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  • Okay, well add me on that or I'll add you. :'p

    TF arc. was fantastic, I owe most of its success to all the build-up with the TSME. It gave everything a great feeling of suspense, energy and power thanks to Alan's character and all. Citroid, dying, I didn't give a crap about. It's a robot and it's getting resurrected immediately soon enough, I just feel like it was another one of XY's silly attempts at being "edgy," the Citroid death left me cold. It's especially jarring how Citron, once again, got little to no focus.

    Kiawe already has the Fire turtle, Mallow - Bounsweet, Soph - Togedemaru and Lana - Popplio. They went to the trouble of giving Kiawe a big Pokemon from the start and I don't think the trial leaders will lose their aces from in-game (poor Heliolisk >_>) so they do have their marketable cute Axew / Pikachu-tier Pokemon. I don't think for a second the blondes are the new standard for companions, Trial Captains are battlers as well and if the JPN site is any indication there are another four.
    The good news is XYZ is coming to a close soon enough, so this BS will surely be over soon, thankfully. Today's episode was good with Eureka, everything else...ehh...Satoshi's generic shounen speech, Manon and Alan not having barely any lines....despite this all being a big deal and effecting them the most...Pachira only appearing to shill Satoshi...yuck. The first two Flare episodes were enjoyable enough when Satoshi wasn't doing crap. Hurry up and get caught up for S&M, it seems like it'll be a very paradise, fun-like saga compared to the "edginess" (shudders) of XY. Not to mention XY's sexism and shipping drive me ****ing nuts. I really want better traveling companions, I've never missed Iris, Dent, and Haruka this much.

    You should add me on Tumblr if you have one, alternatively Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook work, if you can get my number bud. I usually don't mind connecting with Internet buds on social media if I've known you after a while.
    I hope you're not watching XYZ because Manon and Alan have joined Satoshi's cheer squad, it's beyond ridiculous at this point.

    BTW, how are you? I legit miss you ;_;
    I'm debating myself between Rowlet and Litten, but if Alola doesn't have decent Water-types, then it will be Popplio, I went across Kalos without a Water-type for the first time and it was awful. I didn't feel Kalos empty per se, half done, of course it was, I still can't believe the only thing South Kalos had was Kiloude City, that whole space felt ... somehow empty. I can't wait for XYZ to end, watching how pretty much everybody in Kalos kisses Ash's butt even to the level of putting him in a point where he almost defeated Diantha is an obscene exaggeration.

    About the S&M anime ... well, I think the official artwork will give us an idea about how the trainers will look, with Serena, they chose a shade from the middle, at least the black t-shirt guy is almost confirmed to appear as mostly of the in-game rivals does (except Silver, Wally and Hugh), what concerns me more about S&M is what kind of goal will the main girl have, if they come with something as crappy as Waifu Wars, I prefer they go with the Type specialist and use a girl gym leader as a companion.

    The beggining part is the hardest on a weight loss journey, so far, I've been going up and down with weight, but oddly, my clothes fit better, so I think that would be some kind of progression. I would love to see that pic, if you can send me the link for some way, I would really appreciate it
    Hm.....I love Popplio and Rowlet, Litten isn't bad either. Hopefully the final forms seal the deal on what's the best in my eyes. Alola does, unfortunately, confirm the end of Gen 6. Shame it got screwed over so badly, everything feel so empty and half done. Serena and Clemont...honestly they were boring more than white bread mayonnaise, I'm just hoping, like you said before that they learn from this and go in a different direction. XY was trying so hard to make Satoshi look flawless and perfect that it made everyone else look terrible in his fields to highlight him as special. After Waifu Wars I'm praying TriPokalons don't make an encore duet in the Alola Region. It would be odd if they put that type of vain garbage in a Hawaii-based region, it fits Europe / American-type culture but Hawaii is so broken off from America itself it would be odd.

    Speaking of S&M Anime, with Satoshi himself already taking the place of the PC. With the newest PokeGirl, I swear if they go with the lightest shade. I AM GOING TO SCREAM, there is no excuse this time with the setting being Hawaii and everyone in the games and trailers thus far being brown / dark. They could have done that with Serena but they defaulted to white, but given how boring she turned out with an extremely empty goal it wouldn't have been good representation anyway. Nice job, your weight loss journey began is coming along nicely. I saw a super clutch progress pic on Facebook I wish I could show you, it's very inspirational. I love how a lot of my buddies love working out +1
    Good to know you're on the right track, it's a bit hard at first especially the initial pain after leg day but when you make some sick gains and progress toward better health (and better athleticism ;) you're gonna be addicted. I'm glad you actually took the first step, like a lot of people say they'll workout to become badass but then don't do crap. Sometimes I'll workout with my bud and others by myself. The only disadvantage is not having a spotter for certain chest / shoulder exercises.

