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  • Team Plot Device is meh, but at least Fennekin will get a new move.

    Serena looking on her Town Map, iirc, for info on the BC for Ash is just the absolute worst. Why did she go to the trouble being shocked she could battle too only to not battle for around 20 something episodes.....Ash is very over glorified in XY, there's no question about it. Literally every other episode shoehorns him in for literally no reason. Ash is possibly the most *****d of he was in any series right here and now.

    Serena...I like her it's just she's not being allowed to reach her full potential at all, I just hope she catches something soon. Because the XY Pokemon are debuting fast :/
    IKR? LMAO, man: it's all true. Dog-assu wouldn't agree with that, though.

    She even had James CHEAT for her to win some of her ribbons in the Grand Festival: how lame is that? lol.

    That is NOT development: same goes for Ash-- he goes from idiot rookie, to moderate trainer, to excellent trainer EVERY series-- then, the next one? He's an idiot rookie again! w00t!
    Lol, you did a good job on those post.

    Given the way he's being glorified regularly I can only hope Serena gets something Mega Evolution involved -_- since he's likely getting Sky Battles as well.
    Why are your post so perfect! Jesus I read them replies on DP, Serena and all and they're so perfect!

    Ugh, the Battle Chateau episode was kind of meh outside of the Chateau history and Viola/Grant moments. All of Ash's moment were boring as dirt as to be expected and the battles sucked.
    The more I watch the Chateau preview, the more I wish Serena doing it :( it's just sad how it will end as one of Ash's one-time hobbies (¬_¬).
    Wow, I forgot the Magikarp one, maybe because it looks like one of that episodes with Team Rocket shoehorned in, and with Clauncher being on my wishlist for the main cast, I want it in a bigger role
    The Battle Chateau one looks good, mainly because I really really like Viola in the anime and the anime really made her great and standout and Grant was kind of bland in-game too so I hope the anime fixes that as well. The Serena one I'm hoping will be great, can't wait to see Fennekin battle. I hope this Magikarp episode is a Clauncher debut episode in disguise XD
    Such a shame the thread got locked, I liked the Emolga's Static part the most, you're right, it was more realistic than Pikachu's Static being immediatly activated.
    I use to remember how Ashleibers got a stroke when Iris was revealed as the B2W2 Champion XD, goooooood times.
    They criticize Axew for "not having a full moveset" like if it was the only Pokémon doing that, I mean, Croagunk didn't had it either, and I can't remember if Buneary had something besides Dizzy Punch, Bpunce and Ice Beam, but yeah, I forgot it was Iris we're talking about, she's the only character with flaws
    Sushi axed the thread before I could post this awesome takedown to that one guy. It was literally perfect:

    Red was boring and one-note in Origins, no personality, no depth outside of generic shounen. But as you can see a majority of fans ate it right up, it's the exact thing people want for Ash. A trainer who gets all the glory, screen time and victories who rarely loses and steamrolls everyone who nearly everyone glories and idolizes. So, yeah they want Ash to be they're sexy, shounen, Gary Stu.

    Lol, yes, the shade is real.

    Those Ashliebers need to take a seat, their toxic post are a pain to reply to. "The holier-than-thou" and "There's no way another character can do it since Ash did!!!" mentality is showing itself in full force once more. I see the bashing in that thread got started up by a few of them which immediately invites more from others like them. Truly the most triumphant examples of Ash stans on this forum. They are not even trying to hide their bias anyone, the continued crying for the DP formula and fanatical worship of the main character and apathy toward the fate of the traveling companions who they seem to rather be cheerleaders for all of the saga. And of couuuuursee more Iris bashing, since she "took the wind out of his sails" and "belittled him" and how she shouldn't beat Clair and how she can't succeed against Clair without his "seasoned" guidance.

    The Ash brigade don't seem to understand that you can't act like an ass about certain topics and hide your feelings beneath bias/wank/ash shilling, that's not gonna make people see your side. It's only going to make them defensive and then you've already lost the discussion anyway because your true colors are so transparent and eat away all credibility you had prior. I have Ash fans friends like Chatsy/Soveryanon/Rohanator who are fantastic and I love their Ash post and friends who are huge fans of him and I also enjoy Ash at times myself, but these Ashliebers make discussions unbearable.
    Yeah, but Pokemon would be horribly boring if this was Ash traveling alone and nothing more. Just look at how flippin' boring Origins and Origins!Red are. But alas that seems what many want from Ash in terms of being a character, everyone telling him how great he is and and him being this untouchable battle God who gets upstaged by no one.

    Lol, Drasna is a badass old lady so I'd love it if Iris had something to do with her. I imagine some of them will have strokes if Iris's Gible evolves even once before his XD BTW, you did a good job calling out that one Ashlieber who kept shitting on Best Wishes for things other series do as well, God what a problematic user.

    Platinum Fan. and your post give me life, I swear is so hard to find a good number of fans who don't want Ash to get everything or swoon over him like drunk schoolgirls.

    Actually, I think Fletchling can enter? Can't it. Otherwise I think the lack of entry is do to their sprints being on the ground and stationary so since they aren't flying they can't enter. Yeah, I agree that levitating/flying Pokemon should enter. I think Inkay/Pumpkaboo can't because they aren't Flying-types and their evolutions are ground-bound. It's like the writers are doing nothing at all with Serena outside of Amourshipping, Yawn's Coordinator quest got kind of bland though because it got dragged on too long so maybe they're saving Serena's for later?
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