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  • Would you mind if i send you friend request?
    Its good to meet another person which can recognize BW qualities not dismissing it like "pile of garbage" and you seem like nice person.

    p.s. Sorry about my long reply., Sometimes i write more than needed lol, and hope i didn't offended you somehow.
    You calling him the human Ambipom is really proof that you A) know absolutely nothing of the character, or B) just hate Brock. I just see no other way. Because, as opposed to Ambipom, there were signs that Brock would already be a good pokemon physician during DP, and that his next 'goal' was only an extension of his previous, from care taking, to curing. In both, he will try to make pokemon become as healthy as they can be.

    Cilan is an A-rank Connoisseur.. Yes, but Brock had his moments where he used CILAN'S abilities as well. The episode around the seventh gym in Sinnoh. Brock played connoisseur for a small girl with a Cherubi, Chingling and Shellder. For one, I don't neglect the episodes in which Cilan did something, as opposed to you. But the best thing is of course, that Cilan had a goal to which he could grow, that S-rank. But nothing was done towards it. Brock just wanted to improve his care taking skills, which he did, as his 'care taking'-skills 'evolved' into doctoring-skills. Which is a logical progression.
    You're claiming that B2W2 had 'much' to do with regards to how it is now. Yet you list a series of causes that aren't any of my issues with Best Wishes. I have a problem with the league, not Cameron and Riolu per sé. I have issues with the spacing between gyms, and them honestly being subpar, so Roxie, Marlon and Cheren featuring honestly didn't really feel like all that much of an issue either.

    You're taking 'breeding' far too literal. Check what I just wrote. Breeding, in the animé sense of the word, has very little to do with teaching new moves, and hatching new eggs. It had everything to do with taking care of pokemon, to the extent of them being able to perform at the best of their performance level. If you knew anything about Brock, then you'd recognize that all he did had to do with his goal, be it breeding, or becoming a doctor, and who he is. Brock had to take care of his siblings, because his parents were not there. Just as well, Brock preferred to take care of his pokemon then battling with them, and THAT'S what his goal became. Which is why he immediately left the Pewter Gym when a possibility (the return of his father) arose. He left, to become better at taking care of his pokemon, coining the term as 'breeding', but better understood as grooming, or care taker. Which is what Brock did in quite a few episodes. Yes, the Vulpix episode was one of the few which directly addressed 'Breeding', but there have been multiple episodes that showcase Brock as the one guy of the group that lets pokemon achieve their maximum potential.

    Brock stepped in every single time when a Pokemon got sick. Look at the Pachirisu Fever episode. He would be the Laura Dern in Jurassic Park if he found that Triceratops. He would stick his arm - elbow deep - into the manure in order to find why a pokemon was sick, in order to make it better. BEFORE HE EVEN DECIDED THAT TO BE A DOCTOR, AND REALIZED WHAT HE ACTUALLY WOULD END UP AS.
    It probably has something to do with it, I'd agree to that, but look at how influential FR/LG/Emerald were during AG. Because of those additions, we got the Battle Frontier in Kanto, which is probably the best 'filler arc' to date. And this is coming from me, and I like my nostalgia, and dislike AG on average.

    You can't put it on GameFreak, or especially a pair of games, that the animé (which is out of their control creatively) sucked. Every new game will have influence on the animé, it's just a question on how the writers go about it. A second example, look at the time when Hg/Ss were heavily promoted in Sinnoh. It didn't impair the storyline too much, and we had a few episode that were good, such as the Twinleaf Town Tournament, and Dawn getting a Cyndaquil egg. Overall, I'm not quite sure what B2W2 brought aside from a loosely inspired WC-arc, which aside from the name had nothing to do with the game feature. Oh, and PokeStar Studio's...

    Did Cilan make any attempt at getting better at being a Sommelier? No. Flat out, he did nothing towards his goal. Brock had his breeder episodes in the original series. They exist. Brock's breeding idea generally came forth out of a personal character trait that he needed to take care of his siblings, because his parents flat out weren't there. This is why he wanted to take care, tend to, 'breed' pokemon as well, because he simply cares a lot about them. Brock's arc just lead up to how he could potentially take care of his pokemon/friends/siblings in the best way possible, this was featured in numerous episodes in AG and DP as well. If that ended up him switching careers from 'breeder' to a doctor, then I don't see the big whoop honestly. They basically do the same thing so there's the general development there.
    You mean OHKO battles mostly against Team Rocket?

    Poor Serena, being compared with Dawn should be considered insulting
    I laughed at this XD
    "So, when Iris and/or Cilan makes the mandatory cameo in X/Y ... what will you pretend is gonna happen?
    Every season has flaws, people just tend to bash B/W just because it dare to break the mold, I want to see what the reaction will be 25 episodes later when Ash blasts Team Rocket off just for rescue the Pokémon of the day for a character they will never see again"

    You apparently have no idea why I dislike Unova. I never had a problem with TR being blasted off. I liked how BW broke the mold. I just think it was a complete waste that they never did anything with that breaking of the mold. Ash got into rotation! But nothing really happened with it in a positive way, most of his pokemon got undershowed. Unfezant will only appear 10 times since evolving 80 episodes ago.

    When they make their cameo? Please, they already went to Johto. If they return, I'll just considering it CotD's, it's not as if they've had prior development..
    The fact that you "love" Spongebob and wants a "well written" Pokémon anime says A LOT about your definition of "good writing".
    Random, but this made my day. xP
    DP was okay, but I just do not care for the online community that seems to circlejerk continuously about how great it was.
    Anyways you said you used to watch dragon ball but stopped,when z became overrated. What is your opinion of dragon ball gt.
    Yeah I know BW not flawless either, but people certainly act like BW's the worst. XD Which really (in my opinion) it's not. XD And yeah I agree with Sinnoh being boring. I always liked the humor in Pokemon, so I was a bit sad so see there was barely any in DP, and when there was it was always something that wasn't too funny. Though, the Gible episodes and Barry were funny in DP, I'll give it that. xD But nothing with the main cast. It was always "Ash: grrr gonna get that Paul, Dawn: :D :D *sob sob*, Brock: Uhhh...he was there?" I remembered back in AG when May and Max would argue and May and Ash did a bit etc. that stuff just made me laugh. xD

    But yeah yay! Happy (early) 2013 btw~
    Yeah, I noticed the DP fandom seem to be under the false impression that their opinions are much more valid than other one else's, on Bulbagarden it's absolutely terrible in that regard. The funny thing is I actually really didn't mind DP until I had the *pleasure* of running into some DP fans that ***** and moan about Best Wishes every ****ing day and talking to some people I actually saw DP's flaws more. The amount of whining over Iris and Cilan is ridiculous and shows people would rather them be cheerleaders than characters. DP stans are absolutely awful. AG will probably always be my favorite saga.
    Oh, I see. It's good to see someone who doesn't think DP is the end-all be-all and doesn't want Iris and Cilan to be downgraded to cheerleaders.
    Glad that I stopped caring about Ash a long time ago , Ashliebers reactions makes discussions unbearables
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