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  • Seems we've been paired for the Team N00bs vs The Legacy war. I'll likely be on the OSL chat practically all day Saturday / Sunday, however, beginning Monday, I have exams all week, meaning my activity will probably drop. So if you could find me in the next two days, that would be cool.
    We have been paired up for the Legacy vs. Team Walrus war. We should get this battle done soon? Is there anytime that is good for you? The weekend should be a nice time for me. Just contact me back and let me know.
    k squirt I know your capable of being OU brain =).Now you have to wait to see if other people want to be OU.If not then you automaticaly get the spot.
    Ic.Sorry again for that d/c.Stupid parents.I did some damage calcs a LO t-bolt does almost 70% to heatran.My flygon weakend your tran to about 31% or more or less.So basically I could have beaten tran or not.Ugh I wish I didnt had something to hold the usb so that d/c wouldnt happen and we could have continued the battle =(.
    BTw the last pokes I had were LO jolteon and jirachi.I dont know if a LO t-bolt would have killed heatran or something.I hate my parents =(
    k squirt Im going to explain what happened with that d/c.Coudnt finish on the chat coz mom took me off the chat before I finished.So my wifi usb is messed up so when I battle I have to hold it with one hand.So my parents were calling me when you swnd out heatran and I was calling them back but they didnt here.SO they kept shouting and I had to go.You dont know how mad I was that I had to let go of the usb just to give them some piece of paper they dropped(they were in their rooms in bed).So sorry about that.If you want the game to recognize the win,we could go on wifi lateere and Ill run so you get the win.Again sorry and you know I wont d/c on purpose =(
    Sorry squirt not now I have to get ready for university class that starts at 9:00 am,I should be back by 11:30am =)
    Sorry for saying you a pm squirt.I would like to be in the war team tourney.So like do you want to have a fun battle later in the day?Its been 3 weeks since I last battled =(.
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