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  • Kind of funny for a "Princess of Hoenn" XD Munchlax/Glaceon are Sinnohian, Venusaur/Wartortle are Kanto, Combusken/Beautifly/Skitty are Hoennese. I'm still surprised she didn't get that Swablu.

    I honestly hope Serena crushes Ash in a battle in the future after realizing how dense he is and decides to move on, after focusing on training her Pokemon for a bit she battles him in a Mega Evolution tournament for a Mega Ring at Shalour in the finals. Fennekin evolves into Braixen, defeats Pikachu and she's awarded the Mega Ring with Korrina's Lucario wanting to go with her because he's drawn in by her aura. That'd be perfect.
    I almost forgot about that, yep it definitely sounds like a battle. I wonder if she'll just an older Pokemon due to Kalos's small numbers? Unless the writers have her capture and already debuted one, Swirlix, Honedge and the like all appear around Parfum Palace. I could see her getting a Honedge, maybe? I wouldn't mind Honedge for Serena. It's kind of a strange choice, but I honestly would like to see the anime section cry foul over her getting a "masculine" Pokemon.

    Serena might not have a goal and battle yet unfortunately. But she's still way better than Dawn ever was. I just want her silly Ash ship out of the picture at this moment, it was a nice idea on paper. But in execution, it's painfully obvious she might end up thrown under the bus to make Ash look good. Like in that Heliolisk episode, her Fennekin couldn't hit Magneton, while Ash had to protect her.
    I agree completely, man, tbh: the blushing is not helping, and the poor girl's becoming the next DP Brock in terms of how shafted she's being in lieu of Ash and Clemont.
    You notice how this was also the case in DP, and now it's happening again in XY: I don't know WHY the writers can't seem to handle all the characters decently these days, man. At least give everyone some feeling of contribution to the group, you know?

    I really do not like Serena in the anime, man: I don't feel there's any real weight to her character, you know, so far. Dawn may not be my favorite, far from it, but at least she had some character and was generally more active and less sidelined than Serena has been. What's sad is that they could do good with Serena if they handled her like they did in XY010 and XY012, but instead we get more of the XY002, XY007, and XY013 crap Serena from the writers, IMO.
    Lol, the surviving OS characters naturally. Ash isn't too terrible for me, he's pretty great a lot of the times in battle and with certain characters keeping him interesting but I was mainly looking forward to this episode for Froakie battling and taking out Sylveon but he won't be getting that unfortunately. He'll get spanked by the Fairy Eevee it seems.

    Yep, I just hope Fennekin gets to battle soon.
    So, the Serena bashing thread has been closed, but the Iris bashing thread still goes on ... typical

    We had to endure the lousy-uneventful-fillerish Dawn/Brock specials (if they didn't aired, TR vs. TP would happened a week before the disaster (¬_¬)), I'll gladly watch a special that contains a) a potencial capture, b) a gym leader and c) a legendary not randomly shoehorned *coughLatiascough*

    People always speculates about the previous girl not having a cameo this generation, but that hasn't happened and I don't think they will start now ... as much as you hate Iris just because she dared to have a backstory before she met Ash.

    Flawless post.

    Max praised Ash, but he also called him out on his behavior at times. He didn't mind getting on his case at times Misty, Max and Iris are Team Snark :p Yeah, I liked the Bulbasaur Contest episode, it was great and gave May some fun character development. Yep, that gets on my nerves, God forbid Clemont's Bunnelby beat Pikachu, as if Ash is the only trainer in the world. Yep, you're right about Iris, seems like she had Excadrill way longer than Ash did his Pikachu as well.

