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    Happy New Year ... and Valentine's Day D: ... sure, it has been ages,
    Ayo to you too, just got back from an extremely amazing music festival and I loved it to death, really feel renewed.

    but that just should give you an idea about how invested I've been with XYZ, seriously dude, I haven't watched the series in the last 2 months, since the December break, I haven't been in the mood to watch what's been happening because ... DAMN!, Serena and Clemont are reaching Tracey levels of blandness :/,
    Same. XYZ has had me yawning for most of its episodes unfortunately, it's not that many of them are bad or good. They just are not that interesting to me, I currently am just honestly waiting to rewatch Alan's debut episode to see if I find it more loving subbed. Ugh, I honestly just think Clemont should have stayed at Lumiose Gym and called it a day :/ I'm not sure how relevant Serena will be, hence going forward, but I just don't care much for these TriPokalons at all. XY was just not a good series for traveling companions, I was like 99% sure Clemont would surpass Cilan in relevance but he got his first twenty episodes development and good focus and went downhill after that.

    not even an episode about his dreams or goals
    That Chesnaught episode actually did provide a little focus on his goal, I think? I haven't seen it in a minute but it seems Clemont emphasizes with the professor at some point as an inventor with big dreams, not exactly focus but a fleeting moment of dialogue pertaining to his goal. Chespin did have moment of looking at or interacting with his final form, so I guess I could rewatch it for that reason alone. But still not a very great episode.

    I think you hit the nail on the head, this goal, the writers themselves don't seem invested in it at all. They usually waste time on backstage drama. From my personal standpoint an issue with it for me is it seems to be more about the humans than the Pokemon, it even shows in the fandom and how they obsess over the "waifus" but not the Pokemon. Honestly, I'm not sure if TriPokalons are meant to be the answer to ORAS's casualized Contest Spectaculars but I do hope that is not the case. That being seeing Serena should just be set-up as a Coordinator after she flops at the Master Class but everything with Yashio is making it seem like she'll be scouted by the older lady.

    I'm not gonna say Serena is the s--t as a character or anything, but I can meet halfway I think and just call her "fine." Definitely not fab or A-1 like her first episodes in personality but just "fine" I think. As for her team, I actually do like Eevee and Pancham a lot, Braixen is aight too I guess. I'm glad to see they're giving Eevee a struggle that doesn't revolve around gender roles ("Fennekin hates dirt because she is a girl." was so ridiculous :/) The twig episode had Pancham taking it upon himself to better the situation which was really sweet and nice too. I look forward to Eevee's evolution since I actually like Flesh!Ribbons a lot TBH. When it comes to Serena / Clemont, I honestly do think their Pokemon's dynamics is the only shining thing about them I consistently liked in the last 20-40 episodes.
    Man, it's amazing how much I loved early episode Serena versus where we are now with her. I was just looking at this old post I made and felt nostalgic. Serena was great back then, i would have loved it if they went where they were in the first episodes with a sweet but sassy gold-hearted girl and all that, too bad they just opted to make her into a bland kawaii chick. I really want to like her but she isn't offering anything, her TriPokalons are problematic, she doesn't battle at all, they're rushing through this goal, the constant fanservice shots are getting on my nerves too, I honestly don't see the point in Pancham's capture or Fennekin's evolution if neither the boy or girl are going to actually battle so we can see their power and level of strength.

    It's weird, in DP and AG we had Coordinators agreeing that battles were important constantly but they're u-turning with Performers.
    I'm like 70% positive Serena, Clemont and Bonnie are the writer's answer to X&Y's loser trio, but having two sets of loser trio would be reductive so they decided to make Shauna-Tierno-Trevor independent, yeah they're my favorite XY characters at this point I think. They love Pokemon in a way that isn't used to boost them, they actually train their Pokemon and battle with them (Trevor's goal is to *snap* Pokemon but that doesn't keep him from proactively battling with and working with Charmeleon because Charmeleon loves to battle and Trevor acknowledges that!) Yeah, I actually made that joke too that the writers loooove having Serena/Clemont's Pokemon inteact, Ches/Pan being bros and Bunnelby/Eevee being friends (even though the magazine threw this nonsense out about Pikachu/Eevee being friends I suspect they meant Bunnelby as the former). It's really odd, I think it's ironic that Luxray interacts with no one and fits nicely in line with its agency-lessness as a Pokemon. They missed out on Heliolisk for this?

    Welll, Sitruuna has near zero prominence outside of Bonnie being amazed at Ash's competence and might as a trainer and him shilling her, they don't have actual, natural, neutral interactions which is a huge waste. It's a shame the only balanced group dynamic is Clemont/Bonnie. Ash/Serena is unbalanced and static - somewhat artificial as well -, Ash/Clemont is completely unbalanced, Ash/Bonnie isn't really on the spectrum, Serena/Clemont is nothing, Serena/Bonnie isn't too bad but isn't super active either, it's unfortunate given this is a quartet and the first series with a gender equal cast. I figured we'd be breaking ground and walking on new foundation but not really. :/
    Let's hope that route is followed, because it wouldn't be very pretty.

