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  • (My devices aren't linked. But my Switch FC is: SW-6679-9985-8059)

    Marsha: *She blinks and her eyes widen hopefully. * Ooh, do you really think so, Draco? I guess it would make sense for me to be with a fellow Dragon. *Ponders dreamily* Oh, but I can't just with anybody. He has to be strong, but kind. And be nice to smaller pokemon and also looove hugs, even from a gooey gal like me!
    [IMG] Ricky: Do you really think you can meet someone who fits that bill?
    [IMG] Marsha: It's worth a shot, i'd love to be swept off my feet by a guy like that...Oh, also, he can't be a bully. I hate bullies! *Her stern face tells you that she's serious about that last note.*

    [IMG] Momo: Sure, why not? But you haven't done anything to really win her over yet, so don't be counting your Torchics before they hatch.

    (Hehehe! She doesn't have one just yet. Although i'm very tempted to make Draco her interest...)
    (Eh, no need to apologize! I am a patient man, I could wait for weeks for something to happen if I need to. Though I still may get concerned if i end up waiting that long...Coming from the guy who's taking forever to reply lately...

    And Solgaleo? That's the Box Cover Legendary of Sun Version. This is him here.

    By the way, I just got a Nintendo Switch today!! I got Splatoon 2, and i'm getting a kick out of it.)

    Marsha: I wonder what kind of pokemon would be interested in me...?
    [IMG] Ricky: Speaking of bizarre, *Points* When are you gonna let Amelie go?
    [IMG] Amelie : *Said Snow-pix is still at Ruby's feet.*

    [IMG] Momo: You know, Bolt...You didn't hear it from me, but I think Lara is smitten with you, too!

    (Now it's my turn to apologize, I really need to get more together...maybe that'll be a New Years Resolution of mine!

    And that...depends on the Legendary. I'm ok with ones ike Mew, Victini, and the like. But the big Box Cover Legendaries, such as Groudon or Solgaleo, it might be a tad odd seeing more than one...)

    Lara: Just ignore Momo, half the stuff that comes out of his mouth doesn't make sense...
    [IMG] Momo: Really now? You've been acting pretty different ever since your run-in with our new mates. I'm surprised you haven't--
    [IMG] Lara: *Cuts him off.* Zip it! Anyway, I think that's been enough excitement for one morning. I'm going to my room. *She hops out of her seat and turns to Bolt* Let me know when you're ready to go on our picnic, Bolt! *She winks at him and runs out of the Kitchen.*

    [IMG] Ricky: Ooh. Do you really think so, Ms. Ruby?
    (Likewise, and no worries!

    And cool!)

    Dora: Let me know when you're ready to go.

    [IMG] Lara: Why are you so eager about that?
    [IMG] Momo: Right now, Bolt? Then she'd probably get embarrassed and not wanna see you for a while, especially since you pulled a fast one on her earlier!
    [IMG] Lara: ...
    [IMG] Momo: But if you ask me, she got a kick out of it anyway...
    [IMG] Lara: *Blushes* Boss! Don't give him any ideas...
    [IMG] Momo: *Devious glint.* Then again, I could be wrong. Lara's a pretty finicky pokemon...Just be sure to control yourself this time, Sparky! *Snickers*
    [IMG] Lara: *Sweats* OMG, would you quit it!

    [IMG] Ricky: Hey, Marsha...Is there someone around here that you really like, too?
    [IMG] Marsha: *Sweatdrops.* H-Huh!? Golly, Ricky. Where did that come from?
    [IMG] Ricky: Well, since everyone's talking about it latrly, I can't help but wonder myself...
    [IMG] Marsha: In that case, I could ask you the same thing! So, how about it?
    [IMG] Ricky: *Sweatdropping, he doesn't really have an answer yet.* Ummm...
    (Oh. Whoops!)

    Dora: In that case...*Nods* Sure, I think I will come along!
    [IMG] Momo: Ooh, you sure you wanna do that? You might distract the big fluffball.
    [IMG] Dora: If anything, my prescence may keep him more focused. Plus i'm curious, i've never been to that area before.

    [IMG] Lara: Besides, a kiss or two doesn't always make or break a relationship. There are plenty of other factors that go in it, too.
    (The Switch has been out for a while now.)

    Ricky: Why does that name sound so familiar, though...?

    [IMG] Lara: *She pats him on the back.* Hey, buck up, Bolt. It doesn't matter right now anyway.

    [IMG] Dora: Oh, but i'm not all that fantastic. I'm sure he can last without me. Wait, did he get in trouble? What did he do!?
    [IMG] Momo: The Boss is pretty touchy when it comes to the rules. *Shrugs* A few of us are already Locked-On right now...
    [IMG] Dora: Oh. Discipline I can understand, but please don't hurt him too badly...*Ponders* Hmm, maybe I should tag along after all?
    (That game has DLC?? I need to get myself a Switch already!Hopefully one more week of work will get me there...)

