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  • (A cleaner version of the Minccino :p
    Oh, and don't be afraid to extend your conversations between your own characters a little once in a while.)

    : *He's keeping his voice low.* I wonder what is it that question?
    [IMG] Marsha: Shh! Don't spoil the moment...
    Awwww so sweet^^

    Wanna do a pokemon rp? it might help time fly faster till 8 (when pokemon sun and moon re runs) for me :)
    Ricky: If you say so. *Shrug* But we can hang out with him in the meantime.
    [IMG] Marsha: Speaking of, I wonder if he's ready?
    (Hehe, thanks!)

    Marsha: Is this all even necessary, though?
    [IMG] Ricky: Yeah, I think you might just be worried for nothing.
    (By the way, did you see the pic? It's not incredible but I made it and i'm proud of it. Drawing stuff makes me feel embarrassed...)

    Ricky: What do you mean? He may be acting differently, but he's still your friend.
    [IMG] Marsha: As far as we know. But do you really, for golly know someone? I mean...You could know someone or a long time, but can be a totally different pokemon right under your nose!
    [IMG] Ricky: Whoa...that's...kinda deep...But it's not like anyone is a Ditto or anything! At least...I don't think so...
    Marsha: Ooh...*Sighs* Well, alright. Since you put it that way...Still wish I could help him though.
    [IMG] Ricky: Anything else we should know, Yeno?
    (Well, one can always learn! What I came up with is an amateur job, but here's my silly little drawing! Took me a few days.)

    Marsha: Aww, but I wanted to help him out...
    [IMG] Ricky: Just forget about it, Marsha. He probably wouldn't go with it. Some just don't want help, no matter how much they could use it...
    [IMG] Marsha: *She has an irritated, disagreeing look* No, that's bogus! You shouldn't just leave 'em alone. If a pokemon is in need, you should do something to get them outta whatever jam they're in if you're able!
    [IMG] Ricky: That's blowing things up a bit, don'tcha think? He has trust issues, it's not like he's sick or anything...
    (Oh, I was under the impression you made them yourself. Nevertheless! Speaking of, i've been thinking of drawing Ricky for whatever reason.^^)

    Ricky: Oh, but I don't mind hanging out with him.
    [IMG] Marsha: It's kinda hard to hang out with folks if you keep yourself closed like that...Me, i'd want to get along with almost anyone. *At that moment, she gets an idea.* Oh golly! here's an idea: How about I teach Soul to be more social?
    [IMG] Ricky: Huh? You? I dunno if he'd be up for that anyway.
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