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  • Hello With Love.
    I am Lucy by name, i saw your Contact today and
    i am interested, please i would like to know more about you,your
    likes and dislikes with your favorite cuisine and
    hobbies, remember that age or distance does not matter but what
    matters is true love,for further communication contact me via
    email, lucybaby_girl@hotmail.com that will enable me to explain
    myself well to you and as well send my pictures for you to know
    whom i am, Thanks And Remain Blessed,
    yours New Friend,
    Um, well I don't have any of the things you want, since I am only at the 1st gym. Are you looking for anything else? If not, I'll contact you once I get more farther in the game, (I usually have a few shinies by the 7th - 8th gym. Are there any specific shinies you are looking for? :)
    Yer my mate said the same thing, his like 19 and his got no job -.-
    dosnt even go to uni or nufin
    im going to get a job at an airport :D
    my gramps already works there and can get me a good job haha :)
    haha yer it would be easy for you, three hours a day sounds mad
    i got the whole 6 -.-
    hell gay
    i use ar like every body else.
    i uaslly keep a copy of the pokemon i clone (only if i like it) but other then that its no scam.
    i dont demand anything for cloning just a 2 limit... but its your pokemon i clone. people seem to get that confused all-the-time.
    haha that sounds kool as
    im kinda emo looking =/
    but u know whatevs lol
    i listen to a lot of death metal such as cannibal corspe lol
    when im 21 i hope they make a bloody 3-D poekmon game where i can roam around kanto and catch pokemon
    or maybe an ash's quest kinda thing
    sorry for late reply
    haha where do u live?
    and its hard for me cuz im 16 and no drivers licence!
    so when i need to go to a event in cofffs (the closest city) i cant get out -.-
    also do u like slipnknot?
    cuz ur name has star and 666 in it lol...:)
    nah man, yer i hate vm's as well
    you started it :)
    nah no events really so ****!
    heer in nambucca heads we got nufin/
    best thing is a KFC!
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