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  • Hah, well at least it made yu sign in and accept if you became inactive. I'm recently becoming active again lol
    Yeah I memorized a lot of time zones since last year so I've been getting the hang of it. ^^'

    But you're welcome. :)
    What places make it like that anymore? I can only think of family owned joints.

    Only "rhythm" games ive playes are Elite Beat Agents, that one thief game on the 3DS in france and thats about it i think :0
    All that healthy stuff like Tomato, Cheese and bread is mitigated by all that grease though. ;-;
    i should make a pizzeria clan

    Woah really? Is it good hard or bad hard?
    What about Japanizization?? I mean, they got stuff from us to that they really like right? Like that one movie about the giant mechs fighting monsters.

    I dun even know what ur on about with a book overlord but its all gonna work out dont worry!
    That's cause im not even apart of western civilization!

    A delicious overlord is the best overlord. -w-
    bwah but im just barely understanding it!

    Will pizza rule the world? Will Pizziku be our new overlord?
    Ooooh maybe you're right?? West tends to run things to the ground, and now that im really thinking beyond people knowing more about it, they could very well just abuse the brand or something

    Idk the very idea of a delicious combination of bread, spices, sauce, and meat that can bring families together just sounds so CHEESY
    Well it's not like im usin it within a negative connotation. Just meant it like they're all pretty into Miku. ^^; It'd be cool if the West could be into it like them.

    Actually, I don't believe in pizza. It's all just propaganda!
    Oh yea, I know Japan's crazy about her. Watching Miku dance on my pizza does sound a lil entertaining actually, did you do that?
    Heh yeah seein Vocaloid on the Dominoes Pizza was something else. xD Im just not sure what it's gonna take for it to REALLY hit the mainstream.
    I wonder how you even get into the "vocaloid" music makin business? You ever heard of those live shows they have? That's something!
    Still, the US and Obama might be seeing this, having the conve importance or not. There's lot's of forms to have fun with Pokémon - I tried almost all of them except for Poké-star studios, this isn't fun at all xD. Also, transfering Pokémon is kinda a ritual between old and new gens, as I can see my first Pokémon and his Hoenn friends again.

    As far I remember, there was something involving architecture and the discover of a new kind of job. Nope, but that's a relevant point. Did it made you to change? Imagination is everything in this case. Also, you have videogames and... Lego, I guess. Ancient Aliens just lost its sense to exist. Now History Channel will have time to exhibit more shows about the Universe, which is mich more interesting.
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