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  • Probably tomorrow. My next cloning sesh just came on, and they usually take ~30 Mins or so. And i'm cloning yours back because we've traded so much
    Sure, that'd be fine with me. Since I normally don't do credits, I'll write it down on my notepad.
    Yeah, its pretty common. And since so many people were asking me for it (to use in battles) I decided to release an EV'd Version of it for people to use. No collector's value as a Salamence, so no loss.
    No, I don't :/. Most recent I have is the Movie '12 Meloetta. I have arranged trades for the upcoming German Pikachu Day and the Korean YOTD Eggs, though.
    My goodness. I am VERY interested in this one:
    PCNYc Halloween AGGRON Lv. 100 UT [00601 - Adamant - Mischievous]

    Do you know if its legit? I'd like a Pokecheck Screenshot of it beforehand. This would be something I'd trade a PCNYA for (normally only other PCNYa's).
    Thanks for your help Scrafty :) . Let me dig up that trade of ours...
    I remember it was My Korean Leafeon (With proof), ________ for your Korean Blissey with proof (You asked NFT) , _______ . I deleted the PM :/
    The Pokecheck Legality Analysis will tell it all, if you could send me it? (I'm assuming you uploaded it?)

    Also, we have a trade we never did. :3
    You can do it somehow if you have a flash cart. I have someone who help me doing that. I'm not really sure what I want. Can you give me 1 credit in your shop so that I can decide later?
    No, I had to get the Hydregion pokechecked first. I did yesterday and it was totally legit. I will pick a new pokemon later today.
    Hmm, yeah it's super late here now, I'm actually not usually on right now since it's 5 am. I think I can try and be on in 4 1/2 hours though since I will be going to church. So if you want we can try then. Or if not then, it'll have to be later than that, like 9 hours from now...
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