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  • God, you read my mind. Such a missed chance, plus the idea of fashion with a rank up would have been great for Serena. Heck I even would have taken Bonnie doing them over Ash, they burn so much screen time on him regularly I literally want to vomit.

    Mamoswine was never strong to begin with or a great battler imo. Though I have to agree that Dawn's cameo was crap, that's what happens when you don't have Contest for her to feed off of. She becomes useless. Zoey/May looked like strong battlers and Coordinator, Dawn was just a good Coordinator but her battling skills were never amazing. That's why her fate was sealed the minute she entered a BATTLE tournament, no way she was beating Trip's Serperior, Dragonite or anything noteworthy with her uselessMamoswine of all Pokemon.

    Uhhh those Ash stans, I want to shade them so badly. Especially that one girl who hates Iris because she called him a kid and hates both Misty/Iris for being critical of him. Like WTF, you're going to hate every character who calls out Ash on his mistakes and childish behavior? Or let him be and idiot and do stupid crap that gets him and his friends in trouble, if he seriously agrees to give away Pikachu to Princess Parfum next week in battle and even takes the risk that shows how stupid he is. I just know Iris would give him more than a sizable tongue-lashing for betting his starter and best friend in a battle.

    You speak nothing but the truth, you're completely right about them. Right down to the last letter.

    I was hoping if she would try Sky Battles, Fennekin would evolve into Braixen and use its psychic talents to levitate or fly on his wand/broomstick but meh. They're likely giving them to Ash, what with the merchandise pointing to a Talonflame debut I imagine Fletchling gets killed by one sooner or later.
    Yeah, I'm hoping Serena wins if there is a Mega Evo tournament.

    The Ashliebers are out for blood tonight, "throwing shade" at Iris's Dragonite. Though I picked apart their post, I'm sure their fangirl-warriors are on their way to have at me and call Iris a ***** for beating Ash and calling him a kid and not squeeing over him.

    Yeah, I'm sure she'll get something, Battle Maison please.
    Well, if items like the Soothe Bell and the BW feathers are used as prizes on tournaments, Mega Rings would be on a very high league, I don't think Iris will get one, but Garchomp is definitely a possibility, but even Gabite would make the hatedome going outrage :D

    I hope Iris & Serena gets along in a way like May & Girl Ash did, May & Misty didn't interacted very much, and Girl Ash looked so fake bullying Ash just to get Iris to like her.

    Serena will have a battling goal, I'm sure of it, having her leave home just to stalk Ash and catching Pokémon for nothing would be plain STUPID =S even Cilan, who hasn't a battling goal trained his team
    Lol, I'll laugh like a maniac if she gets a Mega Garchomp. People wanted Ash with a fully-evolved Dragon, Iris has one in Dragonite but to have the species he has and a Mega EVO on top is just XD

    Yeah, I can't wait to see Serena and Iris bond. All PokeGirls do talk and get to know each other.

    Yeah, I'm staying optimistic, at least she's likely battling. Fennekin is jumping in her arms while dirty with her dirty too so she probably gets her hands dirty. I just want her to catch something already.
    Yeah, hating him and hoping he never shows up again/dies because he "keeps Froakie from evolving" yeah, because Buizel/Oshawott/Corphish/Totodile/Squirtle never evolved because Ash had a rival with them early on in their runs....oh wait.

    Meh, still, I'd be more okay with it if they weren't automatically given Vine Whip/Razor Leaf/Flamethrower.

    Oh, my God, I laughed hard. "IT WON'T AIR, I HOPE SHE DOESN'T CAMEO IN KALOS!" eat crow venomous BW hatedom.

    She's generating a lot of controversy due to that picture of her dressed up as Fennekin unfortunately.
    That's because during Hoenn Ash actually had a great personality so he didn't need a rival to make him interesting. Sanpei would work nicely as a rival, shame some of those Ashliebers hate him because he dared to have a Frogadier and are going to crap on the Chateau trainer if that Fletchnider is his and not Ash's. -_-

    Lol, I loved that battle. I remember Misty calling Togepi her "Pikachu-blockade-secret-weapon" XD Misty was really smart. As for Dedenne kissing Pikachu, I hope it learns Draining Kiss in the XY sequel(s) so that can be a reality XD.

    Yeah, I think the XY games were weak in Pokemon distribution and characterization...the rivals could have been better...the gym leaders were a huge step down for me. But the anime made Viola great. Not sure what Ash will catch, I kind of hope they're unpredictable with what they give him this time. Something weird like Flabebe, I honestly don't care what people say, I don't mind Serena catching a "feminine" Pokemon. As much as people hate these Pokemon for some reason, so I'd be happy if she got a Sylveon or Kirlia or something.
    Yeah, I agree with that. I pray Ash gets a good rival this series, he's mundane at times and with no rival he's gets more uninteresting.

    OH, that could explain why they replaced Emolga with a stupid Magnemite, hopefully Dedenne battles and kills Pikachu. That'd be perfect, I can just picture the "Play Rough" kill shot XD. Ash better get some more Pokemon because Fletchling/Froakie shouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell against Clemont's Heliolisk's Parabolic Charge.
    LOL, Cameron/Ritchie had a good number of them seething. Cameron especially for taking Ash's "future Pokemon" away from him XD

    I hope Pikachu doesn't get to be used against Clemont, though I could see the writers having it overpower Heliolisk/Bunnelby. Though I think it'll be a full Electric fight so Heliolisk unfortunately.
    Agreed, man: their logic is flawed, because Paul's Elekid is one of his newer captures at the time, so that renders their argument null and void.
    I'm really only fine with Clemont and Ash is okay I guess but meh he was better in OS and AG, IMO, tbh, bro...lol. TR is definitely the worst part of the XY Series, though: why they brought them back, I'll never know.

    I agree with you completely on many Ash's fans flawed logic: to shut them up, Ash's Pikachu beat a Regice in the Battle Frontier, yet it only TIED with an Elekid at the beginning of Sinnoh. They fail to mention that, yet they always bring up how it beat a Latios and then lost to a Snivy: hypocrites, man.
    Yup: I agree they suck badly now-- IMO, they need to leave the anime permanently.

    Serena makes me :smh: in disgust, personally (I really can't stand her as a heroine), and I'm not a fan of Bonnie's cutesy-wutesy act myself: I thought Max was way better than her, even if he was annoying sometimes lol.
    Lol, those Ash stans going on about how Pikachu should be untouchable for Clemont because it "beat a Latios." It's 2AM and I have school in the morning so I don't have the time nor energy or patience to drag things on with them.
    Lol, I remember that, some fans just say it because they themselves dislike the characters and think their opinion rules majority. I can just imagine Serena not wanting to fight back because of her crush, Morrison-style, then Fennekin encouraging her to. It battles and evolves and bam, Pikachu is taken out.

    Ash stans are the absolute worst
    If that happens, Serena will be the "least popular Pokégirl because I say so" Iris dared to defeat Ash in a clean mano a mano and she became hated by the Ashliebers, but I admit I would like to see that happening ... the journey would become kinda awkward after that XD
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