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  • Yeah no kidding. :( I've been doing a little better though, but yeah that does sound really nice.
    I am doing some work for one of my dad's companies, my hours have shortened though so I'm not working so much (due to poor economy and volunteers).
    And thanks, that's highly appriciated. :)
    It took me a while to figure that one out too anyways, so no worries. haha

    Haha I'll keep that in mind, Swablu are amazing! :D

    Oh cool that does sound like a lot of fun, when I'm not so busy or dealing with such a hard time with my family, I can join you guys! :D

    Lately I have been busy with my new summer job which has been stressing me out occasionally, but it's doing fine overall. And there are some pretty tough family issues going on with my mom so that's adding a lot of pressure to me as well. :(
    It's a cartridge with an SD card in it, which can store hundreds of games. You can plug the SD card into a USB stick so you download games onto your PC, and then you can play them on your DS.
    Meh some fighting types are awesome, others I could care less about though. :p

    Haha yeah I usually cheat just for shinies and events though, not for other stuff like a million master balls *Adds that to list* Whoops. :p

    Oh and cool, just wondering what is the scramble challenge, I don't know what that is. :/
    Lol, true. It's a pretty high-level furret. :shrug: But still.. that would be epic. Anyways, we should play mini-games/make poffins sometime. :D
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