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  • (Hey there! Sorry for the long absence.)

    Ricky: I REALLY didn't see that one coming! I was sure I had to run away. *He shuffles bashfully.* Y'know, just in case.
    [IMG] Marsha: Oh, how I love meeting new pokemon. I can't wait to see who we'll meet up with next!
    [IMG] Ricky: Hopefully they're as nice as everyone so far.
    Marsha: Hey! *She's disappointed and droops* Aw, I wanted a few more...
    [IMG] Ricky: I think you've had enough. He must have went off to give some to the others. By the way, you did say there were others moving in, right?
    [IMG] Marsha: Yeno and Cory did say something like that. I wonder what they'll be like?
    [IMG] Ricky: I'd imagine just as bizarre as everyone so far. Or even more! No offense, you guys...
    Marsha: Wow, really? Golly. That's really nice of you, Soul. *She smiles, right as she picks up her sixth pastry...*
    [IMG] Ricky: *He spots that and puts his paws on his hips.* Sheesh! There's no stopping you, is there?
    Ricky: And it looks like you've got yourself another fan...Marsha, how many did you have already?
    [IMG] Marsha: *She picks up another* Oh, i'm on my fifth...I think i've been hit with an Attract, because I looove these pastries! *...and eats it quickly.*
    [IMG] Ricky: Hey, be careful! There are other pokemon in this house, you know.
    Ricky: I wouldn't be so sure about ALL the competition.
    [IMG] Marsha: If you ended up setting up shop, i'd totally be a customer!^^ *She takes another bread bun and quickly eats it up.*
    Ah. I suppose that does help a bit. Then again, I was only missing one class, so they some room to let me breathe... right?
    ...How do you people manage to pull that off? I got stuck with a full schedule, with two teachers that can't really teach, make tests, or teach to the tests... *Is jely*
    Standard school's-coming-an-end type stuff. Plus high school senior-type shenanigans, I suppose, but that doesn't exactly amount to much until next month.
    (Love interests are always fun, to a certain extent. Hmm, perhaps i'll try something...)

    [IMG] *They wait a while for the buns to cool, then they pick them back up and take bites. Moments later, awesome flavor strikes, leaving them totally smitten with dreamy expressions!*
    [IMG] Ricky: W-wow...Yeno was right, this is...AWESOME!
    [IMG] Marsha: Great Glittering Golly! It's better than I imagined!
    [IMG] [IMG] *They both eagarly chow down on the delicious bread, with little sign of slowing down.*
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