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Apr 4, 2012
Feb 13, 2012
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Jun 27, 1990 (Age: 29)
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♥WishfulShipping♥, 29, from Oklahoma

StaraptorEmpoleon was last seen:
Apr 4, 2012
    1. Darato

      How are you??

    2. AquaMilotic
      I also don't play the TCG, I only collect the cards, because of a lack of opponents.
    3. JennaJayfeather
      Lol don't worry about it. XD

      Oh I'm getting better now! ^^ But now I feel kind of mixed and confused about the new movie and games....:( I don't know, somehow I'm already missing Black and White...

      XDD Yeah they all are. XD *yawns* I'm so sleepy...I volunteered with lemurs today and I'm exhuasted ~.~

      Yuppers I did :D

      Really? they look like black wors. XDDD THEY ARE AWESOME AREN'T THEy? X33 I grab anoles like that, I don't come accross many snakes haha.

      Yeah, next week. ^^ So I can write it then. I kind of want to start it now though...

      Brook's cool, so is Stormfur. The rest of the tribe is boring though. xDDD
    4. Zekshirom
      It's your turn to make a chapter for the collab! Check the Wishfulshipping thread!
    5. AmericanPi
      Hi again! I'm finally feeling better... I've been sick all week. xP
    6. JennaJayfeather
      XDD It's ok

      I've been sick all week so far ~.~ Urf not the best.

      LOL ok, that's why I've never seen you. XDDD
      Omg my dreams are so random. I just wonder how the dreams I remember are about Pokemon XD most of the times they are about my pets though

      I will XDD If I can find a reply by you I will. I don't think you can talk by VM oddly enough. XD No they aren't. XD There are ridiculous threads all over the place. xDD

      Well it was what someone said on the forums and it made me laugh. XD Yes, he's adorable. :3

      Yeah I know what you mean. We had to remove my cat's claws because we had an old dog at the time, and she almost clawed his eyes out....we kept her hind feet claws in though. ^^; Yeah I know what you mean. XDD I know corn snakes can get big...hahah how about a thread snake? One of those got into my house before. We also had a ringed-necked snake get into my house o.O They are X333 get a bearded dragon 8D

      I think I'll start around spring break...that way hw doesn't get in the way. Yeah same here :D

      I'm not sure really, I think it's because it has to do with the tribe cats (and the tribe cats always seemed to bore me XD; ) I think Outcast gets more hate than Sign of the Moon.
    7. AquaMilotic
      Not much else than Pokemon... Pokemon is my life (I know, I'm a sick addict)!

      What Pokemon hobbies do you have?

      - Love and watch the anime (only Original Series and Pokemon Chronicles).
      - Draw Pokemon and Pokemon anime characters.
      - Collect Pokemon kid figures.
      - Collect TCG cards.
      - Play the games.

      Figures, anime and drawing are the most important to me.
    8. AquaMilotic
      I also respect the opinion of others, but I still don't agree with non-PokeShippers.
    9. JennaJayfeather
      XDDd Really? I can do that with some shows. XD

      Oh, I've never seen you on there. ^^; How long have you been there? o-o;
      XDDD.....Um...I had a dream about this one. Purrloin stole Dento's clothes while he was in a hot spring. I kind of hope it's true. XDDD Well I didn't make it yet. Just some random ideas piling up. xDDD

      YES!! Fallen Leaves is awesome...I feel so bad for him. Dx Oh yes, I saw you there yesterday. XDD I was going to say something. I think I will....say hi or something. Mods aren't strict there about spam as you can see. xDDDD

      Yeah creepy isn't it? o.O I kind of chuckled at Kestrelflight skipping through a field of flowers and getting slaughtered though. I like Kestrelflight, he's adorable. xD

      Oh I love snakes. Now I'm not crazy to own a venomous one, but honestly I'd love to get a corn snake someday X33 Oh, and I love lizards too. I catch anoles with my hands. xDD

      Well I didn't start writing it...but at least I have an idea for it. =O I think this collab will be cool. You kind of get to see everyone's interpretation of Parent!Dento/Iris and how Oleander will act and stuff...
    10. AquaMilotic
      Yes, people do everything to protect "their" shipping... I am willing to go into very heavy discussions to protect PokeShipping, but I won't do that for other shippings I support, like ContestShipping.
    11. Darato
      Told you you're beautiful

    12. AmericanPi
      *facepalms* Oh yeah, I just learned about species naming in science class, somehow forgot about it. I learned the Toco Toucan's species name BEFORE I learned about the proper capitalization, lol. ;)
    13. StaraptorEmpoleon
      Lol I'm dumb. I posted this in the wrong person's VMs XD
    14. Darato
    15. Darato
      *Hugs back*

      Thanks. Wanted a hug from a beautiful girl

    16. AmericanPi
      I was looking at your FP account and thought, "Wow, how do you write so much?". xD You have some pretty good poems there by the way. ;)

      The weird thing is, my real name is Michelle too... and I love birds (my all-time favorite is Rhamphastos Toco, try to guess what that is). Weird but cool, right? :)
    17. Darato
      Can I have a hug

    18. JennaJayfeather
      I can't fall asleep on the couch...only in a bed. XD Oh O've seen a little bit of that show before xD

      You're on bmgf too? =o I need to find you...then maybe I'd go back xD
      He has an irrational fear of a Purrloin xP I was cooking up a fanfic of Dento in the Shadow Triad...
      Agreed. But remember Japan also made an agreement for copyright junk >.>

      Oh that's REALLY cool! Yeah same here. I pondered whether I should get it or not but I was curious...though I know I'll be reminded how boring she was...Yeah I know...but it's coming out in March! Oh oh! I go on the Warriors forums (I don't post often but I stalk it daily) I'm Granite on there. Yes the person who has DenAi in katakana on their sig xD

      O-O That was creepy....I'm still sad that Birchfall is working there...:< What creeped me out on the Warriors forums was that someone made a good point in saying the Medicine Cats could be slaughtered o.o

      I love snakes too. Pssh I bet the cats would consider a garter snake an adder ;) I mean, you've never seen them mention non-poisonous snakes xD

      Oh random but, I actually already came up with a plot for the Oleander chapter thing. XD
    19. AquaMilotic
      Yes... We could go on forever... But we won't. So let's talk about something Pokemon-related.

      What Ash shipping do you support? As you probbaly know, I'm a PokeShipper.
    20. JennaJayfeather
      Yeah it is. Half of the time my dad falls asleep while watching it xD (I've started to watch it a bit)

      XDD But this theory is the most obvious :p Yeah tht's where I saw it...dumb government Dx You might be able to find it somewhere else...but I'm just waiting for it on tv...

      Oh yeah I understand. Most of the times I get these books on holidays ^^; I'm going to get that Hollyleaf book on my iPod though...it's only three dollars. Gawd I pay more for a sandwich at school @.@ do I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind (and I already asked them xD)

      Haha yeah I know...though only one (the Firestar one) had some importance to the main plot. As for Crookedstar's Promise the thing I found interesting was the Dark Forest were training cats before Tigerstar and Brokenstar. Pssh IKR?!?

      I know...at least it lessened in the later books ;-;
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    Jun 27, 1990 (Age: 29)
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    Birds, birds, WishfulShipping, writing, dinosaurs, did I mention birds?

    My bio pretty much describes this XD