    Yeah, I wanted Snivy, Oshawott and a couple others to evolve to. Yep, she did have a former trainer, last time said trainer was mentioned was in that Pirate-Croconaw episode in Da! I liked Attract, I wish it was handled better like with Emolga though instead of being so broken at times. Using it as a strategy to wait out Sawk until Paralysis took full effect and finishing off her opponent with a killer Volt Switch was great. I'm still surprised Togekiss wasn't caught earlier, I really liked how it preferred graceful sky-dance battling and all and it was something different from Mamoswine at least.
    "So, the Serena bashing thread has been closed, but the Iris bashing thread still goes on ... typical"

    ^Agreed, man. Notice how we aren't allowed to criticize Serena's various flaws as a character, but people are allowed to bash Iris mindlessly. Double standards, man. Also, I agree with you that the Brock DP special was weak, and I really liked the BW Special Brock/Cilan shared-- BW's animators drew Brock's face like an actual human being when he got poison jabbed rather than that ugly face the DP animators' gave him when he did so.^

    [BTW, I disagree with Doryuzu and you on just one thing: besides Team Plot Device, Serena is sinking the XY Anime for me, and I actually think even Dawn was better than her.]
    Yeah and people say Ash was a "mentor" to May, pssssh, May learned mostly everything on her own and I think she learned more from other Coordinators than she ever did Ash. Ash only showed her some type stuff maybe, that guy with the Bug-type Pokemon taught her how to capture Wurmple, not Ash. People just love to give Mr.Shounen Protag credit for everything, reminds me how pissy some got that Iris was competent and didn't cry for Ash all the time like Dawn did. I preferred how May learned her stuff, she learned it the hard way and from many interesting figures, Dawn learned mostly everything from Zoey and it got very boring fast.

    She didn't, Snivy could kick Buneary's behind any day in personality, battle or any aspect of being a female Pokemon. still better than Dawn's useless Mamoswine I don't think Cyndaquil learned a new move either, nor Buneary, Piplup did. But it was pretty static in terms of moves the whole saga outside of Whirlpool in the beginning and Hydro Pump in the tail end. Pachirisu learned Super Fang but never really used it again and only did so like once or twice I think. The writers should have given her Togekiss earlier, it's amazing how I loved Togekiss so much.

    Yeah, looks like Sylveon pops Froakie and then some stuff about a little girl who doesn't like Pokemon, TR appear, Froakie is used and protects Sylveon and blast them off and said child gets over her fear. The writers using TR as a crutch to solve problems of the day instead of being innovative gets on my nerves, why not a second battle so Froakie can get its first win. It might take a loss to Frogadier too unfortunately.

    Poor Serena, being compared with Dawn should be considered an insult
    Yep, whole episodes of on-screen training are never interesting for me in DP, mainly because they just feel so copy and paste, TR being the resolution, blah, blah, etc. Episodes of training like the Grovyle/Treecko episode in AG, that's training done right and we didn't need a bajillion episodes of the same thing throughout AG or the Bulbasaur Petal Dance stuff, that was cool.

    Buneary was awful, she was pretty much just ship fodder for Pikachu, a pathetic waste of a female Pokemon. I was excited for and liked Buneary a lot at first, but she rarely ever did anything and seemed to only exist for LagoMorphShipping. Ambipom was overused and lost a bit of the personality she had with Ash but she easily was the best thing of Yawn's team at the time. Having more personality than her trainer. Yeah, Piplup was pretty strong, better than Mamoswine for sure. Yep and Combusken ultimately was a pivotal point in May's success in the Kanto Grand Festival and defeated Drew. That was great.

    Lol, the Sinnohian Contest were awful in terms of the specifics
    -That episode reminded me that James was a better Coordinator than Jessie in one than day than she was her whole life, she was such a bad Coordinator in DP.
    -Oh yes, I remember that well.
    -Since they scan ribbons to admit them to the GF, that never made any sense to me. We clearly see May getting her ribbons scanned and her image on the computer in AG, you'd think "Super" Contest would be tighter on that rule.

    Yeah, they're in the Sylveon episode unfortunately, I wanted to see some Fairy focus and Froakie focus without TR being forced to steal it or something. Yeah, I hope Serena gets a goal soon, she's got a nice personality overall it'd be a shame if that went to waste just for Amourshipping.
    Yeah, his character development + closure was less forced than Paul's, so that's a pro.

