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Last Activity:
Dec 29, 2015
Oct 20, 2011
Likes Received:
Cerulean City, Kanto Region
Musician, Master of them Pokemanz?

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It's full of women!, from Cerulean City, Kanto Region

Squirtlediddlyirtle was last seen:
Dec 29, 2015
    1. soundxfury
      Hey just letting you know that all Dream World ability starters can't be female, so if anyone offers you a female one it's a hack, so you don't want to trade for it.
    2. Ravi
      I'll trade you a mew for a darkrai.
    3. ShinyOne.
      Japanese Mew, Celebi & Jirachi Giveaway! UT and legit.

      Click Jirachi to enter!

    4. syuu
      i'll switch the pidgies and poochyena to swablu, btw - i got the other two yesterday.
    5. syuu
      nope, no nicks. all of my offers etc. are in my sig - 1721 7571 6309
    6. syuu
      the teddiursa, without a doubt. i'm on pacific time, and i should be available most of today.
    7. syuu
      do you have any gen-5 pidgies, teddiursa, or poochyena? .-.
    8. Eeveemaster
      Dude still need a Sableye?
    9. Zachmac
      Just thought I'd say, I had caught every kind of unown on soulsilver, but I traded a few as junk pokemon.

      From reading your sig, BTW.
    10. Vycksta
      That wasn't spam? I find that quite hard to believe; if you were trying to claim a Pokemon then you didn't follow the claiming form. In fact you completely ignored it! 8|a
    11. bug pro
      bug pro
      Rotom isn't just event.
    12. bug pro
      bug pro
      Then Manetric and Rotom-F is the latest trends.
    13. bug pro
      bug pro
      And what tier do you play in?
    14. bug pro
      bug pro
      Hm... Magnezone is classified as "The steel killah" so if your friends use many steels, he's a good choice. And he also Outruns Scizor in terms of Speed. Then, Electivire have "Free DD technique", which gain him a free Dragon Dance. Most noteable is the trend of Rotom-W, which also is my team's Electric 'mon.
    15. bug pro
      bug pro
      And i'm also prepping for my clan update.
    16. bug pro
      bug pro
      I'm tryin' my first attempt at a Doubles WiFi team.
    17. bug pro
      bug pro
      Hi and Welcome!
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  • About

    Cerulean City, Kanto Region
    Musician, Master of them Pokemanz?
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Hey, I'm Will. I never went to school and I can't write or read. Pokemon since 1999 (Blue)

    Hmm... Eugh


    I am a trainer from the far Northern-Southland. I became a trainer before the age of ten, take that Max! ;007;

    Suicune's cry is just awesome!

    I like to trade and battle with people! :D

    Has anyone actually caught all the Unowns?

    Black Friend Code: 2967 1168 0166