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  • Yeah and none of us like how she's even an employee and gets away with whatever, she pulled a fake "I'm lost" situation last week cause they sent her to run an errand she pulls that and gets payed for not being at work when in reality the errand was to a home depot 2 towns away which is easy to navigate to and from -_-
    We have one person who doesn't pull her own weight though, and was only hired cause our boss who works for the Davis farm where I work at is that persons cousin so she gets away with leaving 30-60 minutes into the day, kinda an insult to those of us who work hard pulling weeds, spreading mulch, weed whacking, and rock picking
    So far we have removed rocks from the empty field, weed whacked, removed some grass and put a black tarp thing over the dirt and sprayed the weeds that keep growing back, wonder what else I will be doing tomorrow
    Not bad, doing a lot of physical labor, better than sitting still all day at the bounce house like I was..
    Doin okay, gonna try and remake the shop on gen6 but not sure yet, no one seems to want to trade their 5-6iv bred shinies so I can't even open the shop yet XD
    Yes I have a couple, I think 2, I can only see 2 of the pokes at the moment but they are Quagsire and Bibarel
    I forgot to ask, would you like a treecko, Mudkip or Misdreavus for helping me? They can't he caught in x and y and I've been able to iv breed them :)
    We both go on WiFi and can trade anywhere in-game with the PSS by clicking kn an online persons name and clicking trade then if they agree you can trade :3
    Yeah he's a dink, do you have access to WiFi at the moment? If you do can you help me evolve my shiny Haunter? I've been asking my brother with help for that all day but he just goes off topic or acts up for no reason
    Well he's only 10 so he doesn't really understand how rare they are, plus it was his first one and like most people who don't know what a shiny is they might not know what to think, he occasionally asked what happened to it and I have to show it to him that I evolved it and its lv100 now :3
    Pretty easy to find em compared to in the past, I found a shiny graveler I think 2 days after I got the game and I was helping my brother on his game and a shiny trapinch attacked in the desert, this was the day after the graveler to 0_0 he wanted to run from it cause he's not a fan of trapinch much -_- rash nature golem, jolly nature trapinch
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