    Yeah, I'd just like that a lot.

    Girl Ash, lol. Yes, my main problem with Mamoswine, it's acknowledged as a "powerhouse" just because it's big. No Mamoswine is pathetic for a Pokemon of its size, getting killed by one Magical Leaf, smashed by a Carnivine and various other Pokemon and only shining really in double battles with significantly smaller Pokemon like Cyndaquil/Pachirisu doing most of the work. It just shows how much off a lesser factor Mamo was, that or Dawn was just terrible at using hers. Aw yes, the eyeball melting CGi appeals and sparkles en masse during the Sinnoh era wore out their welcomes long past the half way point. Jessie, in DP she was so annoying and stupid I what was the point of that whole Coordinator thing since the writers eliminated her in a blink-and-you-miss-it battle.
    But I wasn't happy with Trip's treatment or Bianca's character, I think they should have just threw Cheren in somehow. Or made Stephan/Cameron more interesting, while making Cameron less stupid and it could have worked well.

    Yeeeeeees, I liked that too, of course I wouldn't want it done 24/7 but I liked the surprise of them with those new awesome moves. Palpitoad's Sludge Wave was incredibly epic especially, I think it'd be cool if they did it once or twice throughout XY. For example, Serena's Fennekin could show off a newly learned Psybeam technique, Serena could say she had been training Fennekin to use it in private. It would be great and plus Serena could use the power boost, as small as it would be, I'd hope for it.

    When it came to the training in DP, I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. What I really disliked was the numerous Contest training episodes, that horribly awfully yawn-inducing Ice Chandlier episode. Dawn can't debut the technique at the GF, she has to get a whole episode of devotion toward her forcing a bunch of kids and one bratty kid to watch her train for it while Johanna was off. Don't get me started on that Cyndaquil/Mamoswine/Candice/Zoey episode, bleh. It's amazing how May could teach her Skitty how to use Blizzard and to juggle without entire episodes being devoted toward it.

    Seeing May teach Skitty how to juggle with Doubleslap was fun because it showed off the simplicity of Contest and how they aren't all about sparkly appeals and flash factor 24/7, but show off how something minuscule and cute can have a big effect too. Like teaching a Pokemon how to juggle, in DP Contest felt so one-way, like everyone wanted to show shine and I felt like it was such a step down after the various appealing styles we saw in AG. Of course I guess that's Super Contest for ya.
    I personally would like Shauna to appear, she's friends with Bonnie and Clemont in-game plus I could see it being interesting.

    Exactly, plus Paul's motives for being a jerk were so weak and badly characterized, he saw Reggie lose a battle and his faith in humanity dies? The training episodes were nice in concept, but so numerous and boring to watch most of the time. A good majority of DP episodes lack essensce and is like a room built so no sound cam be made or heard. Plus the personalities and characterization were lacking, Togepi's episode was good because it had more personality than the entire DP trio combined.
    Yeeeeeeeeeeees, my main problem with Paul/Trip, but I'll talk about Paul is how character derailment-ish his "character development" felt. He was only nice to Ash at the Sinnoh League because the writers need him to be a certain way before he left. Plus Ash is just like a zombie at times, Gary brought out human qualities in Ash. Ash's interactions with Paul always felt so freaking weird. I agree, they should have used Cameron/Stephan as Ash's main BW rival and just somehow made their characters more interesting. I didn't like Bianca at all and I was indifferent toward Trip a large amount of the time, though I've warmed up to him a bit because of fanart. I hoped for a good smacking again Paul, a situation that would have sufficed is if I was for a gym leader, to confiscate and refuse to hand Paul a gym badge due to his rude and condescending gloating after getting the Veilstone Gym badge from Maylene. Maylene was pretty much a new gym leader at this point, and gym leaders command respect, no matter how new they are. By all means, Maylene should've forbid him the badge because he didn't treat her with the respect that gym leaders deserve.

