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Dec 25, 2019
Mar 17, 2005
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Well-Known Member, from Mexico

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Dec 25, 2019
    1. Squirtle_007
      Baron Ash shouldn't get a Mega Ring/Mega Stone because just wanting his Pokémon to become temporary stronger is out of his character, they did a drama with all the ThunderStone issue back in OS and in Overrated DP, yes, Charizard/Sceptile////////////////Heracross would be back to their basic forms after the battle, but the writers has been treating even the most basic of the held items as steroids from the start of the time.

      What's up with Rica Matsumoto's VOLT?, will it be a new opening?
    2. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Rica Matsumoto's VOLT is the best thing to come out of Ash's character in XY thus far.
    3. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Both of them, actually, but the Anti-Korrina stan went berserk explaining how Sky Battles and PokéRinger are the same thing and why the Female-ish Pokémon Casanova should win on his first try against an experienced Sky Battler, losing is off the table, Baron Ash has to win anything on his first try because he is the main character and he is a prodigy and has aura powers XD.
      OMG I am stoned right now and that was so funny! :''''') Win anything on first try, female casanova, your shade is perfectly and funny.

      I'd take Mega Pika over OP badass amazing Ash with a Charizard.
    4. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Yeaaaah, I remember Panpour's behavior XD Crazy.

      They get so bothered and hot under the collar over the stupidest ****, it's ridiculous. Which all goes back to Ash being a wish fulfilment character for them. Human beings have needs, and some of these needs are psychological in nature. This is an undeniable fact. When a person's Real Life does not provide all of these psychological needs, they can turn to fiction in order to provide for these needs. For instance, someone lives a very boring life going to an utterly mundane job and has no excitement at all. Said person's need for variation and stimulation is not being catered for. Thus, this person might feel very attracted towards stories where an otherwise-normal person they can easily relate to suddenly becomes an extraordinarily powerful being and is thrust into a wild and thrilling series of events.
      This, in turn, is why people sometimes defend fictional characters as if they were real, because they are not defending the character but idealized versions of themselves and/or embodiments of their values. An attack on the character is seen as an attack on traits they (the real person) personally possesses and/or admires.
    5. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Yes! Ash's Electrical Pikachu losing to a Water-type Squirtle, struggling? OVERPOWERED. I noticed A ppl surprisingly worship Paul like Christ even though he made Ash look stupid regularly. I guess it's because Ash got to beat him at the end and Paul was "attractive?" I guess. Drama and Pearls, lol. Paul Uchiha too? XD Paul was horridly overrated though, like Sasuke himself who gets a free pass for looking "attractive" shows how unfair some fans are.

      I ****ing died laughing. I would post that in-thread but I want to leave the Ash fans alone and it would be too easy.

      I don't think it's more going to be portrayed as a flaw, I hope it is though. I remember the last Triple Tag Battle and how they got destroyed because of TR's OP Wobbuffett that can take a million moves and repel them and even repel physical ones like Pin Missile. And Fennekin literally did nothing while Chespin and Froakie fired attacks. PokeVision, eh. It sucks but Serena got another episode at least.
    6. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Justification for Ash's supposed God-tier team to beat Korrina. XD Judging by the summer camp arc. he's only using Pikachu again and Pikachu gets busted by a Squirtle he sure as heck shouldn't beat a Mega Lucario. Fans of Mr. I-don't-have-a-Lucario are so pissed at the show for "overpowering" Korrina. There's really no way Ash can win without DEM or plot hax, realistically Mega Lucario should overrun his whole team. :p

      Yeah, no prize unless getting put in the "hall of fame" or whatever is going to be it

      PokeVision is a sucky goal, I just hope for a battle at the end of the episode. We're quickly approaching 50 episodes of XY and Serena really needs her first alone trainer battle so I could see it being Shauna, hopefully. I just hope she doesn't keep P-Vision for a goal. Speaking of which, where is Bonnie? She seems to be missing.
    7. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Yeah, having a Mega Evolution, being strong, training and knowing how to use your Pokemon makes Korrina OP. XD I see all the shade getting tossed at her and Lucario unfortunately, oh my lemon-haired queen slayed with her Lucario and judging from the summer camp arc. Ash doesn't even seem to acknowledge Froakie, Fletchinder and Hawlucha's existences much at all. Which begs the question how will he get the badge? Given Korrina pathetic Pokemon? Power down M-Lucario, make her make a stupid mistake? How will they do it?