    Momo: Hehehe, he blushes so hard even his sparks are red!
    [IMG] Lara: Nice one...
    [IMG] Dora: *Predictably, Bolt's question alarms her first. She looks nonchalant about it, looking away.* Now what would make you think that...?
    [IMG] Marsha: That'd explain Arcy's burst of joy. He seems to really like you! Well, didja??
    [IMG] Ricky: Yeah, didja?
    *Several around the room have curious looks on their faces.*
    [IMG] Dora: *She merely chuckles sweetly.* Sorry, privacy is a policy I prefer. You may speculate all you like, though...
    [IMG] Ricky: So, is that a maybe...?
    [IMG] Momo: I think that's her version of saying: None of your Combeeswax!
    [IMG] Lara: Happy now?
    [IMG] Dora: As for your expedition, I dunno. I'd rather stay here in the city for now, just in case my brother shows up.
    (In that case, let's just focus on that for now.

    I have no excuses this time, I was just being a slouch, so I just put off replying for whatever reason...I'll try to stop doing that, hopefully i'll be able to post more often!)

    Ricky: A special stress-relieving necklace?
    [IMG] Marsha: Seeing how happy he was, I doubt he will need it today. Geeheehee!

    [IMG] Rufus: Indeed you are, Dusty. Er, I should get ready now. If you excuse me. *He hurries out of his seat and starts to leave the kitchen. At the same time, Dora passes by him and enters.*

    [IMG] Dora: Hello again, everyone!

    [IMG] Marsha: Oh hi, Dora!
    [IMG] Ricky: So, is it true? You're going to join us?
    [IMG] Dora: *Nods.* That's right. Despite my situation, I thought it would be nice to be a part of your crew anyway. *Smiles* I thought it might be fun to be in a guild for once!
    [IMG] [IMG] Ricky and Marsha: Cool!

    [IMG] Momo: *Snickers* Of course, Chief.

    [IMG] Lara: *She notices his blush and smiles at him with a sort of "Oh you!" look.* Why all nervous all of a sudden?

    (Maybe, maybe not!)
    Not really, just the friends of mine here are inactivve.

    Heh, congrats!

    Not really. Skype's inactive, Discord's what I use for gaming chats and I don't do Telegram.
    (We could always postpone/delay plots and events so that they occur apart from one another, so that we wont end up trying to do so much at a time .)

    Ricky: Wow, look at Arcy go. He must be on top of the world!
    [IMG] Marsha: I've never seen an Arcanine happily chase his own tail before. It's like he's a dog-shaped Skitty!

    [IMG] Momo: No one would blame you if, theoretically speaking...You did have a crush on her. She's pretty hot...In more ways than one! Her bodyguard's kind of a wet blanket, though.

    [IMG] Lara: Just to make him feel better? Doubt it. But do you really think one would kiss the other straight outta nowhere?

    [IMG] Rufus: *He tries to play it cool, adjusting his glasses.* Er, yes. You have proven to be pleasant company, which I find favorable...
    (I mean when everyone heads out to do whatever they're doing. Or should we do that in parts; focusing on one group first, and then the next?

    Oh...Well, anything that's small, deformed and cute-looking, i'll call Chibi. Should I just call 'em Mini or something, instead? Nevertheless, they're cute, right!? ^^

    Marsha: How come Maisy gets special treatment?
    [IMG] Momo: *Snickers* You can't get a clue, can you? It's a no-brainer that Cory-- *He's suddenly jabbed rather hard by Lara.* Ow! What?
    [IMG] Ricky: Is it because she's a popular local, and he wants to be polite?
    [IMG] Momo: ...Sure. Let's go with that.
    [IMG] Maisy: *Smiles* How nice of you, Cory! I might take you up on your offer. Let's go, Maxwell.
    [IMG] Maxwell: Right behind you.

    *Maisy and Maxwell now leave the kitchen. They head towards their rooms upstairs, just as Arcy's joy is heard*

    [IMG] Lara: Sounds like Arcy's feeling better. He must have heard some pretty good news!

    [IMG] Rufus: *He notices her gestures and blushes slightly* Oh! Uh, yes. I'll just need to make some additional preparations, and then i'll be ready.

    [IMG] Dora: Oh! Oh my! *She giggles about Arcy's behavior, she follows hi path downstairs.*
    (I'm a bit stumped on how to start the skip at the moment...i've been struggling with alot lately, so forgive me if i'm not at my best...I've been keeping myself sane with gaming and drawing.

    By the way, check these out, I made Chibi Pokés!)

    Maisy: Hm? Ok, ok. I'll keep that in mind
    [IMG] Marsha: But I thought you said you didn't want anyone to bother you on your day out?

    [IMG] Lara: Sure, Bolt! What did you have in mind? Something about a picnic, you mentioned?

    [IMG] Dora: Well...It's going to take some time adapting , but...*She nods agreeingly.* Yeah, I think I will!
    (You got a Switch? Niiice! I'm still working on the money to get my own. I think will get Splatoon 2, or maybe ARMS. Or should I be like everyone else and get Super Mario Odyssey...?)
    Latios tells Mightyena that Mega Latios does have Skype, but I haven't had any luck contacting him on Skype either.
    Oh man, It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry for not replying for so long, i've had alot of things on my mind AND my hands. And I just stink at managing my time in an efficient way. So I forget and delay stuff....our RP included.

    But I thought the least I could so was make contact again. I'll be ready to post again, but I want to make it up to you with a good reply.
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