    I'll be honestly surprised if Z gives us no Pokemon, I think these Zygarde can be seen as forms like Sky!Shaymin and Resolute!Keldeo, extensions for legendary Pokemon in the new versions rather than "new" Pokemon, the Kyurem and Mega Mewtwo were called new Pokemon too if I recall.

    A Fletchinder's NVE Steel Wing knocking out a clearly battle-active and strong Charmeleon like nothing, does XY completely not care about types anymore? Admittedly Pokemon Anime has always been shaky about types but this was absolute cancer.Tierno-Shauna-Trevor are great in the anime, as characters they rock as Ash's rivals they are bad. Clemont, I'm not expecting much of. I mean, I hate the way Ash is overglorified and the traveling companions do nothing but surely other PokeAni fans love it given how characters who are actually active and strongly written like Korrina and Alan in XY get so much shade thrown their way. So I expect us to continue getting weak companions with one or two interrupted / rocket battles here and there.

    Yeah, the squad is all fully evolved, many are speculating a Goodra return. Noibat evolves and slays Tierno's Blastoise along with Eevee :') As I said before, I don't care about Ash/M-Evo because he did nothing to earn it and won't struggle with it. Korrina's arc. was good because she wasn't perfect and didn't win everything, it gave everything a strong feeling seeing her actually learn, develop, bond with her Pokemon. Ash has done none of that with any of his Pokemon, it would seem too easy especially if he just brought back an Oakmon to Mega Evolve too, way too easy. I liked it when characters actually struggled and were constantly shown to be conscious / moving toward things like these, there's no excitement value in Ash just getting thrown everything. It's bland, entitled and really Stuish at the end of the day.

    Dragon Ball / Z is something I love to death, it's no fun if Goku and others win everything with ease, the excitement value comes with the peril and pain of the fight and growth.
    Yeah, I think at this point Serena episodes > Clemont one's, if only because they aren't usually used to glorify Ash as much. At worst she'll dress up to look good for him or do something for her Pokemon in an attempt to fish for praise, compliments and validation from him but it's not the blatant borderline worship Clemont throws at him 24/7. I honestly am not sure if I even want an Iris and Cilan cameo at this point, if they're forced to do zero battling, and join Ash's ministry what's the point in them coming back? To be humiliated like Clemont, Trevor, Sawyer and Tierno too? Really, I honestly wonder what the writers hope to accomplish by constantly glorifying Ash? What will they do if / when he losses the league this series? Reglorify him in similar vein to XY in the next series with useless traveling companions? If that's the case I may drop PokeAni for a while.

    Bonnie is the one consistent thing I love about the XY Quartet, other than that they are on level with Dawn/Brock/Ash for me unfortunately. Can I please have my OS - BW! Ash back that was treated like a normal person and not some Jesus of Pokemon Anime??? I'm glad Serena got a goal but, ugh, 90 episodes with zero wins...? Chespin / Pancham haven't gotten one win yet either? This has be a new world's record for the least active Pokemon on the cast? Greninja looked ugly to me at first then I grew to love it but this new Greninja looks like trash and God I partially hope it is canon to the games then hope it isn't, because anime-exclusive form is ugh but the design is ugh too. Yeah, Trevor joining Ash's cult following makes me want to gag, I like Charmeleon a lot and Trevor but what was the point in a one Steel Wing kill? Literally? I think I lost faith in this fandom when I saw people actually defending this BS.
    - That new Greninja form looks ****ing awful.

    - I almost forgot Clemont existed, he's gotten so ignored at this point and really after the first twenty episodes he was only there to shill Ash so...into the dumpster he goes. Guess his Chespin might not evolve, I'm okay with this because my hopes were never high and really I wanted Chespie to evolve first anyway sort of. And honestly I'm okay with Chespin not evolving, unpopular opinion. Poor Chespin, gets so much salt for being nice and not a personality-less, depthless, bland, ignored, killing machine like Luxray.

    - Serena looks out of place on that poster, is this really the time for winking at the audience / male gaze? .-.

    - Where's Manon? But yeah, lots of developments for Alan coming with meeting the group, TF, and a lack of Manon and I'm looking forward to it a lot. Probably what I'm most hyped for actually. ^^;;

    - Bonnie keeping a blob is +1, I was happy with her recent Pampered!Tyrunt episode so this is fine by me but I doubt we'll get bonding or anything of that nature, probably something akin to kidnapped!Riolu from DP.

    - Glad for Ash / Mega Charizard Y to be a dead speculation at this point, I hope....he really hadn't done anything development wise or work wise with his Pokemon to warrant a Mega Evolution unless you count getting handed a Goodra and Noivern, not really contributing to Fletchling's evolution at all, having no sources of a bond with Greninja / Frogadier, and using Pikachu as a tool half the time to glorify himself (Ash/Pika moments are something I've grown for over the past year and God does XY constantly use it as a means to glorify the former). Nor has his character developed or shown the ability to actually learn something, he's utterly perfect so I'm against Ash/M-Evo atm. Though Noibat's evolution is probably gonna be forced, I like Noivern as a Pokemon a lot and Noibat is very cute.
    Sorry to ask, but can you please put your account on private, I'm sorry for asking of this.

