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  • Yeah. A pessimistic and a slightly anti-social girl. Best friends for life right there.

    Funny? Sure, sure. Hah. Are they going to be just friends or do I see a romantic spark between them?
    Okay, I'm going to post my battle, too. Hopefully people will get theirs done today, so we can continue to Cherrygrove Town for the Contest. (then back to New Bark Town for Team Atmosphere)
    It's okay. There's one thing I'd like to say about your post. I'd much rather like it if Turtwig didn't know Razor Leaf, or Absorb. Those moves are way to powerful for a beginning Turtwig, but it can have Absorb by Cherrygrove (1st or 2nd Visit) just because it would be unfair to everyone else if it had that move.
    I'm pretty good. I have camp the upcoming week (last week), so I'm just relaxing to day.

    How about you? By the way, sorry for the late reply; Torp had to go on.
    So, I already typed up the criteria for the sign ups. (Separate ones for Veterans & Newbies) The Veterans one is for any one in the previous one, Return of Team Galactic and the Newbies one is for any new to the RPG. Want me to PM you the criteria?
    Sorry for not making him show up, I just wanted everyone's characters to get settled in. I'll have him show up in my next post, which I'll do right now.

    I will.

    Basically, yes. Everyone from the current one (excluding Dutch-trainer), you and one other person will be in the next one. That's basically what is in terms of a sequel.
    Well, I don't really want people to join mid- RPG. But, I am making a Return of Team Aqua & Magma one when Black & White come out in the US (unless if the current one ends later than that, which I doubt it will) so then you can have Generation V Pokémon. I could reserve you for that one, if you want?

    Besides, I don't think that anyone else would quit. Sorry, if you really wanted to join the current one now, but don't you like Hoenn? I have a really big story plot for Aqua & Magma there.
    But only if you're into that kind of stuff. Some people don't appreciate dark themes as much as you do. Haha.

    Hopefully. I think he mentioned something already, so perhaps take a look.
    Haha, no. I was just exaggerating... a little.

    Yeah. I think Jay was going to clarify that, but I'm not too sure. I was just talking to him on MSN but he had to go.
    Same. I'd love for that to happen. Jay and I used to talk all the time about what we would put in a PBIR sequel. Guess it's here now, haha.
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