      I hope he doesn't get one, I'm not gonna lie it's mainly out of spite. Korrina, Tierno, Iris and other characters who make Ash look stupid got so much hate, but when Ash gets hate they start whining.

      We can look forward to her interactions with Shauna at least. ;3 Boutiqueshipping.
    8. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      That would be hilarious XD

      Also look at the Korrina thread.
    9. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Yeah, plus he isn't seen with one in Korrina's gym so he won't be getting one at the campsite at least.
    10. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      They did the same thing with Charizard's toyline, it likely means nothing.

      Well you could contest it in a message but I doubt they would bend.

      Lol, I'll take Pika-Cosplay over Ash getting a Mega Rng any day honestly XD
    11. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      The Stunfisk promotion was a promotion of irony more than anything, it was a joke promotion to make money. I don't think they'll give shine to a certain Pokemon for no reason, Stunfisk's Pokemon Center month-long deal was satire. I wouldn't expect something like Jynx to get anything similar, especially considering the controversy behind the Pokemon honestly. I always though Jynx was fuguly. :p

      Really? Wow? That's kind of a silly reason to almost get infracted XD

      Yeah, that'd be golden, I'd love to see Tierno and Shauna forming a strong rivalry with the blondes. Yeah, Ash is meh, but I ignore most of his CD unless I'm in a debate. He doesn't develop anymore, he's in an eternal loop of stagnation which is why I don't understand a lot of aspects of his character. Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel bad about giving Ash stans so much flak but they act so crappy I feel almost completely justified in my sour behavior toward them. Honestly, Ash getting a Mega Ring would be such a waste if his Pikachu can trash Megas like Lucario.
    12. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      It's because the starters are some of the most marketable, I don't think we could ever see Shauna use something like Hitmonchan.

      "Not Lucario Owner Fan Club" - your Ash nicknames are perfect.

      Just some wild mass guessing/speculation, whatever you wanna to label it. I think there will be a competition between a various teams in the upcoming Summer Camp arc. Each trainer must showcase the bond between them and their respective Pokemon throughout the challenge in an authentic way to showcase if they're worthy to have a Mega Ring. Because that's what I think the prize at the end of it all that is kept a secret from everyone will be, a Mega Ring. I get the feeling Tierno is the leader of Serena's lackeys from in-game so I think if their little gang won he would be the dominant owner of the Mega Ring while possibly "sharing" it with Shauna and Trevor.

      With a blue-black Mega Ring being vaguely put in the opening and matching Tierno's blue aura in the opening I think he could ultimately take home the gold here. At least Shauna's Bulbasaur looks tough.
    13. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Yeah, I know. I'm kind of tired of Kanto and Gen 1 wank in-general so.....yeah. A bit underwhelming at least the losers look less useless than in-game, if they worshiped Ash like they do in-game eh.....thinking of it makes my skin crawl.

      Yeah, I wish they hadn't put that blue Mega Ring in the opening in the first place, now look at this ****.
    14. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Meh, the wins is going to be cheap anyway soooo....doesn't it matter at this point? :P Serena is battling in the preview? I only saw the losers firing off attacks. For a second I thought you sent me an anon on Tumblr XD
    15. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Ugh, WORST FANBASE EVER. I'm isolating myself to my blog for a while, if you need anything just send me an anon and I won't publish it. I'll probably check back later on when I make it to my friend's house, I'm clearly pissing a number of As diehards off and I don't want to do that even if it's unpurposely. So I'm just going to let them have their fun and keep my trap shut for a while. Probably gonna smoke at some point today and play Pokemon with some friends. I really need to go refill my medicine too, going on three weeks with no medicine and I'll have to find some money and get some without my mother knowing.
    16. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Yeah, it's nice to see she's getting something new. Thankfully.
    17. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Serena is getting a Pancham dude.
    18. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      They were both horridly bland, I remember that battle with Buizel. Ash needing a new move + rain + Chimchar damage to tie and Buizel was suppose to be some "powerhouse" they say.

