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  • Lol, what am I, your older brother now? I'm just saying, the tournament has ended and it would be best to have some type of update on the status of our gyms, since we originally stated we'd be ready by now, and you're the one in charge of the whole thing.
    Right right, I figured as much. You should contact all the gym leaders to see who all has their team done. I have my steel, and Ramma is helping finish the rest. I know j-master and Meluvia are ready, Pichu can't yet, but as for the rest, I'm not so sure.
    It's a different circumstance for me. I kind of have break all the time, but also don't. It's hard to explain. I'll have it as swampert soon. You're giving me a female mudkip right? I barely remember.
    Right, I've finished EV training, but I think you also wanted it leveled up to swampert. I've been busy with other stuff, like my status as E4 and a few personal matters, but I can have it done with one time through the E4 on the game, unless you just want the marshtomp now, and want to train it yourself. It's only 11 levels away from evolving, and I'll loan you the lucky egg.
    Indeed that's true, and pure rock type isn't doing it any favors either, but I guess it's just cause I like the monster-ish pokemon the most. Aggron is another of my favorites :p
    yea, that's the smallest amount if I remember right, and I was talking in terms of the OU tier, which excludes deoxsys. Although, rampardos is in the NU tier, which I think is unfair, since he has massive potential.
    Wow, my swampert just grew to level 73 while training yours, and it got a +7 to HP! I once had my rampardos get a +9 on leveling up. It was crazy, but to be expected of the highest base attack in the game. Oh, and yours seems to a lot of +4's when it levels up, which a good sign, considering it's still a marshtomp.
    some of my favourite stickers are the instant star rod and the instant light sword stickers. Kirby has the star rod sticker and hes pretty good with it.
    Great. I always hoped that Rayquaza could join your team. Wouldn't it be epic to beat the game as Rayquaza?
    i'd say you're awesom~! but i allready got my spiritomb...! nad i breed it so it would have pain split! haha thank you so much anywayz ! !
    Yeah, very easy. But twenty minutes of hitting somone just to get 5.000 coins gets pretty boring after a while lol.
    Oh, you mean that. I've already made one a long time ago. I also made a money stage for coin battles so I could get the 02 song in twenty minutes.
    Hm, well I have a larvitar I can level up to be pupitar, and a bagon to make shelgon, and I have a sableye too, but I'd have to start from scratch with walrein. Now, I gotta call to make, and then I'm taking a shower and going to sleep, so we'll talk business tomorrow, just make sure you remind me then.
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