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  • Haha ok! Its in a word document would you want me to try to somehow copy and paste sections of it and pm it to you? Or i could email you the word doc(promise i wont stalk you lol XD, you could use a junk email if you want XD)
    Haha yeah i got a goo memory so i can remember most stats! My friend sent me an rng guide if youd want it :). He rngs all the time and i get pokes from him on occastion! Like my chandalure witch is AMAZING! Wunderbar(wonerfull) XD. Im a cleric! My friends are funny and not to serious about it so its all lighthearted fun! :D
    Haha i like being random! I figured you may possibly know it! :D. Gotta learn how to say meadow know! Got anything you need translated to german? :D. Howre you? Im playing dnd with my friends(Bit of a nerd lol) XD
    Haha whthank you! XD. Yeah if you say a random sentence i can probanbly say it in german! XD. How good are you at sign language can you say most things!? Can you say th plumber is dancing in the medow!? :DDDD
    Haha yeah i took german 1 and 2 atmy school andim in german 3 right now :D. So i can speak decent german! Sie Squeegie ist zu nett! :D. Sort of a translation of "Squeegie is so nice :)"
    The lincoln one is reeeeally good! Im about 1/4 the way in! Youll Love it! :). I can trade over the weekend! I was waaay to busy today im sorry! XD. My sister just got confirmed(Catholic thing lol)! XD.
    Well i checked out Abraham lincoln vampire hunter from my schools library! And my grandma(whos visiting) bought me the second book to an awsome series! The first one got made into a tv show on hbo! A game of thrones! The second one is called a clash of kings :D
    Hehe sowwie again! Im backlogged with requests from friends and stuff XD. I did a huge trade yesterday with a friend (16 pokemon) and had to nickname and clone them all XD. I got 2 new books today though so im happy OwO. But Dont worry i got most of your pokemon(Cept the ones i have to hunt serebii for!). But dont worry ill get em all >:D. Goodnight :)
    Oh sorry I hads a toooon to do today Owo. Im pretty sure i have them but im like passing out XD. Im sowwie 0w0. Can we trade tomorrow maybe? Im on eastern seabord time(Georgia US) and my sisters getting confirmed tomrrow at 7 but any other time than that i should be good XD
    Hehe well i have Bulbasaur,Sentret, Eevee, Starly, Deerling, and Deino
    And i can put up search for the rest for you :3.
    Im goin tobed cause i sleepy! Buuuuuuut tomorrow i can trde/ look for all teh pokemon you want! :D. If you need any of their info i can provide it tomorrow! Goodnight :)
    Haha its fine dontchu worry :). Your a friend! You get FREE shinies! XD. Im getting alot more shinies then i have on my list! XD. So if you have any specific wants i may actually have it! Or i could find one!
    Well you are extremely talented! :D. Hmm I feel arcanine would be hard to blend with things XD. ILL THINK ABOUT IT :). Howre you? Need any more shiny pokemon? :3 or items?
    i am so so sorry. i'm starting to think that maybe my ds broke or something because i've tried multiple times and my wifi wont work
    i am very very sorry for wasting your time like this. i don't think i can get on after this for a long time after since i'm going to be haveing semi finals. Thank you for trying to trade with me but i will feel worse if i keep having you waste your time like this >< i am so so very sorry again.
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