    MMA training is awesome too. Though it's different from the weight stuff I do, it's mostly learning different techniques, also refining punches, jabs and kicks. I am about to get a new job so I might need to find a new place to train at, but maaaan, oh man, I love Mixed Martial Arts. It has saved my butt a lot as I've been able to manhandle, throw down or open a can of whoopass on multiple losers time and time again. And honestly just knowing you "can" is a nice feeling, when I was kind I remember being inspired to do MMA and bodybuild from Dragon Ball Z, as lame as that sounds :p

    Oh, well, nothing wrong with that. If you're all good on short hair and long hair is problematic go for it, funnily enough when I was younger I preferred short hair because I liked having a clear head but now that I'm older I've actually grown a preference for long hair. No real reason other than aesthetics haha, it just looks freaking cool to me. Honestly, who wouldn't want a badass ponytail.

    Positive this isn't 6.5, new starters will seal the deal. Pokemon Anime has been dull as usual, I'm only paying attention to Alan, Shouta and Manon. It might just be better to drop this crap, they keep throwing my faves under the bus. Clemont and Serena are killin' it in the bland department, I swear XYZ has me legit yawning with all this Satoshi-Gekkouga nonsense. Team Flare are surprisingly boring, Lys is good in the acts and with Alan but the scientists have no personalities, they're so empty like in-game.

    Honestly, they already did the "this is Satoshi's team for the league" thing they do before leagues where they hype up the future team going into things, I don't think we'll get a sixth capture since the upcoming movie still depicts a team of five. I wonder if we'll even get a Pikachu short this year? I know the Hoopa movie flopped last year so I wonder if they'd even have the budget to invest in a Pikachu short. Admittedly I haven't been very interested in Pikachu shorts in a minute, "Pikachu and the Pokemon Band" was...okay.
    Laaaate reply coming your way, guy!

    Yeah, well, go for it. Gotta start somewhere, no shame in working out hard and eating right to get to where you need to go. In fact you'll really, really save money by not buying fast food and just preparing your meals on a daily basis. Also the feeling of knowing you're getting what your body needs in just the right amount feels good. Since I've done that I've saved so much cash, the other college kids wonder how the heck I do it. It's nice going to college but being self-sufficient in the handling of my money, my physique and my bills. Not needing mommy to baby me through college has made me tough, I just can't wait to get back into MMA training. Ahhhhh, I loved that. You'll def have more energy when you're working out and sleep better too.

    Hair wise, I'm an African-American so I dreaded it and as a result it's growing at a pretty rapid pace so it's going to be long enough soon. I'll probably keep it in a ponytail, a part of me did do it for vanity sake but the young side of me decided to do something different with my hair like Korra too have a nice "change" so to speak. It felt suitable and the compliments I get are nice, I won't lie. I like long hair and always liked bodybuilders' long hair / ponytails so that's what I went for, it really appeals to me. It's nice looking at pictures of yourself from years past and seeing how far you've come physically, changing your hair, making your body look more aesthetic, changing your style of dressing. I'm guessing you're a Hispanic-Mexican? In your case, just find something you like and go for it hair wise, my best bud is a Mexican and usually comes up pretty popular with other people for his hair.


    Goodra will come back, I think, it would be odd to have it learn Ice Beam in its departure two-parter but not bring it back. It's very overrated, I agree, but I still like it. It was his only XY Pokemon with development and it had a real relationship with Dedenne too. I could care less about Phantump, Skiddo, or what his last capture will be tbqh. But that probably has more to do with me not caring for his XY team as much in-general, they have wins and glory but I was far more invested in the likes of Corphish, Scraggy, Krookodile, Bayleef, Oshawott, Sceptile, Bulbasaur, Gligar, for examples. Mainly thanks to their personalities and relationships with Ash rather than them just being battle bots to give him wins. Speaking of working out, I loooooovvvee Stephan's debut when Ash worked out with OshaGod, doing push-ups and training for hours at different times of the day and night like that.
    I'm actually doing Chest-Triceps a little later on before I head out to rave, it helps so much with stress. You feel like you leave all mental anguish behind when you get a nice training session. There's nothing like a good sweat from putting in some work with weights. You feel so strong and you can feel yourself getting stronger too. I was in a similar position actually, I recall being 312 lbs when I was kid of all things, so yeah I was a super hefty buck but after a decade of training I look like a different person and can do so much. I'm actually on a cut right now, so when summer comes I'll be prime for going to the beach and more events. Plus people appreciate all the work I put into myself, there are some who call me "vain" or whatever but Idgaf. Yeah, it's also good for saving $$$, a lot of healthy meals tend to be cheaper and more fulfilling. Haven't bought fast food in so long. Mc'**** and Taco Bland tasteed awful last I tried it. Nothing more amazing and badass than being comfy in your own skin.

