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Last Activity:
Jan 7, 2012
Feb 15, 2010
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New Zealand

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Shiny Hunter, from New Zealand

squishynz was last seen:
Jan 7, 2012
    1. ShinyFufu
      Thank ya! And good luck with those targets, especially Tropius; it really is an underappreciated shiny.
    2. Zabi
      Dood, you got shiny Heatran. o__o
    3. ShinyFufu
      Yeah, I'm actually going almost exclusively after Torkoal now. I'm hunting for it on Emerald and Sapphire, so I have to keep my Emerald on all day until I get it...while I double encounter for Torkoal, I'm encountering for Gible (15,200 encounters at last check...) on Platinum.

      How about yourself?
    4. ShinyFufu

      I just read your post in the club about your shiny Heatran, and all I can say is congratulatons! Your dedication is truly creditable, and you completely deserve that shiny. I can only imagine the elation you felt when you saw the pink-eyed lava frog scroll across your screen. ^_^ Once again, congratulations, and I'm very happy that your hunt is finally over!
    5. Zabi
      Haha, awesome!

    6. LoneStarAkira
      Maybe another time. I like to get to know people first; artwork isn't a reason to suddenly become friends. D:

      I do appreciate the compliment, though. c:
    7. Pokerealm
      I've sent you an invite on MSN, in case you were wondering who it was (even though my email says Pokerealm XD)
    8. Zabi
      I've been good! Congrats on a new job!

      Thanks for the congrats, and yes, I do think I am on a roll. It is insaaaaane.

      I added you on MSN. =]

      And, don't worry about it, I agree with your post fully!!

      And, now I really focus on Piplup and some Cubchoo in Twist Mountain on the side. =]
    9. Zabi
      Hey don't worry about it. ^^ Do you have MSN Messenger? I may have already asked you that.

      Haha, yeah, I'll just tell it it is out club mascot, Zorua~ I also aim to get Hunter of the Month atleast once, please, haha!

      Thanks for the congrats! I'm really pleased with my luck lately.

      Good luck on those two hunts, both are very epic. I got to wait a bit longer than expected for my own second DS, but I don't mind.

      As for me? I am still trying for Solosis in White but I will be VERY pleased if I get Liepard, it is so awesome! Yeah, Piplup is going a bit slow, but I am still trying for it! And I hope your effort for Heatran comes through too!

      You too man, I wish you the best of luck!
    10. Pokerealm
      Yeah, a lot of people are MMing for Axew lately, including me xD
      Not because everyone does it, though.
      I recently just fell in love with Shiny Fraxure (yes, Fraxure, not Haxorus o:), so I really HAVE to get me one =3

      I'm dual breeding for it on both Black and White, hatched 10 eggs the first day and 215 yesterday making my total 225. I'm really determined to get it but it's probably gonna take a while after 2 super fast MM shinies xD

      So yeah, wether you decide to continue on Axew, or Heatran, I wish you the best of luck and I hope something will shine for you soon!
    11. Zabi
      Hey, i was meaning to VM you! I'm doing good, now that the computer virus I had is gone.

      Yeah, no luck yet, but, I do intend to go back to my Piplup hunt! But, I will be getting a second DS soon, and when I do, I am going back to Piplup cause I can then dual hunt to make it seem less boring. ^^

      Good luck to you too!
    12. Zabi
      Its one vote ahead of Braivary at the moment.
    13. Zabi
      Thanks. Its glad to be back~
    14. suicune lover
      suicune lover
      Well, Shiny Fufu is trying it, so I hope you get lots of success in that hunt xD My future goal is to get every Pink/Purple shiny, and so far I'm at 3/lots :D

      I can;t waaaaiitt untill BW!! I'm not going to bother to hunt for a shiny yet, just gonna play through the gam normally, then possibly SR for stuff later on. Plus I need to do all my 4th gen Hunts! D:

      So anyway, how are your hunts coming along? I started a shiny Latias hunt, because shiny Latias is pwetty. The new club is up too, that should be really fun, witha ll the new features and such ~
    15. Zabi
      Vote accounted for. ;3
    16. LoneStarAkira
      I live in Taranaki, so I'm perfectly fine. A couple of my friends were in Christchurch during the quake, though, but both came out safe. c:

      Thanks for the concern! I hope you don't live in Christchurch either. ;O;
    17. Zabi
    18. Zabi
      xD Watch, next thing you know your walking out the door buying it.

      And yeah, Seth Green can be funny. I like how he advertised the game.
    19. Zabi
      Sadly, local wireless.
      i know no one with the game, so, it is AMAZING just by itself. The mutliplayer just adds flavor that it doesn't need. :)
    20. Zabi
      Omg, it is definitely worth the buy, 100%!
      So amazing. <333
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    New Zealand
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    I have Stoss/Aromatherapy/Counter/Natural Cure/Bold Chansey for trade. PM me if interested.