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  • If you want to. I dont get on Serebii too much though. I cant promise that I'll read chapters on time. BTW it's good to have you back! ;)
    I guess its not technically summer, however my school lets out early and its already 96 degrees here.
    You're quite welcome! I can't make any promises since I'm notoriously flighty when it comes to sticking to reading one thing at once--I blame a short attention-span for that, but I'll try to remember to pop in. And thanks :)
    My friend broke his computer too. Seems everyone has been having computer trouble lately... I'm just glad you could get a new laptop so fast! What kind of laptop is it?
    Well, it depends on the person. I just personally find it a bit rude to ask something like that.
    Don't rush me like that, now xP. I was getting ready to until you asked me that. You knocked it back some spaces, so now you gotta wait a little longer. But in general, you don't ask questions like that, it's a bit rude.
    I assume you're on my wall in relation to me saying I won't recognize my friends with new names? I was merely expressing a concern and nothing more.
    Mmm, I can tell you're a nice person, but I'm holding off on the friend request until after we have a small chat like you did with Jax here. I made a vow to myself to not accept random friend requests (even if I've seen them around) until after I speak with them.
    High five there; I definitely hear you on that last sentence. Seriously, whoever can go to college/grad school/a job and write insane amounts of material each week gets my respect by default. They also make me wonder when they sleep and eat.

    Also, thanks for the friend request!
    No prob. Good luck with it! I have to admit I'm bogged down by schoolwork at the moment, but I'll keep an eye on it and eventually drop by to review it properly. :D So I guess for entirely selfish reasons, I'd like to say it's good that you're sticking with it so I have something to review when I'm finally not being driven crazy by schoolwork. XD Keep at it, and here's to hoping you'll like the end result better too!
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