    Honestly, I could care less about the MC. The episode with a crossdressing Serena seems somewhat amusing, it's probably also partially there for baiting but it looks better than Serena's last dozen episodes. Guess we won't being seeing Strong Shounen Hero, Satoshi crossdress this series. They write him like such a try hard avatar for fanboys to project onto, and it actually seems to be working....I see the lamest, thirstiest, most out of shape suckers projecting themselves as XY!Satoshi and it's seems...pathetic because they want to be everything Satoshi is in XY or someone like Kirito. Must suck when you want to be XY!Ash b a d l y but in reality you're just a Kenny or Clemont :^) Also explains why some of them act personally attacked when you say anything bad about him or seethe at his treatment in BW. He's an audience surrogate in-general, but a badly written Escapist Mary Sue especially in XY.
    Yeah, fam, working out is awesome. It's never too late to jump into it, I know it can be tiring / a bother to some but to me it's really an awesome and something I genuinely love now. I really got into it myself as a football player in school, before that point I usually used tree limbs for pull-ups and ran outside a lot. Later on track, too. For the most part most gym rats and bunnies are pretty chill, I've only had two aggravating situations and both were quickly dealt with by yours truly. Other than that, gym is fun and comfy. Take the first step and you're on your way.

    That's it for the Master Class...oh well. I actually do think the character design of the upcoming filler girl is nice but man, I am not fond of another XY-love episode. That huge preview of upcoming episode is more than enough proof that it seems Serena and Clemont will fall into the wayside even further. The Serena / Pikachu episode just seems like another Amour Filler, having Serena use a Pikachu against Ash's Pikachu. I doubt the battle will be resolved, Serena definitely won't win either. Iris shoudn't come back in XY, I agree. It's a waste, she'd just be thrown under the bus like the rivals / companions. Don't count on her interacting with anyone BUT Ash like most of Kalos has.

    Either Goodra gets recalled or he goes into the league with a gang of five. Believe bruh, I hate it but surely other PokeAni fans don't. Given the amount of shade Korrina got when she dared to be a battle-active, fully-developed trainer who could stand toe-to-toe with Ash I get the feeling fans didn't want strong companions. Though Serena and Clemont should be mega popular given how they're pretty much the pure embodiment of Ash worshipers' wishes. So I'm expecting weak companions in Sun&Moon with a few Team Rocket battles here and there. Ugh, I just don't get it but it's whatever. I've been focusing more on Steven Universe and Dragon Ball for the moment, ugh, XY is so freaking dull.
    Muscles?, as in ... muscles?, do you work out?, that's pretty cool, I have always wanted to start working out but DAMN! it's hard when you have a full time job, I mean, working it's something so tiring that I have a freaking gym two blocks away from the office and I end up so tired that I don't have the energy to go, also, most of the people in gyms are a****les that pick on you when they see you're not in shape (-_-).

    Tss ... Korrina and Goodra's cameos makes me think even more that Kalos League will be a rushfest XD, it would be repetitive seeing them again watching it, but still ... I don't feel that invested in the Tripokalon train wreck, I mean, after Miss Waifu Material 2016, it's gonna be a break ... that will be followed by a filler with a Buneary.

    MAN!, with the crappy writing XYZ has been getting for everybody that is not Ash, I wouldn't mind if they skip Iris's cameo, I don't want to see her becoming an Ash-fangirl like every single Kalos habitant not named Shauna and Tierno, and with the treatment companions had been getting this series, Serena/Clemont/Bonnie would be even more non-existant if Iris shows up because I would put my money that she will just talk with Ash and speak to the others through him because XY SEASON.

    Seriously, I would like to know how they will handle Ash's sixth Pokémon, the Wulfric battle, Team Flare climax, Alain's issues and Kalos League with Sun/Moon just around the corner, Serena's crappy goal getting an early axe makes me think they don't have time for companions, and that include Iris ... sadly, because God FORBIDS a proactive female companions makes Baron Ash look bad in front of his fanclub.

