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  • Haha, alright.

    Yeah. I'm thinking of suggesting to dad on getting me a laptop or something (we just bought one so a desktop would be alright I guess) but then maybe I want to work on convincing him to get me a better phone when my contract comes up. And yeah; they kind of hurt but whatever. I'll tough it out.

    Well that's alright too, I suppose. :p
    Oh good. I didn't really know what to say to that before.

    Pretty good. Well, idk. I haven't been on MSN because my computer's being slow and stupid but I got my ears pierced today :p That was about as exciting as it got.
    Is that a bit of sarcasm? o_O

    Nah. You shouldn't tempt me. Besides, there aren't a lot of options. I don't have a license either so I'd have to walk places which might as well mean I could stay in gym.
    Haha, whatevs. My gym teacher this year was really sexist cause the class was co-ed. And it was kind of funny, really, considering how most of the class was taller than him.
    I guess so. I mean, I can fix things up I guess but you'll never see me in the woodwork shop.

    You should figure it out sometime. It's great for passing the time.
    I know. It's insanely frustrating.

    It was my fault really. I f**ked up the computer network crap and my dad, the computer nerd, fixed it all up.

    I can see that. :p
    Hm. I like to pride myself in writing good battle scenes because I take the time to really make it worthwhile, but then it gets long and I get bored. Haha.

    True, true. Our internet's a little wonky today so maybe I can take the time to teach myself how to juggle. Haha.

    Alright. :)
    I like the appeal rounds but other than that, I just get bored. And I like being a trainer but I hate typing out battles just because they can get so long and I'm really lazy.

    Yeah. You'd think I should know how to juggle in life but I can't. Guess I'll leave the juggling to online.

    Hey, can I add you on my MSN?
    Mhmm. I'm pretty good at doing things like appeals as far as creativity goes, but I'd rather be a trainer in an RPG than an coordinator.

    Alright. I got some other stuff I gotta do so I'll get around to it later.
    I know, but I think part of it is from the last RPG he had. His brother was in it and his Piplup already knew Bubblebeam from the start. They argued about it a lot and, surprise, surprise, Torp won and kept Bubblebeam leaving the rest of us very disgruntled. I can't remember if you were in that one or not but I guess Shadow just doesn't want a repeat of that.

    And now the ending of my battle is much less climatic. Sigh. I'll post back to yours in just a moment.
    *rolls eyes* I thought it was reasonable because it was within the first four attacks Bulbasaur can learn. Apparently he shall learn it after the fifty steps it will take us to make it to Cherrygrove Town. -_-"
    Things are going... Quite outta control. I'm moving away and I'm gonna be going to a Catholic school with a uniform code-stop nose bleeding, the uniform isn't that great 7_7
    Yeah, except for the creators of course because kids can't make million (or billion) dollar games. Haha. I probably won't be into Pokemon by the time I'm 18, either. Meh, we'll see.
    Nice. For me, in America, we finish school at 18 (except for some people it's 17, but it depends on your Date of Birth) and then go to College for 4 years, so we'd end at about 22, but I want to be a lawyer when I grow up, so I have to go to Law School, which is about 2-3 years. I'll be officially done with anything related to school when I'm about 25. I won't be on these forums by then because I'm not an obsessed nerd like some people here who are almost 30 playing Pokemon and think they have life. ;P
    Great! Always good to know there's people who will stick to the RPG.

    That's okay. Wait, so you're almost done with your final year of school? By the time I'm done with school (excluding college, of course) I'll be 18. Or do you just mean ending this year?
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