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  • But I'm not HM-Monkeying in actual game (except the must-haves, where I delete them once I don't need 'em)

    I usually get myself an HM-Monkey post-game. :3
    I've had a linoone almost every Hoenn playthrough I've ever done...I just don't want a Linoone for once. x_x
    Alright; I haz Mega-Latios. :p

    But I really am only using him as a Powerful Surfer at the moment; I'd like to get a really nice water type at some point..... (Though I really was never a big fan of Hoenn's water options.)
    No denying that.

    I'm actually probably going to finish up the story; then go on a massive hunt to complete the Hoenn dex, and get some more rare pokemans. :3

    - and also try to find a decent water-type replacement for INSERT POKEMON THAT"S A SPOILER cause I only have it atm cause it's a good surfer. :p
    Yeah...that's me.. I have a Fell Stinger Surskit for crying out loud.......

    Lelz, the super training. xD

    I've been more... "OMG Egg Moves!" "OMG Mega-Evolutions!" "OMG a Swellow I own that I named Plinko!"

    and a slight bit of Pokemon-amie around the fifth badge. :p
    Well, that explains why so many showed up to that one. xD

    So what have you been doing in the game? Personally I've been training up my team, and just catching anything I can find. :3 Classic Burakoru First-Time-Playthrough
    Wow; nicely done. :3

    My gamestop had like.......20 people in it? So nothing major. :p

    Course I also went to one of about 17 gamestops in my area, so that doesn't really surprise me. xD

    And nice, Torchic. :3 Went with Treecko myself...cause I decided at the last second I wanted to use Treecko instead of Mudkip (IT'S UNOVA ALL OVER AGAIN WHERE I WANTED TO USE OSHAWOTT BUT ENDED UP USING SNIVY! :O)
    Ooh nice;

    My location was honestly more focused on smash; so a handful of people got to play the game before it was officially out. :p I was not one of them, but I got to watch. This one guy was playing as Link, and it was 8-man-smash, and a few of the people died before he even lost a life. Everyone was cheering when the guy playing as Link FINALLY lost a stock. >__<; It was hilarious.

    So which starter'd you pick? :3
    Ooh, you went with AS? Nice. Went with OR myself.

    n' good; been keeping myself busy lately.......and also went to a midnight release for ORAS last night. :p Played my game for 5 hours.
    currently have a fair chunk of your mons cloned in my possession, other clones are on other game, which is downloaded on a different 3ds, and that 3ds is getting repaired. I can redownload the update and trade you the ones i do have atm though if you're in a position to trade today.
    just tell them the cloner has a life and schoolwork 2 do. also is a meanie or something idk
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