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  • Well I can only PO since I lost my DS walking home from school back in September. lol
    Still sucks though :(
    EDIT: But yeah if you ever want a battle i'm up for it. :)
    As always Im more then willing to help, pm me your line-up if you want and well take a look it. PO is very easy to get, and very effecient. Great for testing teams. If you need any help getting it just ask.

    Oh and btw grats on getting married! I myself may be tying the knot with Alicia in the not to distant future.
    Yeah, that's cool, I will be on 2morrow on 20:30 (Belgium hour). And I hope we can chat somethime. ;D
    See ya!!! ;P
    Yeah. I'm 31 w/ a now handicapped g/f. I can battle still, but leading a clan is out for me. Just not enough time. Besides, 7DS was #1 in the clans section (by fluke of other clans breaking up). I had success on this forum with 7DS, and all the members. I'm not trying to do it again though. I still have fun being in clans though.

    Congrats on getting married. I hope it works for you.
    Of course I remember you, and honestly I prefer RU but uu is fine. UU is a bit unoriginal atm with moxie heracross around. I don't have much in the way of gen 5 teams atm but Im making some soon. If you have PO thats the most convenient way for me to battle when I get the laptop back.

    Btw Im making another clan soon, can I count on you as a member?
    Sup sup sup?!!! :D Hai, my name is Spiky and welcome to our clan. :D
    And I wanna do 4'th gen battle sometimes if you want. :D
    See ya!!! ;P
    Definitely. Couldn't risk you setting up even more and Life Orb stalling me so I had to go for it.
    GG. It was fun. The 2 misses sucked (especially since I was faster) but if I SD one more time on your Baton Pass turn then I think I pull it off still.
    Not much man. Yeah I'm down for a battle. I got a new FC (again) lol. Use the Soul Silver FC in my sig.
    Eh, I posted on war thread just now. If you want, we can battle right now, I'm free. The game that you play competitive with is HGSS, right?
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