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  • I know the song! That's where I thought you got it but Just making sure!
    I love that song. Well I listen to the remix of the original!
    Not many people know da song!
    lol. I would never force my religion down other people's throat. And frankly close-minded people are really annoying. They just don't want to listen to anyone else's views! Seriously. I met someone like that, but it wasn't concerning religion. >_<
    The world sure is full of mysteries. So much we can't explain...
    "THIS IS WHY RELIGION IS EVIL"? You're not expressing your beliefs, you're attacking christianity. I'm 100% sure it's not god's fault that you're homeless and your uncle died, my aunt died and I woul'dve had another cousin if she didn't have a miscairage, is this gods fault too?
    Your signature is offensive to people I suggest you remove it .. People are free to have opinions but in cases like this they don't need to be shared publicly, not matter how much you may believe it.
    Um well I know where I'm going after my life and where you are going and they are totally different. Like in my sig, JESUS IS THE WAY
    Everyone needs to know how corrupting religion can be.
    Yes, there are issues with religion, but not everyone who is religious is automatically a bad person. These people were trying to be nice to you in their own way, even if you don't agree with it. I don't think what they said was necessarily right either, but they are not trying to be mean to you, while you are being completely rude to them. You don't have to agree with them, swearing at them in capslock and calling them names is not the way to respond. They wouldn't have even said anything to you in the first place if your signature wasn't so confrontational.

    As others have said, there is a difference between "I am religious" VS "Atheism makes people evil" the same way there is a difference between "I am an atheist" VS "Religion makes people evil." We encourage everyone to believe whatever they choose, but anyone who tries and force their beliefs down other peoples' throats, whether they are religious OR atheist, is plain unacceptable.

    If you want to debate this, go to the Debate forum instead of personally attacking people. Enough is enough.
    Dragonfree has an excellent point. notice how the sigs for Christians or other religious people here basically state their faith, or a verse from their religion and nothing more?

    Compare that with your sig. See why so many people here have a problem with it? Our sigs are stating our faith, yours is a direct attack on our faith
    You can put atheism in your sig the way Christians put their Christianity in their sigs - "I'm an atheist" is fine, and if a Christian considers themself offended by it, tough luck. Your sig, on the other hand, is needlessly confrontational about it - it's kind of like if a Christian had "ATHEISTS AND HOMOSEXUALS WILL BURN IN HELL, REPENT OR YOU'LL BE SORRY" in their sig. There is a difference, and the latter is not appropriate on a public forum where it's sure to get people riled up. I'm sorry about your uncle, and feel free to quietly seethe when people tell you "God loves you" as if you're supposed to feel lucky, but stirring up arguments over it on a forum is not a productive way to deal with it.
    Enough with the religious discussion. People will believe what they want, but to force it down someone's throat, on either side, mind you, is harassment. If you really want to battle it out, I believe there is still a debate thread about it in the debate section. Otherwise, enough with the religion talk here, all of you.
    Your signature is kind of irritating me.
    God loves you. You wouldn't even be on the Earth if he didn't love you.
    So shut up about Christians. Don't go to the peaceful land.
    I'm an atheist too, but somebody having "I'm a Christian" in their sig is not offensive unless you're trying to take it that way. Don't go around picking fights with people just for being Christians.
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