    I've just had several people visiting my page constantly and I really don't want anyone knowing my opinions + thoughts / ideals, it's stressing me out too much. So while they can visit my actual page and evade your replies to me, they can still visit your page and see my replies to you, I think. :/

    Nailed, tbh, a big part of it for me is that fact that, like I said before, being stressed online ain't an option ^^;; Life >>> PokeAni atm. Which is why I'm still sort of having a little R&R from the fandom by watching the show on my own and engrossing myself in other fandoms like the Hunter x Hunter one or Dragon Ball Super one. Yeah, Pokemon GO, looks like a microtransaction game in similar vein to Shuffle and I'm not sure what to think. I never played shuffle but this sort of neuters my excitement, after ORAS I'm a bit worried we'll end up whipped again.
    You don't have to apologize at all! :) Please don't. Life should always take priority over anything and everything online-related. Yeah, that's unfortunate about Clemont but it's whatever at this point I suppose. Though his Bunnelby will be fighting a Diggersby in next week's episode, so there's that if you're interested. Not sure if Clemont will control it but will +1 one of Clemont's Pokemon battle wise period which has become a rarity for companions in this show. Bonnie had her Tyrunt episode today, I recommend watching because it was a feel-good sort of episode, just relaxing and joyous. Ash's perfection still isn't up my alley but I rarely really pay attention to the character and I thought you liked Serena a lot and her TriPokalons, where did the sudden change of heart come from? :O

    Funnily enough I've dispatched my own packages several times. Being a FedEx worker means palletizing, wrapping, scanning, stacking, loading, unloading, staging, flattening, moving (things with a forklift / walkie which I had to get a license for XP) in an unairconditioned environment and so much more, but it pays decently compared to most minimum wage jobs here. I've been so worn down by college and work combined, I'm drained like a small mammal with a leech perpetually stuck on its body. That only day of the week I can be certain I'll be doing nothing is Saturday now, even then I'll use that day to sometimes catch up on school work and I'm also planning to learn Spanish but I've been so pulled down by other tasks, I've been procrastinating learning it even though I really want to. Thankfully one of my good friends and co-workers is a Mexican-native and Spanish speaker. He's a complete bro, love him to death.
    Must be a job that pays a lovely sum of cash for you to have that much in store for those cool little figurines. I work at a Fedex building, the place that ships important parcels around the world. Indeed, just chilling and mostly evading the fandom is usually helpful, it only annoys me when some know they won't like what I say but still choose to proactively stalk my blog (and some of my friends >_<) fishing for whatever text posts we make pertaining to Pokemon anime just to get upset about it :/

    Thankfully, hospital visit and stay was relatively short as can be. I'm back in school starting on the 24th, I have to learn Spanish soon or start learning it so I'm excited to tackle that.
    Same. I think I'll be getting a second job soon, where do you work?

    (*anxiously awaiting TSME Act 4*) I think I'll be more active once college starts, one of my friends, CommanderPigg said that might be the best option and hopefully some of the members cool a bit....hopefully with Summer vacation nearing its end. I.E. getting less hostile because many won't be 'as' active. But yeah, I just see members on here slamming each other two-sidely and one-sidely via Tumblr all the time passive aggressively and vaguely and it's all just very tiring for me at this point. That's not to say I'm a saint who's never been passive-aggressive or rude about others on Tumblr, but I just have learned to live and let live at this point after many scuffles. I have no issue with anyone's opinions, just leave regular folks out of it and let others think/feel/express themselves as they wish and everything's all gravy. This mentality is mainly from meeting others, learning about others, things like that, I feel like I've learned a lot from some many smart people on and offline these last months.

    Too stressed in rl, being stressed online isn't much of an option (just got out of the hospital Monday, man, have made some new friends X'P). I’ve untracked the PokeAni tag and unfollowed pretty much every PokeAni-discussion heavy blog so I don't see any fan wank anymore which keeps me relatively sane. Evading major hubs of the fandom like this and those member and focusing more one-on-one discussions has been helpful! There's nothing wrong with taking a break, CP and I sort of both doing that for rl sake. Sometimes just keeping silent is the best, soon people will *stop* paying mind to you and your posts/opinions/blog whatever and you can freely express yourself without worrying about sourness coming back at you. Though you just wonder if it's *worth* it so to speak, I know you feel like you might be "censoring" yourself to appease some but sometimes it's just a mentality to think of. ^^;;
    I disagree there tbh. In the manga I think Hilda/white or whatever she's called wasn't really interested in battles either, yet she still seems to be really popular. I think the same could be said for Serena tbh.
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