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  • I see. I'm planning to sign up for it myself, I just haven't gotten around to writing out my SU yet. I look forward to RPing with you again after all this time.
    You posted that on your own profile lol. I almost didn't see it. Common mistake. You're new to VMs. For the other person to see it on their own profile, click view conversation or just their name and then click the VM tab, then post it in either the conversation box or on their profile. It will end up on their profile then.

    But hey no problem. Seemed like too much work to reclaim your old account. You'll always be Tiana to me, or your real name which I will of course keep off the forum.
    Re-welcome to the forum! Shame about the old username. Ah, the memories.

    Your VM wall looks lonely. Let's put something here! :)
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