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Last Activity:
Jun 24, 2016
Sep 26, 2008
Likes Received:
Mar 18, 1995 (Age: 25)
um I dunno, I think I'm lost.

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The RPG Godfather, 25, from um I dunno, I think I'm lost.

Stabberz was last seen:
Jun 24, 2016
    1. Double-oh-Platypus
      Not too bad. School is keeping me busy and whatnot and I was working a little as well. Other than that, not too much.

      I always forget to come check my visitor messages. I feel like they should email you about that kind of stuff ><
    2. Double-oh-Platypus
      Hello! I conveniently got an email from a thread I'm in and I just happened to check my messages! How are you? Long time no speak :)
    3. luiza_coelho
      Hey! Idk if you remember, but you requested a long time a go me to make a drawing from a fakemon (from a fakemon shop). The link is here:

      Well, I'm reopening, and I just need to confirm if you still want it. You can keep the same sprite or change it if you want! Post there or send me a message.
    4. Killer_Squirtle
      Hey Stabz, how're ya?
    5. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Merry Christmas Stabz!
    6. IshanZ
      Hey Stabberz what do you want to be done with Azelf in New Age, Andy asked me a little while ago?
    7. Charizard_Man
      Hey there! ^__^ Seeing as you're very good at rpgs I was wondering if you wanted to participate in mine. Masteria Saga, it's a fake region full of new pokes and all that good stuff. A starter opened up because a person had to drop out due to real life issues, its the grass starter and the spot open is a non-trainer spot. So breeder, coordinator and anything else you wanna be. Check the starter out if you're interested and contact me ASAP please. ^__^
    8. Shadow XD001
      Shadow XD001
      So when are you going to post in the RPG? I can't really wait any longer since it's going to die soon, so it would be great if you could post soon (especially with the weekend coming up)
    9. Unicorn
      Hey stabberz! What's up? Heh, it's been a while. I'm sorry I let the Pokemon Heroes RPG die back in June. I had a lot of my mind so I never bothered to post. Anyway, I'm a college student now and I have more time on my hands. What would you say if I wanted to revive it? It was a great RPG amd I'm sad that it ended so abruptly. I feel responsible. =/
    10. Shadow XD001
      Shadow XD001
      Oh, okay,. That's fine whenever you're ready is fine... as long as it's not too late. ;P
    11. Shadow XD001
      Shadow XD001
      Hey, plan on posting in the RPG soon? We're getting ready for the first Team Atmosphere Encounter in New Bark Town.
    12. Manaphyman
      Hey Stabz!

      Final chapter of my fiction was posted! A review would be appreciated when you get the chance.
    13. Double-oh-Platypus
      Hah. Me too. I always end up posting like, four days after you post.
    14. Double-oh-Platypus
      Haha, alright. I made a post (finally) yesterday. :)
    15. Double-oh-Platypus
      Tambry and Jake are sharing a room? Right? Just the way you worded it in your last post made me want to clear that up with you, because Tambry only got one room with two beds.
    16. Double-oh-Platypus
      Well, I'm glad to hear that. :)

    17. Double-oh-Platypus

      I wouldn't imagine you'd be happy while being suicidal. Those two emotions don't usually mix.

      Was that when you were gone from Serebii for a while? Or was that something totally different?
    18. Double-oh-Platypus
      Ah, Exams... I had none this year. Well, no official exams. I had an end of unit test in science.

      That's just... wow. I would not be able to do that, which is why I shall never be suicidal because chances are I'd chicken out. ^^;
    19. Double-oh-Platypus
      I don't finish school until practically July. Sigh.

      Oh thanks, because I really want to get my lip pierced too...
    20. Double-oh-Platypus

      I don't have the patience to save up for a laptop, even though I'd use it more than a phone. Still, I'm closer to getting a phone because my contract expires in May. And I can see why a lip would hurt more than an ear. I'm not sure why, but I can clearly see myself in more pain getting my lip pierced than my ear.
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    Mar 18, 1995 (Age: 25)
    um I dunno, I think I'm lost.
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