's back up there. This guy bought that huge estate in the Excel District? Isn't that place an insane fortune?

    ???: Yeah, and yet...Word on the street that he payed for it up front right away. In gold bars...Even took in a couple of newcomers to boot.

    ???: G-GOLD BARS!? Those are hard to find, even in Dungeons. I bet the Zipper was just drooling over it...

    ???: I heard it's the same one who bought the Diamond and Platinum Combo Edition Luxury Collar, total craziness!

    ???: He sounds like quite the pokemon! I think paying this guy a visit could be...*Snickers* beneficial...

    ???: Easy there, don't forget the last time you got all frisky! Let's not do anything crazy. But you are right about one thing, an encounter with him or his friends could be interesting...Alright you two, scram. We'll catch each other at the arcade later.

    *The three figures laugh before darting off to parts unknown.*


    *Back at Cory's place, our local Minccino decends the stairs, letting out a yawn.*

    Ricky: Ahh, good morning...Eh? What's all that racket? *Rubbing his eyes, he goes off to see what the commotion is about.*

    [IMG] Marsha: *As for the young Goodra already present, she's just coming out her door, letting out a big yawn. She seems to be holding a plush toy of sorts.* Good morning! I could use some breakfast. *She walks off to head downstairs*
    Summer of my life since 2013...no...that year was the best year of my life. Someone olease help me! I wanna make more friends and start more RPs on here!!!!
    (Heya! Sorry, for being gone for so long, i've been kind of stumped about how to go on. Don't worry, i'll think of something tonight!)
    (Maybe I will. :p

    Err, i'm a tad stumped on how to start at the moment, plus i'm busy for the next few hours, i'll be on later!)
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