    Puni Chan being in the movie poster makes me think that the Flare Arc will be very dragged along
    Same, indeed, I thought the Flare Arc. would be reaching its climax by now but they probably want to keep Puni-chan here until the near tail-end it seems. I was so sure it would be done with by the end of April / early May at latest. I also thought it would be done but Puni-chan would remain in advertisement with XY!Ass-Greninja not having that water veil in the Volcanion movie and it would remain prominent as a mascot like Wobbuffett did but I guess the Flare arc. truly hasn't reached its decisive climax yet.

    and if the results will be as crappy as XYZ has been so far, then I think that will affect Kalos League too because I don't believe writers will be able to handle it with Flare Arc at the same time
    I would find it really, really odd if the KL were to be rushed if only because you'll have Clemont / Serena taking up space and the Flare arc. (hopefully) get resolved before the end of July. I'm not sure if they would have the league first or the Flare climax but I really think the Flare climax would be priority. I do want some episodes devoted to Shouta + Mega Sceptile as well as maybe one or two more episodes for Tierno / Trevor so I hope they get a leg on it. I honestly can't see how the KL would be rushed unless they drag this Flare plot line out waaaaay too long, I honestly am okay with it ending anytime because the only part I'm really invested in is the Alan arc. as well as Sycamore / Manon's involvements in things with Lysandre's shady-*** behavior. The XYZ regular episodes are complete hogwash unfortunately, not even one enjoyable one like the Pink!Pokemon, Bye Bye Psyduck, Stun Spore Detour, episodes in OI or Da!s Iris-Ash fight, Butterfree, or Pansy episodes.

    (Sorry about these long-*** cut-up replies, I often get too "in" the conversations and get overly verbose.)

    Ironically enough the Scyther he caught was elderly and thus he tried not to push it too hard in battle and Scizor is a Steel-type that evolves that way with a "Metal Coat" so I always got the impression that in Johto it would evolve, put on a "new coat of armor" and be battle ready again after evolving, having caught a second-wind in body and become "renewed" so to speak as it had the pride of a warrior but its body was simply to old.

    I liked how his favorite type of Pokemon was Bug-type (which bothered Misty haha) and he had Venonat and Scyther. At least Tracey did things for himself, had good interactions with Ash, Misty, Max and Prof. Oak. Plus that episode with the pink!Pokemon were he Pokemon Watches, ahhh loved that episode. Clemont wishes he got the amount of Pokemon-related lore Tracey got at least, the Lemon-haired nerd is honestly just a walking Chespin-stroller at this point. I will never get over that awful Luxray, ugh. I'm even finding my likeness of his Bunnelby and Chespin cooling a lot as of recently....which is not good because that doesn't give me motivation to at least try to keep up with or like his character a lot unfortunately.

    being in the background while every single character shines more than him and getting episodes "focused" on him that are mostly fillers,
    Clemont and Serena didn't even feel like "Pokemon" characters a lot of time, they did no battling, did no training, have "goals" more so about humans than Pokemon, largely are beneath Ash in nearly every field, rarely step forward to fight on their own, it feels like the opposite of how Pokemon characters are portrayed. I can't believe Chespin hasn't won one battle yet in all of XY, neither has Braixen nor Pancham either, Bunnelby won its one and only battle in that Heliolisk episode against freakin' Clembot - a robot. It beat Diggersby as a wild 'mon though, not a good thing when I can count their battles on one hand.

    Pitbull, lol, I remember him. I don't mind some of his music but yeah some sounds not all that good...I'm not sure what genre he's in. Not sure if he's Pop or Rap. But yeah, finding your own style of music is...liberating? I think would be the word to describe it, feels like you found "yourself" because as I said before I never felt like any genre of music suited me. But man ravers and festival folk are always so loving and the environment is great. You could randomly go up to anyone and dance, strike up a conversation, play hackie sack, eat, shuffle, at a festival for example. Plus festival-goers and ravers tend to love my hair or compliment me on my muscles / working out / etc. so there's no fear of approaching new people. They'll usually come to you, there are no ulterior motives other than them being rad people.

    Serena will be background fodder and shipping bait for thirty-something episodes when her Tripokalon train wreck gets the axe
    Man, I love your alliterations, they make me laugh up a lung. Your shade is always A-1.

    Clemont is getting something worse than the Brock treatment ... he's getting the Tracey treatment
    Bruh! I'm in the library right now and that legit made me start laughing out loud like an idiot. TBH, Tracey wasn't too bad, keep in mind Orange Islands was very short and was there to bide time until Johto as a filler saga. He was a Pokemon Watcher and artists which was unique but not too boring like Waifu Wars are, he caught a Scyther and had a Marill - showing that until they decided to add Brock back into the show he going to get an Azumarill in Johto and Scizor (and Smeargle?).


