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  • could i please get the shiny latios lv 40 timid that is in the flawless section. my offers are:

    -a shiny timid kadabra (which will be an alakazam once traded) with 26/9/27/30/29/31 lv26

    -a shiny adamant hitmonchan 8/28/30/19/24/23 with evs 240 attack/100 defense/ 60 sp defense/ 110 speed lv70

    -a shiny timid deino 22/7/31/31/30/26 lv 22
    I literally just realized 5 minutes ago that I'd never gotten back to you on that xD That's quite the coincidence.
    They were unfortunately hacked :( Could you pick something else from my shop to fill out the 3 (I think) spots?
    I have all 7 pokemon from our trade cloned and ready to go. If I don't catch up with you during the week, I'll definitely be around during the weekend to get our trade done. Send me a vm whenever you are free to trade.
    So if a pokemon doesnt have anything in red, and I consider the yellow to be green, the pokemon counts as legit?
    Oh, so I kinda misread? I thought the "Hacked or obtained by a hacked pokemon" meant the Pawniard itself. Like, Pawniard was breed from a hacked pokemon. And btw, if you use Pokecheck, when can you tell a pokemon is legit? Because pokecheck doesn't say for sure.
    Hi, I've started using Pokecheck on some of my shiny flawless and events today. One (A shiny flawless Pawniard) has everything in green except for the Pokerus. Pokecheck says: "Hacked, or obtained from a hacked pokemon". Could it be legit anyway or?
    Hi. I'm trying to get a good EV set/moveset for my shiny near-flawless HP ice 70 eelektross. I'm going for a mixed attacker since i'm move tutoring in my white 2. Can you help me please?
    um, I meant that I only picked three pokemons since I didn't count the modest genesect at first. I got 4 pokemons to trade you , 3 genesect and munchlax
    out of curiosity, why do you want HP Grass Chandelure? it's capable of learning Energy Ball by itself.
    Me wantie wantie teh Eppie's Faraway Island Shiny ★ ミュウ *Outrage/ Drain Punch/ Dark Pulse/ Giga Drain* Lv. 30 UT [25162 - Adamant - Often dozes off] From your shop. Me wantie wantie NAO. :p but seriously, how attatched to it are you? cause i wantie wantie...
    I can offer: a MYSTRY Mew, a Shiny Shinx, a Shiny Skitty, a lvl 100 Palkia, a lvl 100 Giratina Origin Forme, or another Shiny Gyarados. Pweese... u dont even know how long ive been looking for a legit shiny mew... its my fav poke evah... :/
    oh, I gotta tell you the modest genesect's recieved date is incorrect cause my friend forgot to turn the time back to normal when receiving it, so if you don't want it it's okay. the other 2 are correct of course:)
    and I would like:
    kyogre 31/30/31/30/31/02 *HP Fire 70* フクオカ PC Fukuoka カイオーガ Lv. 80 UT [03172 - Quiet - Somewhat vain
    golurk 31/31/31/31/31/31 ジャンタ's ☆ Shiny ゴルーグ Lv. 70 UT [06171 - Adamant - Somewhat vain

    druddigon 31/31/31/31/31/31 Impish Rough Skin エズフヴァ w/ Sucker Punch, Glare Lv. 1 UT [りん - 59697
    is that okay?
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