    Yeah, Ash really needs one, the Frogadier trainer could work. Though I hope they forego his ninja get-up when the focus isn't on him, when he isn't battling he should dress in regular better looking clothes and he can go all ninja when its battle time. I kinda hope he doesn't enter the league though and Ash has a separate badge-quest rival for the league. I think three would be a decent number, no Tobiases please.
    Yeah, Wobbuffett got an upgrade at least. It can at least dodge properly and move well, I'm glad they aren't being too annoying about the Rockets either.

    I truly hope so, I want Bonnie to get a kid rival too, maybe a bratty kid with a Tyrunt? I really could see Clemont having a type of bully rival, thinks nerds are weak and all that. I liked Georgia and Burgundy way more than any of the DP rivals, better characterization and character development did it for me. Despite the lack of proper closure. I hope we don't get another rival similar to Paul, not sure if I can tolerate the immense amount of *****ing that would come of it. Plus Paul's character development was so forced I don't want something similar to it a third time.
    Yeah, I didn't really like any of her rivals unfortunately, except for Zoey at times. Otherwise they all had a lot of the similar problems and too bland personalities to hold my interest. Fennekin could always evolve into Braixen and fly using its broomstick/magic wand thing or levitate or something with Psychic. Yeah, Limone over Citroid any day, Citroid malfunctioning would reflect bad on Clemont. Yeah, Inkay/Woobat/Yamask were all strong, Jessie's Wobbuffett not being complete garbage in XY is a surprise.
    Personality wise, yeah, I definitely agree she blows Dawn out of the water. Though I don't hate Dawn's personality, I'm just largely apathetic toward it. After early DP/Wallace Cup it felt like Dawn's story/characterization didn't have the stamina to keep up and largely petered out. That's why she got so boring. I don't think this is the last we've seen of AmourShipping, it'll be back and I'm 100% sure, as long as the episode is a 100 times more interesting and not as boring as the Rhyhorn racing episode I'll give it a chance. At least the writers are finally giving her dynamic interactions with people other than Ash, she comes off as a tool at times when she pines for Ash 24/7.

    I'm hoping she has an awesome goal. Clemont/Bonnie/Serena, I gave the nickname "2 and half blondes" ages ago. All three are so fantastic on their own, though Serena flips on and off for me in terms of being entertaining. She's such a wildcard, today was a good day for her though. I liked seeing her recite Team Plot Device's motto and her smart usage of the macarons.

    give her a Binacle, or a Honedge, or a Carbink or something ugly like that, I have enough seeing Inkay, Cacnea, Carnivine, Arbok and Weezing being OHKO'd.
    My heart burns for Inkay, but at least the writers aren't being super annoying about TR. They aren't as bad as they were in Da! and DP thankfully and they can give some good battles at times and Inkay actually looked pretty cool schooling Jenny's Manectric. I agree, Jessie having Binacle would be great because I dislike the Pokemon's design a lot.
    Hopefully Serena is going to have a purpose aside from shilling Ash, Clemont and Bonnie are fantastic so far though.
    I hope you'res still alive, you're one of the few members with amusing posts to read that aren't obvious bait.
    Yeah i know that feeling, people see what they want to see ignoring completely positive aspects of some region simply because of not being what they imagined it to be. Glad to hear your sticking around and see ya later.
    Oh sorry to hear that man. Try to be careful and look out on rules making sure not to break them. I realize how it must be awfully frustrating to see people criticise BW series so openly being full of bias and irrational hatred toward it(i feel same way when people belittle OS, Misty or AG), but its better to hold back yourself from going into unecessary fights if its only doing you harm. Because that way detractors would only gain win while you being deprived from chance to post, share your impressions of what you like or dislike about series and express ideas which would in your opinion make things more enjoyable. While maintaining things in respectful, fun and positive manner.

    Im only saying this because im worried for you not wanting that you end up banned.
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