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Starlight Aurate

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  • Hey, just wanted to say it's good to see you back on the forums and I hope you've had a good holiday!
    Aww, you're welcome! :D Glad you liked it; it was a lot of fun to write!

    In the meantime, hope you had a happy set of holidays yourself!
    No, I liked it a lot. Obviously you shouldn't have to put out a product you aren't comfortable/satisfied with for public consumption, but if you do decide to do some revisions or whatever and post it, I think that would be great. I was wondering what culture you based the village off of, some of the terms seemed really specific, but it's cool you put so much into it!
    I don't know if you have plans to post your Yuletide fic, but I do hope you do. I'd like to say more than a few hastily dashed off lines on Christmas morning, and the forum at large ought to see what you've spent so much time and effort working on :)
    Well, if you're up for it, the deadline was just extended to December 1! :p

    I feel the same about any review I get for my one-shots - just got a great one from Hakajin and I felt like I was getting comments from an esteemed professor back in college. XD But I promise I'll get around to it soon (especially with the deadline extension for the contest!). I got a great prompt so I'm really excited to write about it too. Here's hoping I find the time sooner rather than later though. I don't know if I told you about it last year, but I had to cram your Yuletide fic in like a weekend because I was starting and re-starting it for the duration of the writing period. XD
    Aw, that's alright! Life is definitely more important.

    That's awesome to hear! I'll get to reviewing the latest chapter as soon as possible. Hopefully it won't take as long as the previous review! (but with Yuletide and contest judging coming up...I'm not too sure ahaha)
    Heh, hopefully the writing's been going well!

    Haha, thanks! I felt like you'd enjoy it. :p I also just left a review for Drowning, and I LOVE the most recent chapter! I mentioned it there, but it's probably my favorite so far. :D
    Thanks so much! It's definitely one of those things I always wished I could do, and actually being part of a judging team feels great. Good luck with your entry! Already can't wait to read it :D
    lol oops, that was just me using an online pinyin converter since I don't have an input method installed on my laptop... I must be REALLY rusty, since I didn't notice. XD

    Oh man, the smog in Shanghais is terrible. A lot of days I couldn't tell whether it was sunny or cloudy because of all the haze. Beijing was much worse, though. Sichuan is one of the places I want to go when I return, since my trip there got cut super short. I also want to visit Xi'an, and I need to go back to Taishan, since I didn't quite make it to the top last time! Other than that, I'm thinking maybe Yunnan and/or Hong Kong, and I might revisit Putuoshan or Jiuhuashan, which were my favorite places during my last trip.

    It does sound like a lot of fun! I'm super jealous of your trip to the Panda Research Base. Did you get to hold a panda? And hooooly crap, I definitely got the worst food poisoning of my life while in China, but every day for three weeks would probably break me. Glad to hear you're feeling better, and I guess it's good you at least got to enjoy the food on the way down...?
    Oh, nice! I was in Chengdu briefly back in 2008 because I was supposed to do a summer program at a university there. Unfortunately the big earthquake hit literally the night before my flight, so when I got there the university was in the process of being evacuated and most of the city was closed. Ended up taking a course in Shanghai instead. So yeah, I studied Chinese for a few years. Terribly rusty, though... I'll have to study up a little, since I'm planning to go back next year.

    So I imagine you're doing a language program there as well? How's that going? Are you going to be there all summer? Have you gotten to visit anywhere else in China while you've been there. And... how's the food? I was pretty disappointed I had to leave Chengdu... was really looking forward to trying the famous spicy cuisine.

    I'm hoping to graduate in December; I'll have a much better idea of whether or not that's actually going to happen in a couple weeks.
    说按语啊? 爱好了! 你在中國哪兒?

    Been doing okay, but pretty busy because I'm nearing the end of my degree program and now have to actually... produce... stuff. It's a pain. But it's all to the good, mostly, and after this I'll be done forever.
    Hey, just wanted to thank you again for your review! Hope you had a good time while you were away from the forums--since you said you haven't read much in English in a while, so I'm guessing you were off traveling?
    Good, been trying to stay active writing-wise; you can see a compilation to links of my more recent stuff in my sig.
    XD I unfortunately do have to cut down on those because I have to lower my cholesterol and whatever other stuff adults have to deal with. Sucks more because I have a blood test nagging me about it. Ugggh but ice creammm

    It was a private school, although I know public schools here follow more or less the same thing. Pretty much accepted that the school system here isn't like other countries'. Haha.

    Well, Pokemon Yellow on the virtual console made me cry from nostalgia! It was my first Pokemon game ever (and probably first video game ever as well! Not sure if I played that first or a Mario game though). Yummm, I remember there was a cafe back in college that had the best devil's food cake! And heh, there are quite a lot of nominations in so that's alright!
    Aw, thanks! Hope the stuff that's keeping you busy is happy stuff and not stressful stuff.
    I'm the same with ice cream. I used to be really into chocolate but I guess that's been replaced with ice cream now. Dunno why, really, but at least they both have the same effect.

    Yeah. I think I was 13? I was one of the youngest in the batch though so I was probably around 14-year-olds and even some 15-year-olds. Ah, I know that I was only in one school from grade to high school but I did have kindergarten somewhere else (which I think was a school that only offered kindergarten? idk).

    Haha, no problem! Been busy with my own sleeplessness and tears, although they were game-induced instead of retreat-induced ahaha. Glad that the retreat was a blast, and awesome that you're free of exams! You deserve all the chocolate to recharge. :p
    But...but milk chocolate is like the foundation of life itself??? XD Two heads are better than one, as they say. But ten heads arguing with each other a lot are probably worse. :p

    It was absorbed into elementary school I think, as right after that we went straight to high school. Didn't experience "junior high school" or "senior high school" either but I think they're adopting that now. Nothing wrong with being confident in a T-shirt! If anything it takes more confidence to stand out while dressing normally.

    Sleeplessness and tears! Already sounds like a party, haha.
    Yeah, I get a lot of weird looks when I say that I prefer white chocolate over dark chocolate. It's like I said something offensive. XD It's apparently an essential life-skill people just want to look down on for no reason but has probably saved their butts many times. XD

    Huh, we never really had a middle school here, or if we did we called it something different. XD Odd that it was really young though! Well, I guess that's hard to understand for me, but at least you understand it well enough not to be affected by it!

    Ooh, busy Starlight Aurate is busy. Have fun with the retreat! :)
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