      I'm not 100% sure if we're on the same page, when you say birds are you implying all bird Pokemon? The likes of Togekiss too?
      It's just joking, he's old man who frequently has fun being goofy and stuff. That's just how hillbillies are down in this area. I actually live in the South but I'm from the North, it's more laidback down here compared to how more formal it is in the North.

      The original DB did have a more cartoon-y tone about it compared to the seriousness of DBZ so I get what you mean I guess.
    19. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Yeah, Lucario is very popular and exposed, I agree. But still I just loved Korrina so much and Lucario's personality, I didn't mind both hijacking Ash's screen time and giving Pikachu a sound beating twice put it in my good graces. XD At hers is better than Maylene's and Cameron's.

      Hawlucha seems to have a personality and so did Togekiss, then again I bet you meant the carbon copy birds of every gen like Pidgey and Fletchling. In that case, I agree. Kind of wish Serena took her pet Fletchling with her with Ash just having Hawlucha, would have been refreshing over him getting the bird...again. Would have given Serena quick evolution for her team. I wouldn't say he's a child as a grown-up, he's just sort of lively. He reminds me of my friend's father actually, he usually jokes around or something with us. Usually will bend over in front of one of us and shout "Quit looking at my ass." He's a hillbilly so he usually doesn't mind having fun.

      I'm not sure, I think I prefer Goku as an adult. He at least matured and got less stupid as he grew older while retaining an interesting personality through it all. He apparently forgot he knocked up Chichi before he died though if his surprise at Goten is anything to go by. :p I have a head-canon that Drasna will battle Iris and use a Druddigon and smack Dragonite around. :p

      Ash just felt like an actual 10-year-old back then, I laughed and actually found him interesting. Even that training he did and how he got Corphish for example and how he carried himself. Shame they can't seem to go back to his more lovable personality back then.
    20. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Check out that Korrina bashing thread in the Anime Spoilers section, so bitter because Korrina stole Ash's screen time. I honestly smile when I see them cry over their MC being made inferior to Korrina. They hate on characters who steal his screen time or make him look inferior. Un-be-lie-vable. It's kind of funny they hate Alain for taking Ash's screen time and his personality and would have preferred a "regular XY" episode in its place, now they hate Korrina too. Ash stans are so petty.

      I'd actually love to see, I keep up with the XY chapters of PokeSpe and there's this Charmander named Salame that X has that is kind of shy. Walks around holding its tail innocently. I'd love a more shy Charmander, like an endearing Lucario or temperamental Dragonite. I like mold-breaking Pokemon. I think Tierno is most popular because he dances, it's a cute quirk. Though I thought he was trash in-game. I don't get the worship for Ash's appearance either, I'm not a chick so I can't give an accurate judgement. But Goku has muscle, is stronger, more mature, has a personality, is competent as a fighter and is pretty damn cut. What is there to Ash? He's just an idiot. Clemont looks better imo.

      I don't mind Iris losing to Serena, if them losing to each other is a trend I don't really mind honestly. Plus it'd be the perfect way to have Serena battle by bonding with another girl, so let's have it. Clemont, Bonnie and Ash don't want to make her do anything unfortunately. A loss for Iris is a more than fitting price for an active Serena and possibly a Delphox. ^^ Hopefully. I've grown to like Delphox's look.

      Pokemon Chronicles and Bulbasaur were both great and May is love <3. Shame her Bulbasaur evolved, I never was a huge fan of Venusaur's look and I liked how her Bulbasaur had Petal Dance and a heart shape to identify as female. I remember when Ash had a personality back in AG. :/
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