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  • BAd things, very bad things

    Evil things that stay with you for a month if it is minor, if it is major then forever.
    Seen it, thats exactly what I meant. I just didn't want you to get infractions, i wasn't trying to be harsh.
    yeah so the things you posted on my story:

    Yes Can't Wait Here is Just Something (i know you cant give anything away but) i think Max would look good with Charmeleon but not Charizard also I dont really know about Budew

    What Where You Thinking????????????Mean Cmon I Dont suit max ya

    What Where You Thinking Budew and Max No Good

    unless you can find a way to make it work
    combine them in one post and delete the others

    You've got it correct, well done! That was so weird! Anyway, it was just to inform you so you didn't get infractions for it. A useful tip i think!
    so on the story combine the posts and delete the other 3.

    Sorry about this but I didn't want you to get an infraction
    copy your previous posts onto it, and then delete all the others you've copied from but not the one your editing
    well you need to go on the other posts and then copy them to the other one.

    So like this

    If I kept on doing this i would get in trouble on a thread so i would need to combine the posts

    like this

    So I wouldn't get infractions and the way to do that is by clicking the edit button

    Do you see my point or not?
    and you need to combine your messages otherwise someone may report you and you may get infractions.

    Just be cautious and its not hard to do so, just click edit and add the other comments in, and the other comments click edit and then click delete. Otherwise that is classed as double posting or on the story quadruple posting
    yep, have done, combine the 2 comments and that'll be fine and I would love to see ash with a croconaw
    so with the 2 new comments on the page edit the first one of the chain of three and add them, then delete the other 2 by clicking edit and then delete
    will have a look and a great idea for a fan fic superb

    just a quick note, if you want to post something and you were the last one to post, edit your first post otherwise it counts as double posting
    and on your user profile there will be a section for friends, click on that and then there will be a celebii next to it, if it is red they're not on, if it is green they are
    If you go on on edit profile picture then you can add a picture, and the bit on edit your details you can get another pic

    And edit avatar for the other picture
    Well I've never been to one so I wouldn't know but if you ask DanChimchar he may as he has been to a few that is certain.
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