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  • I think ours was the largest, we had 80 kids get awards, listened to a lot of crappy music and had to wait to be called from the 500~ kids 0_0
    Took a few hours XD
    Hey Squeegie how you been, I officially graduated yesterday, the ceremony lasted for a few hours 0_0
    To many "awards" were given out and that lasted almost an hour cause we had about 500 graduate and 60-80 get awards, each called up one at a time, it felt like 3 years :3
    So we both graduated Wednesday XD no I'm not, wish I had friends in real life more than just the 3, they all thought I'd purposely missed my last day so I couldn't say goodbye but really I was sick DX, I'm going back in the morning this week so I can say hi, so you excited to graduate as well :)
    Not yet, last day of school was Wednesday, barbecue was today and it wasn't that fun until the girl I have a crush on saw me sitting on a bench asked me to take a picture with me, and then she gave me a hug and then wished me a good day, just now I got a phone call interrupting me with this message, it was from my last girlfriend who's a junior and she said she'd miss me so I'm glad I have at least 2-3 good friends very good last day :) had to let her know I'm coming in for finals next week XD but now I know I have to keep in contact with all of them :)
    100% sure, it was caught via Pokeradar hahaha!

    So yeah, totally legit.

    Are those all the shinies you have?
    Hey! I got a Shiny Nidoran Male legit, named Newking :eek:

    you said you'd be willing to part with 3?
    No, I lay try to become a vet tech though, my math teacher seems to think I'd be good as that and says she trust me with her cat :3 technically her cousins cat or something but they gave her to her so yeah XP
    Well unless I can somehow skip tomorrow for the holiday then no only 2 day for me :/, anyway I'm okay just tired of school and stuff, only 34 days left of high school and I'm done with that hell whole I wasted 4 years at :)
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