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  • Oh so Ash vs Trip is gonna be a flashback good to know. And I seem to remember seeing Stephan's Zebstricka and Kotetsu's Ferrothorn, not to mention Bel's Emboar and Virgil's Vaporeon will be battling in the pre lims. Lot's of battles for not even being shown on screen huh.
    The prelims are part of the league damn it seriously stop being petty and put it in your sig, we has a deal.
    They sent me a warning (U_U)
    And ... it´s just the fact that I don´t think Dawn needs anymore development, her team is balanced, she was finalist in her very first Grand Festival and beat a previous character, anything she could get right now is just addition, I don´t see anything wrong about how she is treated in her mandatory cameo because she won´t even leaving soon, her Piplup still has business with Meloetta and Buneary, Pachirisu, Togekiss and Quilava still needs fresh air screentime.

    Quoting her: "No nedd to worry", she´ll have her last hurrah, Misty had one with Gyarados/Azurill and May with a very cool Glaceon, maybe she´ll have a Typhlosion
    pfffffft its not that praised at all, you're just on serebii to much. xD Right now its just comparison because it was the latest saga. "The battles were more strategical comparative yes, but they didn't have the energy of best wishes battles." No matter what you're going to see comments like that :p...

    ._...emotion isn't something someone always shows to others, and not to mention, we saw plenty of it, its just after the wallace cup the main thing preventing her from feeling "peppy", considering that was her dream. She didn't want to give up ambipom easily, and she also had moments of angst spread out. its not blatantly in our faces yeah, but she has emotion besides happy, then sad. She got pretty darn mad at paul for forgetting her, and that's something totally unrelated as well. (small thing yes, but i can look up more if you want, it just was the first thing that came to mind.)

    I'm happy to discuss that with you, but that wasn't what i had a problem with. xD I was perfectly fine (well not entirely cause I do like seeing her again, but its not like I don't get the rage at a longer cameo.) with you being upset or something of the sort about the fact that she would get something else special or extra that she didn't need.

    Of course I wouldn't mind if she stayed here and had fun and helped more, but I like her staying here. its not like my wish is auto happening, I do understand why it is best to have her go and not do anything important. Heck, I was defending the "pointless" stay eariler on.
    DP is so much praised over BW, I don´t know what the problem could be :D, but ... the fact that Dawn never shown any negative emotions like anger or even envy and being happy for almost anything is what I think makes her bland, and that´s not something against her, but, back to the present, I don´t see anything wrong with her cameo I mean, she is the most succesful companion Ash had, anything she could do in Unova is just an addition, she doesn´t need another success in her list
    moving this to here, feel free to respond or not. :/...trust me, I wanna stay in there where we started, but I'm not risking discussing DP on a Best wishes thread for more then 1 or 2 posts.

    So are you saying that i have a bland personality because I rather not worry about things? .-... and then when finally something gets to be too much, I break and get upset? ._...She also did argue, she just isn't misty or tsun in any way. episode 29 i believe, she and ash argued kinda like may did in that one romance episode, except there wasn't any romance. and then theres the arguements during lyra's event...xD

    She simply started out rough :/...Also remember that she's ten, not 15 or something. She honestly got over the whole crying thing after wallace cup episode.

    And she went through 2 losses in the appeal round beforehand, a few people telling her she sucked, etc etc etc. I think, even if she cryed a bit too early, (like after first loss), she isn't really losing and justification for being upset.

    I do not beleive thats blandness, that is more just someone not liking her. :/...
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