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  • Well, I can appreciate Gear, even though it is my least favorite of the seven newly revealed Pokémon. It has three faces any way you spin it, so I'm kind of amused by that.

    Yes, I saw that it resembled Hagurumon...but Gear does have a Pokémon-esque appeal about it, so give it some credit...
    Lol, about the male/female thing, it's not like I'm androgynous or anything, I'm male and I'm comfortable with my sexuality, but it's just that I don't give a crap about other people's gender in relation to their jobs. I'm perfectly fine with working under a woman, but only if I truly feel if they have more knowhow on the subject.

    Great that the Tauros thing is a fake. However if they kept the Tauros/Miltank thing in balance, I probably wouldn't have minded at all. All these new designs have to grow on me I guess. Gameplot however isn't something that can't grow on me. I don't want Pokemon to turn into some weird hybrid of Digimon and Legend of Zelda (fighting with monsters in dungeons...). So lets hope that the rumor is indeed false, and that the female professor was just a lucky guess.

    WaterPokemonMaster puts most rumors up to compete with Serebii, that's the way it's always been. You can say Serebii is conservative like that, but I like it better that way..
    Read the bottom of the three posts first xD

    Regional map: Not everything was shown in that picture, the text covered 1/3rd, and like the first picture of Sinnoh, there's a chance that not everything is even shown. I dislike the idea of Hiuncity being the only city with a gym, or the rumor of gyms being stripped from the games. If so, there will arise a possibility that I will not by the games in general.

    Female Professor: Someone said that the translation would be Yew (Araragi = Yew tree).. That's never gonna happen. Yew is one letter away from Jew, which many, many people will find offensive. And besides that it just doesn't have a nice ring to it, that Oak, Ivy, Elm, Birch or Rowan do. Willow's Tara obviously suggested Willow, and I really do like that name, it's feminine and has that same ring as Rowan or Birch. About her being female. I'm kinda ambiguous and impervious to gender. I don't give a crap quite honestly. I have inmense amounts of respect for anybody who is good at what they do, as long as they don't showboat, be them male, female, whatever..

    That's also why I hate women's quota's: A law that would mean that there have to be a certain percentage of women in the top jobs. Even if there are better males to do the jobs. Feminists call it emancipation, but I believe that the possibility should be opened, but not forced. That's discrimation to men in some cases.

    Tauros evolution is fine, I like Tauros, but if they do go Minotauros, they have to evolve Miltank as well, as they have the breeding connection. I don't want them to drop their equalness: Tauros: male/attack - Miltank: female/defensive.
    Zeponybra: Yeah, this is the new Ponyta (Imo not Girafarig 2.0), I have good hope for this one to evolve. Designwise, I don't like the blue eyes, and the kid like appearance: not even a metre in length, and a very short tail probably indicated this being still an infant.

    Gear: I hope this one has a move called something like 'Gear Grind' with high base power where it would grind a pokemon in between two or more gears. I don't like it designwise. Magnemite just looked better, I think the best comparison could be Bronzor (x2). With just eyes and a round thing that looks like a nose and no further appendages.

    Rockroc: The eyes are just so weird, but these will probably develop into something at point of evolution, and might have something to do with its story. I like the typing, although it doesn't gain many resistances but gains weaknesses. It's a good base stage, and the comparison with the style of Hippopotas is likely if this is a double stage. They're both obviously desert themed pokemon, while we obviously wouldn't put them in a desert environment (although there are crocodile in the nile, and so are hippo's (dutch name is Nile Horse), and Egypt is pretty much a desert so..) and their ground types. (I mean Totodile with it's water type seemed logical since Croc's do swim, but has nothing to do with their geographical habitats.
    Okay, I haven't done a total review of the new info yet, so you're getting my scoop :p

    Chinchiller (I'll laugh if a possible evolution gains an Ice Type): It has undenaibly the best design in my opinion of the new seven.

    Dreamphan: The snout it has, looks like a small elephant trunk, so I can see where people get the Drowzee reference from. Thanks for the link btw, it makes sense as Munna isn't chunky, but 'fluffy', it's a different kind of fat, and it can't be heavy since it floats in game xD Floating Elephants, might be some hindu references in it's evolutionary line, as they've got Elephant gods..

    The better looking Pidgey: It is probably the most pokemonlike from this new batch. Hope it's evolutions look good, not as dull as regular pidgeons. Pidgeotto was an amazing step up from Pidgey, so it could be a similar case this generation. (Didn't like Pidgeot as much as Pidgeotto's design though)

    Hihidaruma: It's a mix between a gorilla/baboon and a Daruma doll. I like that idea, and just like Claydoll this design has to grow on me. I agree with you, that if Ash doesn't get Pokabu, he could get this. The only thing I don't like at the moment are the eyebrows, if they were more streamlined (bent to the back for example), I would've liked it more.

    So what are your general opinions on the newly revealed information on Black and White? Some stuff are pretty interesting. I had another question, something that I saw in the thread, but wasn't able to find the source of concerning the possible reference to Munna in FireRed/LeafGreen. Do you know more about that?

    Anyway, I hope that the Zebra has an evolution. It's not even a meter tall! Makes me think it's a pony.. The croc seems familiar.. especially the eyes, I like the typings though.

    What is your opinion on the region? People say it's based of NYC, but I dunno.. geographical outlines, maybe.. but Isshu consists of three islands, while if you look at New York/New Jersey, somehow Long Island would be cut somewhere. That's my opinion. I mean, if that was the case it just as well could be Rotterdam..
    Oh, I'm sorry, I don't know if what I posted was directed to someone in particular. I was just reading through the pages, and noticed that a lot of people took those rumors as facts. I don't post a lot, and just like giving my opinion sometimes. Sorry if what I posted fit what you said somehow. I don't remember for sure, but I think it was not a reaction to one post in particular.
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