    Only thing I wish Cilan had done was gotten a third Pokemon, he managed to use all three an ample amount so I definitely wanted to see a third capture. That Rufflet he bonded with could have made an amazing Braviary or even the Gyarados in his Brock special. I truly hope Serena/Clemont aren't the new standard for traveling companions, again, this ain't a personal slight against them or their fans but it's not what I'm going to be into if it is. I want active traveling companions as Pokemon battlers and Pokemon enthusiastic. I want balanaced dynamics, Ash/Clemont makes me want to gag due to how unbalanced their relationship is, Ash/Serena is static and meh, Ash/Bonnie is nonexistant, Clemont/Serena is nonexistant. Clemont/Bonnie and Serena/Bonnie worked, I can vouch for those at least. The only issue with the latter is it disappeared and usually appeared every once in a while.

    I don't hate her character, she's not my favorite AniPoke character but ultimately she's not a big deal to me. Clemont had an AMAZING start, I fangasmed over Clemont soooo much during XY's beginning. It sucks so hard he fell this hard from grace, but I have learned to appreciate Cilan more as a result. Can we just recount the times Cilan battled, stood up for himself others, validated others and ultimately acted as someone who didn't fall into the background with great interactions with Luke, Ash, Iris, Burgundy and many others? He was such a good character and I realize I took that for granted, he didn't develop a lot as a character but still he made his presence known and was a loving character from start to finish and I couldn't picture BW without him. <3 Mamoru Miyano +1

    Strong disagree, Iris and Cilan were great characters, personalities, battle wise, they had their own fields of experience directly from the start and neither were "new" to Pokemon making them pretty balanced with Ash, I would have handled some of their developments differently but I could trust and invest myself into their characters 100% during BW's run, I was excited, I was excited about them and their Pokemon, their Pokemon personalities, their focus episodes, the BW trio's differences didn't distance them but brought them closer. They felt like homies, Cilan and Ash were buds, Ash and Iris were homie-rivals, Iris and Cilan were wild and mild, this all worked very well.

    S'ank you very much, guy. EDM is my favorite genre of music and house music is simply beautiful and enticing, it reminds you of all the good in the world, hype, love, peace, good vibes, good energy, human empathy and emotions. Being a raver is definitely my thing, funnily enough I never knew what genre of music was my "mine" as a kid. Couldn't really get into rap, country or rock like everyone else, haha, but EDM music is lovely. House specifically has always been heartfelt and touching. Do you care for music? There's no greater feeling then vibing to some sweet progressive house or future house.

    I doubt they Clemont or Serena will end up blossoming into the three-dimensional characters with nice battles, really likable characters / personalities, good interactions, rivals that I want them to. I largely have accepted that at this point, but knowing Sun&Moon is coming has taken a weight off my shoulder and I feel like I'm at a state of peace knowing the Pokemon anime will maybe go back to a state that I loved about it. Honestly, I'm not gonna bag on anyone that loved XY/Z, if they did good for them. I hope they enjoyed it for what it was, but it wasn't my thing at all and I'm glad to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Until then I'll probably remain fairly inactive / apathetic about most Pokemon Anime-related things. I just want an Ash written more flawed and treated like a regular character again, that's my main hope. We can see with XY that it really can effect many other characters for better or worse.


    even Bonnie is getting more involvement in the Flare arc than him,
    Don't laugh at me, but honestly she's my favorite XY character. Really, I think she's good despite her role and dislikable character archetype that many pane her for.

    there is a lot to cram into the gap between now and Sun & Moon: Ash's sixth Pokémon, his eight badge, Flare finale, Kalos league ... they are not gonna make it, I know they won't, but, actually, writers did a terrific job making me not giving a crap about the Ash Fanclub and I honestly can't wait to see them leave
    Let's see, if Goodra comes back that eliminates the need for a sixth mon but I kind of want to see that purple Vivllion or Phantump join for laughing sake of his team being a flying fest this region. All Pikachu would need is some Air Balloons to fit right in. Wulfric is happening after War Waifus: The Finale most likely, the KL is coming soon directly after the Flare conflict is finished. I think 40 episodes is around enough time considering Clemont and the others are largely irrelevant and the focus can be dog piled on Ash. I'm just very meh toward them leaving, I'm not feeling love or sadness about it. I just want to move onto a new gen, not in a rude way of "I want to wash my hands of XY." I'm just really tired, bored of everything, fandom wise and show wise and want something I can be excited for again.
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