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  • YAY! I found a brony! :D *cheer's* mlp is SO not dead yet.

    Also, i have an mlp board on my forum :) thinking of inviting you there sometime^^

    I like the lion guard too^^ and a lot of other preschool shows :) one new one i've been watching is puppy dog pals^^ that show is so cute. comes on disney channel too i think
    (If you have the confidence to draw characters, surely you can get some to make a post in the suggestions thread? Hehe!)

    Marsha: Ooh, a secret? No problem, we won't pry.
    [IMG] Ricky: But where do we come in, then?

    You're SO right :D thank you.

    i'm gonna be going in half an hour. my little pony is new today^^ do you like that show too? it seems the general craze died down o.o i never see anyone mention it outside me and my friend rainbow starlight anymore...lol
    (Aye! That's a suggestion that's worth bringing up to the mods, don't you think?)

    Ricky: Why? What happened?
    [IMG] Marsha: Yeah, did something happen?
    [IMG] Ricky: I just asked that.
    [IMG] Marsha: Oh...
    I'm doing alright. Got a very sweet compliment from someone.

    How about you?
    Yeah i feel bad for them too. Why distrust them? If I know they usually help me? Korrina is cute, and she clearly makes me smile more than other crushes of mine have. MY DOG IS CUTE, and walking him makes me less hyper. Really, what's my problem?
    Its fine.

    I hope i didn't worry that one person with the pidove (or is it starly?) av.

    I'm having trust issues with 'cute' things right now.

    Sadly that happens to me a lot :<
    Its okay if you didn't answer it for me :p

    It was explaining my condition but meh i'm fine for now.
    I pmed you more about the snatcher thing.

    I just hope you don't think the wrong things of me after you read it.

    I'm mentally ill. Very mentally ill. Also, i used to talk to the worst people on a forum named kh13.

    ....And misogyny stinks so badly :<

    Maybe if not for something like that i wouldn't believe in those things.

    I should look at korrina images now....assuming i don't feel freaked out of her after talking about THEM o_O;;;

    just don't think of her dressed as a witch...
    ...please don't even comment back on the soul snatcher thing. Please.

    Its creepy as f**k for me.
    That sounds nice :)

    I just hope i never have a dream where corni turn's into a soul snatcher, just cuz she has blond hair like they do o.o

    That would suck big time.

    And thanks^^

    Yay for dogs^^
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