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  • So you've changed your name too? A lot of people I know on this site seem to be doing that.
    Hey, Epic-Inferno! We need to have a team war in the RP thread. We can leave the mansion grounds and we're going to a place in France for the challenge.

    The challenge involves writing a two-day journal about our experiences with our team in a place wherever we want to go. The Vile Souls are contained, so they can't hurt us if we leave. We'll discuss what a little of we're doing out in the vacation on the RP thread or via VM and we'll compile some more unique experiences in the journal entry that I'll submit when the trip is over.

    The challenge doesn't have to take two of our days, we just have to RP in a way that makes it look like we're having two days worth cool and amazing experiences.
    Geez. Then I should count myself lucky I haven't encountered any of my own, though I imagine I'll end up confronting one eventually.

    I just got out of the last day of the Comicon and it ended up being a lot more fun than I anticipated. There were actually a few games set up and they even had tournaments, I entered two of them, though I didn't win either of them. Still, if they ever hold another one here in Las Vegas I'd love to go again.
    In that case then I would imagine the people that bash Gen 4 games for that reason but make no mention of that issue in HG/SS are obsessed fanboys of the original games. There are a few people on Youtube that have coined the name "Gen 1er" to describe those kind of people.

    I'd hate to think of that term in a derogatory manner, but it does seem to literally mean someone who is so religiously devoted to the original games that they won't except anything above them, and will attack anyone with the 'audacity' to say any of the other Pokemon Generations are better.
    True, it will take some getting used to after all this time.

    I can understand people saying the battles are slow, if you play in the later parts when you and your opponents have high HP the bars do take awhile to decrease even with super effective attacks. I don't remember if they fixed that in HG/SS or not, I'd have to play it again.
    I'm actually interested to see the new Fairy Type in action, Gardevoir is one of my go to Pokemon so if they have wild Ralts in the game I'll have a chance to try it for myself.

    I've heard the argument that it makes no sense for a fairy to have an advantage against a dragon since it's basically just a magic bug. What those people don't realize is that there's more to fairy archetypes then just Tinker Bell and Navi, it can also be a term used to describe a sorceress, which I think is why they made Gardevoir of all Pokemon part Fairy. Case and point, Morgan le Fay, she's described as a powerful sorceress and her name in French literally means "Morgan the Fairy".

    I don't understand why people hate on Gen 4, it did so much right and I miss the days when it was all the rage. Hell, I even consider the DP saga of the anime to be one of the better sagas in the whole anime series, except for how they gave that Pokemon Hunter a....GOD DAMN STAR WARS CARBONITE GUN!!!!
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