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  • (Yes. Yes! YAAAAAS! That there, was the best thing I ever read today!)

    (Yay alliteration!

    Hey, that's an idea. I've been driven to draw all these pokemon lately. It's alot more fun than I expected!)

    *Latios says not at this time. His wings have been hurting him since Friday afternoon. He had a big fall injuring both hands, left shoulder, and right knee.*
    (No more school is totally cool! I wonder what I should make next? Maybe an old character of mine...?

    Oh yeah, and let's timeskip to later. If you're good with it of course.)

    Ricky: Your friends sure are something, Yeno. *Stretches a little.* So, i'm going back to my room. *He waves to them and darts off.*
    [IMG] Marsha: Ok. Later on we can hit the town! What about you, Yeno? What are you up to?
    (I'm on fire lately! Here's another drawing I messed with, one excited Slurpuff!)

    Marsha: Oh? Ok ok, i'll keep that in mind.
    [IMG] Ricky: Marsha, you're not gonna use what he's telling you to just mess with Bolt, are you?
    [IMG] Marsha: What! Good golly, no! What do you think I am?
    Marsha: Then I guess I should humor him for a while. I would like to get to know him better, he seems like a nice guy!
    [IMG] Ricky: That's an...interesting way to look at it.
    (Yeah, isn't she adorable? :3)
    Ricky: If that's the case, then he must find something special about you, Marsha.
    [IMG] Marsha: *She gestures bashfully.* Huh? Little ol' me? Golly, I haven't had an admirer before...
    Alright :3 We can do a short rp, it's almost midnight.

    I'll b my sylveon named korrina if we rp xD
    Ricky: He seems ok to me. We at least know he's not a Ditto.
    [IMG] Marsha: So much for that theory. *Sniffs* Still, whatever's in there smells great. I wish I could have some...
    [IMG] Ricky: Give it up, Marsha. You just had like half a dozen bread buns. It's not for us anyway, remember?
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