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  • No you didn't...at least I don't think yo udid. XD Sorry for getting back to this late o.o;

    OH WAIT I get it...XDDD OOH Ok I see...I can see why though. It has a bad word in it.

    I've seen a little bit of Hetalia...only one though. XD It was funny from what I saw lol.

    Well yeah, but you get what I mean...like when we think of monkeys, they have fur covering their bodies. xDDD
    I really like the Flying-type skin, because it was a nice deviation from the standard purple. If the Ice-type skin will feature Articuno, I'm definitely going to switch my skin though. ;)
    Hi! I haven't chatted with you in a while, so I thought I'd just drop by. ;)
    Did you know that the Flying-type skin came out? I'm using it right now, because Pidgeot's my second favorite Pokemon. :D
    Hey, thanks! It was just an idea I had, when I was playing the game. At first I thought just the shape was right, but I looked into it more and that's how the theory came about.
    Don't worry about it, I quote people a lot (not too often in VMs though XD) I did? XDD

    *snickering* *trying not to think pervy thoughts*
    oh damn they don't like the British English version of snickering XD
    What? XDD You just lost me....who doesn't like it? XDD

    I watched the first ep but I keep forgetting to watch more. XD
    Haha you should watch more of it. XDD It's hilarious. :3

    LOL YES. I get distracted. You can always message me again.
    Okie doke. I'll keep that in mind. XDD

    YES. So are monkeys. :3
    X333 They are adorable too. I'm not so sure about apes though. Lol if you compare humans to monkeys...humans kind of look...creepy if you think about it. XDD WE DON'T HAVE FUR! We're like the Chinese Crested of the ape world //shot//

    Definitely. I love HollyxFallen :D
    HollyxFallen is the best thing since Wishfulshipping to me. XDD I love it so much. XD
    Trololol you have a joke with Pod's hair being on fire, I have a joke with his HAND being on fire. XDDD

    Oh oh question: Have you ever watched Ouran High School Host Club?

    x33 Lemurs are adorable. :3

    Really? Well....I mean the ones in the house. Then again, mice spread many diseases D:< so a roach could be better...even though they can spread some too...(I've heard that they don't though xD)

    OH NICE!!! I loved that book...totally worth my whole $3. XDDD
    It's taking me a while to get used to the new forum style... it looks cool, but I'm still going to have to get used to it after more than a year with the old forum. xD
    Yeah they do. Now I'm just wondering which one has White forest. XDDD

    Here you go: http://s1101.photobucket.com/albums/g430/00poke_maniac/Lemurs/

    Yeah I know what you mean. XDD It sounds wrong. XDD Ooh really? Dx Mice aren't that bad...I'd rather a mouse than a roach...but I heard that mice eat each other and that's creepy o.o

    Lol yeah....or it'd just get people bored rofl.

    :DDD It took me a while to catch up too, so no worries. ^^
    Everyone's better in my family, but our house is getting remodeled now and it's kind of annoying to me x(
    Same here. I mean not fully, but enough to think ofthme both.

    What would you do there?

    haha it's fine. I thought i responded to this earlier today, but nah I only read it XD

    XDDD I KNOW!! Too much info. I'm thinking about getting White 2 seeing as how I have Black already. XDD Yeah I am. :)

    X333 They are adorable. I got lotz of new pics on my photobucket!!!

    LOL Yeah I meant worms. Not wors. Whatever Wors are. XD I guess I should be patient and wait for them to come into my house. XD I haven't found one in a while either. Aww!! X3 I really want a snake but I wouldn't feel comfortable feeding them dead mice.

    Yeah I want to start, but at the same time I want to hold off and make sure no one else is doing an idea like that :x

    Yeah same here. I KNOW!! Poor guy....

    Haha I figured. Hey, just one more and you'll be all caught up!! :D
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