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  • They're loads of fun.

    Have I still not shown you my castle I'm working on? I need to record what I've done so far and possibly make a YouTube video of it or something
    Ricky: *He tilts his head curiously at the Absol* Hey, who's are you? Are you a friend of Yeno's too?

    [IMG] Marsha: Ooh! I love to meet her, along with everyone else. I'm gonna go look around now. See you around, Jake! *She waves at him and walks off.*
    Ricky: *He relaxes.* Oh, well I still think it's really cool. You folks are soo interesting, y'know? Me? I'm just a not-so-special kid getting used to the city life. I was lucky enough to find Cory and Marsha, though. *Sighs.* If it weren't for them, I might still be muddling around someplace, all lost and without a clue...

    [IMG] Marsha: Oh, that's a relief! I love making friends. But it's just...*Blushes* hard for me to actually make any. But Cory and Ricky are different, they're actually ok with being around me.
    Marsha: A Mew!? Whoa, you're a Mythical Pokemon, aren't you? Golly, i'm so lucky! I never met one in person before. *She's looking giddier than usual...* Either way, it's nice to meet you.^^ I know you don't like making friends but...I hope we can get along. *She's got a friendly grin.*

    [IMG] Ricky: Huh? No. I just thought that leg of yours is kinda...neat! *His eyes brighten, and he looks livelier all of a sudden.* I always loved high tech parts and technology, but I never seen such on a pokemon before. It's so awesome! Oh...! *He snaps out of his excited tangent and sweats.* Yikes! That's totally rude of me, is it? Oops, so sorry. *Flinches* Please don't bite me...!
    Marsha: Oh, sorry...Anyway, I'm Marsha. I think Cory told me about you

    [IMG] Ricky: So you're one of Cory's friends, right? So am I. And- *He's intrigued by Yeno's odd leg.* Whoa...
    Ricky: *He rushes over to the new Mightyena, he seems really fascinated with him and his roboric leg.* Whoa...You must be Yeno, right? Hi there, i'm Ricky! *Waves*
    [IMG] Marsha: *Meanwhile, she seems smitten by the Mew...She approaches him and greets.* Aw, he's so cute...Hiya there!
    [IMG] *They show up, both interested and confused about what's going on.*
    [IMG] Marsh: Golly, that's a looot of cargo.
    [IMG] Ricky: Cory did say there were alot of folks moving in. *He looks up at Cory's crate.* But I wonder what's in that huge crate?
    [IMG] Marsha: It must be something really valuable or rare. He seems really tense about it...*She spots the Mew carrying it.* But what sort of Pokemon is that? I never saw anyone like them before...
    (Heya, sorry for missing you for all this time. Oh and don't worry, i've just been put off from any pokemon-related stuff for a while (Except Mystery Dungeon maybe!)

    I'll continue later, i'm a tad busy as of now.)
    (Lol, they can die by water though, if their health is low enough, but of course will 'die' at the teleported place.)

    ???: Who's keeping the spawners here, they're just annoying... *he looks around, before noticing a way to get out of this place* There, that should be a great escape! *he jumps before using a firework to activate his hidden Elytra, flying away from the mobs, while placing torches behind him to prevent further spawning*
    The internet lag made it difficult to do that normal things I do on the Wii U, and I couldn't play to my full capacity, which is why I was playing around a bit with Mewtwo. xD

    Well... hm. I would work on your air dodging. And if you're going to main Ness, I would look up online how to use his combos, as those will be indispensable. I would also try to use his special attacks less, as Ness's power comes mostly from his normal attacks in quick succession. Though his side B (PK Fire) is always really useful for stopping and opponent in their tracks, and you use it well. You also have a good grasp of his bat and his regular B attack. You should try to use his up B (PK Thunder less, as that makes you vulnerable to attacks from your opponent.
    Those Shadow Balls get launched back so fast xD

    But yeah, I'm having trouble playing on the 3DS. I wish I could use my Wii U controller.
    I'm at my job so I won't be able to play until like 10:30 tonight.

    Yeah, it's not an easy game to play, and the only way to get better is to play over and over again.
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