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  • The banners great. Well done. and on my fic, in the future when you review I would add comments like that in then and I'll PM you the answer
    Ohh! Well it will go in a month. I have had 4 and all have gone. Apart from the 4th which will go in a few days. Don't worry
    put this
    Well a editor hmm. Me and Kirby where friends for a long time and when I started the fic he was the one that showed me the errors and stuff and we just team up right there. So for you I would go with someone you trust to be your editor that is not already busy with their own. Or you could go to the Beta house and ask for a Beta to do all the editing for you
    Hey Let me explain how the Frexel shop works kk
    Frist you have to fill out the thing
    Image : (Request with url link here)
    Text : Request colour and type if you want to be that specific.
    Color Over all : Request the over all colour scheme of your signature here.
    Special Stuff : Anything else you'd like in there all special special.
    Banner size : I will do 300x100 unless you specify a different size. Please note, this is the size of my signature below.

    So here is a ex
    Image : Just put the link on the top of the page of your picture down
    Text : Hmm Just Handwriting text Pink colour
    Color Over all : Blue purple and pink
    Special Stuff : Can I have like a purple border with Pokeballs on it
    Banner size : 200x200 split it please

    hope this explains it better 2 u
    Hey Ok go to Fan Art its close to Fan Fic on the forums then go to Fan Forum Shops then go to a banner place and request a banner. For me Frexel she was the best. Oh Congrats on going up a rank
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