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  • Well my friend, that wasn't me. DanChimchar created it for me so you could ask him, or there are shops in the forums where you can ask for a banner to be created, you have to specify what you want though.

    And it dosn't cost anything
    My pleasure, and I would check the social group cos we are all commenting on different things.
    Well on your computer open word or something like that. And then start typing. Once your done copy it and start a new thread. Name it your title for your story and paste the Chapter into the comment box.

    Put a little description before it and between every paragraph put a space!

    Like that because the forums don't recognize tabs!
    About the fan fiction, sure why not, if you want to go for it, then go for it. I'll be sure to leave a comment on your work everytime. Also if you need any help, feel free to ask any of us, Me, harryheart, or DanChimchar.
    Yeah, I see your point of the asperger symdrome thing. I mean, I have it and I'm really smart in school too, I mean, for 2 of my 4 GSCE's in DiDA (computers) I had an A and a B. But some people don't understand, they used to say that that if I had special needs, then why was I in their classes? I was like in the second highest in the school, I think. That really annoyed me. They acused me of not having it! Well! I was not pleased, not pleased one bit. And yes, you can join, just add yourself and say something about yourself with it.
    Well if you are doing rihie i would do more than one gym battle, unless it's a short story. If you want a 'novel' then I would do his entire adventures in Hoenn. Casey would be a good one having an electivire and Gary would be a bit more difficult

    Up to you but some good ideas!
    Well yep Harryheart and me and great friends and so are me and Me love Eevee! There great with help and stuff. Also hmm I would like ethier a Casey or a Richie story. But to admit it would be awesome to see you make up a new character :D But its up to you personaly ethier Casey or Richie
    Hi there, welcome to serebii forums. As you know, my name is Me_Love_Eevee! Sure I'll be your friend. I too am friends with harryheart and DanChimchar. I've only been on the forums for 2, maybe 3 weeks so I'm still learning some thinks. Well, see you around!
    Sure I will. I will PM you instead ok :)
    Also if you wouldn't mind commenting on the story and stuff and commenting and stuff and say what you like thanks very much
    Yes will do, but instead of e-mailing you I'll PM you on the forums to say that a new chap is up!
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