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  • I was excited for Gen 4 as soon as I found out about Diamond and Pearl, as I saw things like the Lucario and Manaphy movie my hype for Gen 4 skyrocketed and it ended up being my favorite Gen. Gen 5 on the other hand caught me off guard, I had thought Gen 4 might've been the end of it because at the time I thought "You can catch God now, where do you go from there?"

    I tried to get excited despite the suddenness of it's announcement, but when Black and White finally came and I was disappointed, mainly because I didn't like how much they alienated Gen 5 from the previous Gens. At least Black 2 and White 2 rectified that issue a little bit by allowing you to catch previous Gen Pokemon so I was a little more excited for those games.

    Gen 6 I'm feeling very hyped for, maybe not as much as I was for Gen 4, but I do get more and more excited with each new announcement.
    I should pre-order X and Y too, especially with how excited I'm getting for it. I'm loving these new features they're putting in.

    Ya, I'm going to this one http://amazinglasvegascomiccon.com/ I'm actually not that much of a comic book person, but I do love the movies (My favorite is The Dark Knight). I still need to see Iron Man 3 and I really want to see Man of Steel. The games have been pretty good in recent years too, the Batman Arkham games and Injustice have all been really fun.
    I had already gone there yesterday, and you're right. I didn't see any copies on the shelves at Target, and the guy at the nearby Gamestop said that all the copies he had were reserved. Luckily, he said they'll get restocked frequently, but I won't have another chance throughout the weekend since I'm going to a Comicon.
    Have you ever played any of the Animal Crossing games? If so, would you say they're as good as people say they are?
    Don't worry about it, it's not your fault. I hope you find it in you to try again another time, cause I really want to see where the story was going. Hopefully with more people it will work.

    Think what you will, but I consider you to be one of the better GMs I've worked with simply because of how much you care about the RP.
    I knew it was inevitable, I just wanted to see more interaction between my characters and Jonah's. I have no clue if he will come back or if he'll use the same characters if he does and honestly, Diana was the kind of character I wanted to see interacting with Ryuka from the start. I might sound callous for saying so, but I was glad to see him replace Billy.

    At any rate, if and when you decide to remake the RP I'll be more than happy to come back.
    Yep, thanxorus!
    Our current theme is Safety, however, our challenge is the Sneak Challenge. Every man (or woman) for himself (herself), this time around. We must drop only slight hints at our secret. Whoever figures it out and tells Bien/Minnah, gets a large sum of money. If our guesses are nowhere near it, then we lose some of our money.
    Good luck to you and Shinon!
    Well, Bien has just announced our team has won first place on the Insanity Workout Challenge and we've been granted immunity for the next challenge, meaning we won't lose money if we decide not to participate in it.
    Also, your idea for Shinon getting crucified earned you the most prize money! Congrats, Bien (as well as myself) must've found that insanely original XD
    Insanity is unpredictable, and I'm becomin insane myself just trying to think of something for Ramón to do that will make others go "WTF that guy IS crazy!"
    As Ramón's artsy-fartsy attribute would say: "Ah, the calm before the storm, beautiful lighting before blitz-ful lightning."
    Hope it's as exciting as I'm anticipating.
    Thanks for responding. Seeing that the others aren't responding, I was getting a bit worried that they didn't know what the game's deal was.

    Ramón and Shinon may have to do some seriously funky and crazy stuff in order to match this post-bombarding theme. I hope the other members do not go overboard with this theme though.
    Isn't that the one with that big secret in the Endless Mode that Capcom hyped up a while back? I don't know about any of the original series games but the X series and that GBA series with Zero is looks interesting from what I've seen.

    By the way, when are you leaving for that camping trip?
    Hi, EI, sorry if this is a bad time, but Minnah has made a team war as our challenge. I'm just as intimidated by the page and post growth, but I need your dialogue and help if our team in the game is to survive. The theme being 'Insanity', just post a few seriously crazy things to show how crazy our characters can be so we can win the challenge. Hope it doesn't take too much of your time. :)
    Have you played any of the Megaman games? I thought I'd ask because I just played Megaman X for the first time and I remembered a conversation we had about it a while back.
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