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  • Yeah; for me there were countless times where I would send in an assignment, and it "wouldn't get through", so on Monday my mom would wake me up to words such as "Get up and complete the schoolwork you didn't do last week."

    'n once I had to write about why I shouldn't plagiarize because I had - at the time - been saying words in a different way, because of the people I was hanging with. Colour instead of color, for example. So an essay I wrote was "fairly similar" to something else apparently on the internet. -_-;
    .....I can tell exactly what you mean, and... eww. o_o Just eww.

    You actually didn't tell me you went to online school; I did that one year........it was horrible. ._.
    Ouch. o.o I do agree that judging about a specific gender is not fun. >_<

    Never heard girls compare guys, and glad that as of late I haven't heard any guys judging girls.

    Hooray, more homeschooled perks. >D
    Huh. Guess I'm just used to church discussions - a.k.a. discussions about how stupid other people are. xD

    Perks of being homeschooled - Don't have to deal with idiots.
    Davarian: Call me Davarian not trainer.. Hate that.

    (I think they come out full size in the game because it's a game. But in the anime/Comic they grow and become capable of battle).
    Ooh; nice. Is it some sort of special occasion getting you out of school, or just your school deciding "You guys get time off."?
    uuuugh. Well, tomorrow'll be distracting...and I have school Monday through Thursday.

    It'll be Friday soon enough. >_<
    Shiny Entei: I just want too know what you are doing here little one? This is the opening to Victory road.

    Davarian: hmm....
    Shiny Entei: Hmm *smells the air* sniff sniff...

    Me: What is it boy?

    Shiny Entei: I smell a Fenniken. *walks to the fenniken* sniffsniff.

    (Fire types are cool but TeamGreninja all day).
    Yeah; he looks like he'll be good........ so now I just need to wait and hope.........

    Is it Friday already? ._.
    Yeah; I was really looking forward to Villager but...

    I dunno, he doesn't play as well as I was hoping... fingers crossed I like how Greninja plays-out. He is my most-anticipated newcomer. <3 My precious Amadeus.
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